Vintage Chevy Pickups White County, AR 

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Members of Kustoms and Klassics Unlimited, Searcy

Central Arkansas Pickups
Green Co. 

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Deve's Tech Net (1947-1955 1st Series w/ some TF) Advanced DXesign

1958 Chevy Apache31 Cameo, AR 1958-59 Chevrolet Light-Duty Trucks

     1958 Chevy Apache New Zealand
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 Bald Knob 1966 Chevy Fleetside Green Eaton Chevelle, ChevyPU, Firebird Ft Roots, NLR 196x Chevy PU 

Greenfield, AR 1959 Chevy PU
Health Corp, Chevy 10 PU White Rose Bud 1978 ElCamino, 1986 ElCamino  _______, Searcy Chevy PU Custom10 350
1960 Chevy 10 PU, 1970 Chevy Maroon Beebe County, Searcy 1968 Chevy PU elCamino Colonial, Searcy
elCamino, Searcy
___________, Harding 1982 Chevy PU ________, Searcy 197_ Chevy PU 891 GBX, Searcy Chevy ElCamino
1968 Chevy 10 PU Blue GMC    1955 Chevy Batesville  ________, Eaton
197_ Chevy PU
195? Chevy Deluxe Custom PU
Hwy 31 S, Beebe 1958 Chevy Truck  196x Chevy PU, 196x FordPU, TX  ________, Olyphant 1965 Chevy Flatbed PU
1948 Chevy PU Rusty Rat Rod  Judsonia, 1964 Chevy PU Veterans Hospital, Little Rock
 195x  Chevy PU

Aaron Reynolds, Judsonia
1971 Chevy Cheyene Super
Gary Majors, Heber Springs
1948 Chevy PU
Lloyd Harris, Step Rock
1965 GMC PU  
Al Palmer, Cabot
1946 Chevy PU
Gary Payne, Searcy
1968 Chevy F10

Lonnie Edwards, Joy
195 Checy PU, 195x PU, 1982 GMC 3500

Albert Evans, Searcy
Gaylon Anderson, Paragould
1957 Chevy PU, 1958 GMC Apache
1959 Chevy Panel Van
Louis Anglin, Searcy
1972 elCamino
Allen See, Judsonia 
1972 Chevy PU 
Gene Jennings, Beebe
1964 Chevy 10 PU    
Luke Coleman, Harding
1982 elCamino PU
Gene Starks, Georgetown  
195x GMC 100 PU    
Mack Reynolds, Searcy
1958 Chevy 60 Viking
Allen Thomas, Searcy
1972 Chevy PU, 1978 GMC PU
Manuel Dunlap, Searcy
1966 Checy C10   
Allen Williams, Bald Knob 
1938 Chevy PU
Gene Weems, McRae
1967 GMC
Marcus Holleman, Searcy 
1971 Chevy PU 
George Clayton, Searcy
1966 GMC PU
Marianne ______, Albion
1964 GMC Fleetline 
Americas Mattress, Jonesboro
195x Chevy PU 
George Dillin, Searcy
1953 Chevy PU
Mark Castera, Romance 
195x Chevy PU
George Odom, Bald Knob
1964 Chevy PU
Mark Waggoner, El Paso 
1951-52 Chevy PU's, 501.425.9298 or 796.4355
Andy McLaughlin, Searcy
1968 Chevy Stepside
Glen Nugent, Judsonia
Vintage Cars & Trucks
Martin Ester, Beebe
1979 Chevy El Camino
Glen Wortham, Joy    501 556-5555
1961 GMC 500 Dump  
Martin Huggins, Judsonia
19__ Woody, 1982 Chevy S10
Guy Pipkin, El Pasao
1977 El Camino
M.F., Kensett
195x Chevy Suburban
Andy Steward, Searcy 
1948 Chevy PU  

Maurice Duncan, Searcy SOLD
1965 Chevy Stepside PU

Angela Downs, Beebe
1967 Chevy PU
Harold Alexander, Searcy
1969 Chevy PU One owner

Michael Cherry, Higginson
1957 Chevy PU, 1978 GMC PU

  Harold Harrison, Joy
195x Chevy Frame/bed, 1978 Chevy PU

Michael Cooley, Clinton
1967 Chevy PU   Cooley's Classics


Michael Duncan, Judsonia
1977 Chevy PU

Anthony Burleson, Judsonia
1985 Chevy Silverado
Harold Wallace, Searcy
1959 Chevy PU    Rear

Michael Gilbert, Mt Vernon 
1959 Apache 38 

Anthony French, Harding
Chevy Truck  
Heath Fancher, Searcy
1972 Chevy PU
Michael Jercinovic, Paragould
1948 Chevy 1948 PU
  Hector Fonseca, Bald Knob
1979 El Camino

Mike Anderson
1958 3Qt PU

Anthony Mason, Bradford
1964 Chevy PU 
  Mike Brudjar, Vilonia
1954 Chevy PU
Austin & Mike Harris, Rose Bud 
1964 Chevy Custom Cab   Engine
Henry Holden, Searcy
1977 GMC Jimmy

Mike Bullock, Searcy
1966 ElCamino PU

Barbara Green, McRae 3076 Hwy 267 S
1967 Chevy PU    SOLD
Herman Taylor, Georgetown
1948 Chevy PU  #2
19__ Chevy 8900 Ton & a Half
Mike Cherry, Searcy
1978 GMC C10
Barney Scudder, Searcy
1950 Chevy 100 PU, 1974 VW Cabriolet 
Heywood Loyd, Pangburn
1952 Chevy PU
Benny McDougal, Judsonia
1979 Chevy PU Fleetside C10
HippModernBuildersSupply, Mtn View, AR
1954 Chevy 3800 Truck
Mike Edwards, Rose Bud
1951 Chevy PU, 1952 Chevy PU
Bill Bell, West Point    501 
1943 Chevy 2T   
Mike Holliman,
1962 GMC PU longbed  
Bill Chaney, Searcy 
196x Chevy PU 
Howard Ghent, Searcy
1937 Chevy Truck
Mike Loftin, Beebe
1947-8 Chevy PU
Bill Jennings, N Little Rock
1955 Chevy PU 1st
Imogene Hall, Kensett
1979 ElCamino
Mike Milligan, Searcy
1964 Chevy PU  
1965 Chevy PU  
  Irvin Jackson, Judsonia
1952 Chevy PU
Mike Noble, Searcy
1957_ Chevy Cameo PU
Bill Shands, Searcy
196x Chevy PU
J.W. Skinner, Searcy
1952 Chevy PU
Mike Thomas, Center Hill
1959 Apache1966 Chevy 10 PU
B.R., Searcy, AR
1950 Ford PU
Jack Cunningham, Judsonia, AR
1950 Chevy Deluxe PU
Mike Whitfield, Judsonia
1941 Chevy Flatbed Dually
Billy Counce, Melbourne, AR
1941 Chevy PU 
Jack Foster, Kensett
1981 elCamino PU
Mike Williams, Jacksonville
19xx Chevy 10 PU
  Mike Williams, Judsonia 
1946 GMC PU 
Billy Henderson, Judsonia 
1958 Chevy Apache, 1965 Chevy C10 
Mitchell Batts, Searcy
1969 Chevy PU 
Billy Kee, Beebe
1966 Chevy PU 
Jackie Hoyle, McRae 
1972 GMC Jimmy
Monty Betts, Searcy
1967 Chevy PU
Billy McKinney, Searcy 
1949 GMC PU
Jackie Wallis, Bald Knob 
1984 El Vamino 
Mt. Vernon 
1958 Apache 
Billy S., Searcy
1956 Chevy PU
Jacob Guthrie, MO
1972 GMC
Nathan Moore, Searcy
1966 Chevy PU   Rear
Billy Yancey, Bald Knob
1978 GMC PU
Neal Barton, Vilonia
1950 GMC PU 
Billy Yancey, Providence
1987 Chevy CK1500, 1994 Chevy Silverado 1500  
Jake Taylor, Judsonia
1978 Chevy PU 
New Life Paint & Collision 
1965 Checy C10 PU
James & Tiffany Zajac, Cabot 
1947 Chevy PU  
Nicole Adaire, McRae 
1979 ElCamino 
Billy Ray Siler, Bradford
1969 Chevy PU, 1979 Chevy PU
1983 Chevy Sportvan
James Byrd, Bald Knob
1952 Chevy PU, 1972 Chevy Cheyenne PU 
Odis Guthrie, Beebe
1963 Chevy PU, 1963 Chevy PU
Billy S, Searcy
1956 Chevy PU 
James Houston, Searcy
1946 Chevy PU , 1949 GMC PU ,
1950 Chevy PU, 1957 ChevyPU
Otis Reynolds, Hickory Ridge
1957 Chevy PU
Blake Kent, Searcy
1959 Chvy PU
James Jones, Searcy
1981 elCamino
Pat Bridges, Des Arc 
1965 Chevy PU 
Bob Davis, Searcy
1956 GMC PU
Paul Britton, Pangburn
1952 Chevy PU
Bob Freeland, Searcy 
1966 Chevy PU 
Paul Crowder, Bald Knob 
1965 Chevy PU 
Bob Hale, Garner    
1951 5-window PU SOLD  
1972 Chevy PU 
James Reed, Batesville
1957 Chevy PU
Paul Glover, Pangburn 
1968 Chevy PU 
Bob Hawk, Searcy
1986 ElCamino 
Paul Handley, Judsonia
1965 Chevy PU
Bob Matthews, McRae
1977 Chevy PU 3/4T
James Westmoreland. Judsonia 
1949 Chevy PU    Rear
Paul Waddell, Kensett
1942 Chevy PU, 1980 GMC PU
Bob Roberts, Morning Sun
1950 Chevy Camper
Jared Mason, Searcy
1953 Chevy PU   Rear   BIO   MASON'S KREATIONS
P.E. Davenport, Conway
1951 GMC PU   SOLD
Bob Seigriest
1969 Chevy CST10 PU
Pete Ogle, Beebe
1968 Chevy PU 
Bob Thornton, Lake Village, AR 
1954 5-window, 1955 1st 
Jason Barnett, Searcy
1951 Chevy PU
Phillip Mize, Searcy, AR 
1964 ChevyPU   #2   #3
Bobby Dupuy, Beebe
1963 Chevy C10 
Quinton Turner, Rose Bud 
1962 Chevy Fleetside 
Bobby Herndon, Floyd
1961 Chevy C10 PU, 1968 C10 , 1975 C10
Jason Brown, Searcy
1971 GMC PU
R. B., Bald Knob
1972 Chevy Bonanza 10 PU
Bobby McAfee, Searcy
1965 Chevy PU
 Jasper Jones, Kensett
1955 3100 Chevy Panel   Painted
RB Moore, Lonoke, AR 
501.676.0107  1964 Chevy C10 
1965 Chevy C10 , 966 Chevy C10 
1966 Chevy Wrecker
Bobby Wortham, Judsonia
1950 GMC PU , 1972 Chevy PU  
Jay Yielding, Searcy
1953 5 Window PU
Ralph Crenshaw, Searcy 
196x Chevy C30  
Brad Morris, Searcy 
1966 Chevy PU  SOLD
JC Rickman, Searcy
1959 Chevy 3100 PU
Randall Jolly, Searcy
196_ Chevy PU
  Jean Loyd, Searcy
1952 Chevy 3/4 Ton
Randy ______, Holly Springs 501 239-1973
1966 GMC Stepside PU  
Brandon Wallace, Plainview
1972 Chevy PU
Jeff Drennan, McRae
1965 Chevy C10, 1972 Chevy C1 PU
Randy Ross, Bald knob
1963 Chevy 10
Brent Box, Floyd
1965 Chevy PU
  Randy Tuttle, Searcy
1966 Chevy 10 PU
Brian Davis, Searcy
197x Chevy PU
  Ray Sims, Searcy
1964 Chevy PU, 1982 GMC PU, 1973 Winnebago 
Brian Stain
1965 Chevy PU 
Jeff Holleman, Searcy
1971 Chevy PU
Ray Woodard, Bald Knob
1952 GMC 1 Ton
  Jeff Sandford, Possum Grape
1953? Chevy PU
Raymond Fisher Sr, Searcy
1978 Chevy 3/4 T PU
Bryan Wilson, Beebe
1942 Chevy Xcab PU, 1953 Chevy PU
JC, Searcy
1965 Chevy C10 PU 
Raymond Liles, Searcy
1966 PU
Bubba Beason, Beebe
1923 Ford railroad Express, 1955 Chevy PU Project
Jerry Bernhoft, Beebe 
1969 Chevy PU 
Red Dragon Rides, Searcy
1956 GMC PU 
Bud Sellers, Bald knob
1962 Chevy Stepside
Jerry Bowling, Bald Knob
1949 GMC PU
Richard Hollis, Bald Knob
1966 Chevy 10 3/4 Ton PU
C.J. Shireman, Beebe
1950 Chevy PU   SOLD
Jerry Brown, Center Hill
1957 Chevy PU
Richard Lashley, Pangburn?
1936 Chevy PU
Cale Hopkins, Searcy
1972 Chevy PU
Jerry Cummins, Judsonia
1984 Chevy C10 
Richard Thomas, Searcy
1959 Chevy Apache31       SOLD
Caleb O'Neal, Center Hill
1958 Apache31
Jerry W. Guthrie, Judsonia
 1955 Chevy PU 1st Series
Richard Price, Beebe
1951 Chevy PU

Carl Davis, Bradford
1966 Chevy 10, 1968 ElCamino 

Jerry Holiday, McRae 
1964 Chevy PU
Rick White, El Paso 
1948 Chevy PU  #1   #2
Carl Lemmonds, Crosby Rd
1951 GMC  PU 
Jerry King, Searcy
1970 Chevy SS
Ricky English, Searcy 
1982 Elcamino 
Carl Young, Judsonia
1962 Chevy PU
Jerry McElyea, Pangburn
1950 Chevy 3100 PU
Ricky Jones, Searcy
1971 Chevy PU
Cecil Callaway, Cabot, AR
1984 ChevyPU 
Vintage Tools
Jessie Johnston, Bald Knob
196_ GMC 1-Ton PU
19__ Wayne PU
1953 Chevy PU   SOLD
Ricky Van Winkle, Bradford
1955 Chevy PU, 1977 Chevy PU 
Chad Barnett, Searcy
1968  Chevy 10 PU, 1974 Chevy PU
1966 Chevy PU qtr ton  back
Ritchie Varnell, Judsonia
1965 ChevyPU
Chad Moorehead, Searcy
1964 Chevy Fleetside 
Jim Clark, Bradford 
1978 Chevy PU 
Robby Rutherford, Searcy
1985 Chevy C10
Charles Burke, SR, Judsonia
196_ Chevy 10 Stepside PU
Jim Pearson, Beebe
195x GMC 100
Robert Jones, Searcy
19xx GMC PU
Charles Fields, Beebe 
1966 Chevy El Camino 
Jim Sears, Pangburn
1954 GMC 100
Robert Martin, Bald Knob
1978 Chevy PU
Charles Roush, Searcy
1963 Chevy PU
Jim Smith, Searcy 
1952 Chevy PU  SOLD
Robert Rose, Searcy
1979 Chevy
Charlie Carroll, Searcy
1977 GMC PU 
Jim Sterling, Bald Knob
1972 GMC PU 
Robert  Wallace, Joy
1972 Chevy Cheyene 10 PU, 1972 Chevy PU
Chird Bobbitt, Searcy
1957 Chevy Apache31   SOLD
1958 Apache31 purchased 10 Aug 2016

1958 Chevy Apache31  SOLD
1959 Chevy Aache31
1965 Chevy C10 PU,        SOLD
1964 Chevy C10 Custom Cab  SOLD
Jim Tarkington, Searcy
1955 Chevy PU, 1955 Chevy PU
195x Truck, 196x Truck
Robert Willis
1972 Chevy PU 
Chris Klober, Beebe
1962 Chevy C10 PU  SOLD
Jim Wilkinson, Rose Bud
1954 Chevy PU
Rodney Sutterfield, Plsnt Plains
1949 Chevy Fleetline PU
Chris Skaggs
1957 Chevy PU
Jimmy Colbert, Beebe
1959 ElCamino
Roger Saffle, Beebe 
1974 Chevy truck 
Chris Marsee, Judsonia
1970 Chevy PU 
Jimmy Combs, Searcy 
1959 ElCamino 
Rommie Cheshier, Searcy
1953 Chevy 3100
Chris Potts, Searcy
194_ Chevy PU, 1957 Chevy Apache PU
Jimmy Fuller, Searcy
1964 GMC PU
Ron Pierce, Russell
1959 Chevy PU   Rear
Chris Yancey, Searcy 
1954 Chevy PU
Jimmy Greenhaw, Judsonia
19xx Chevy PU
Ronald Larie, Bald Knob
1980 ElCamino
Christian Suttle, Beebe
1966 Chevy 10 PU
Jimmy Joe Strayhorn, Beebe
1976 Chevy Fleetside 1T
Ronnie Bennett, Velvet Ridge
1973 Chevy PU
City Motors
1953 Chevy PU
Jimmy King, Judsonia 
1968 Chevy C10, 1985 Chevy S10 
Ronnie Busbea, Beebe 
1954 Chevy PU 
C.L. Spradlin, Pangburn  501 278-3914
196x Chevy PU  
Jimmy Swain, Searcy
1965 GMC PU  
Ronnie Corbit, Bradford
1956Chevy PU
Clarence Ramsey, Kensett
196_ Chevy PU
JK Automotive, Searcy
1968 Chevy 10 PU
Ronnie Evans, Searcy
1966 Chevy 10 PU
Clark McAfee, West Point
1966 Chevy PU-
Jody Bell, Albion
196x GMC 4000, 196x Chevy 60 
Ronnie Thomason, Judsonia
1959 Chevy PU, 1959 Chevy PU,  1978 Chevy PU
Cliff Weems, McRae
1952 Chevy 3100 
Jody Bradford, Searcy
194_ Cab & Frame , 1948 Chevy PU   
1965 Rambler Wagon  
Ronny Williams, Judsonia
1971 Chevy PU, 1976 Chevy PU
Corey Wilson, Searcy 
1949 GMC PU 
Joe Cockrum, Beebe
1964 Chevy 10 PU
Ryland Lauen, Searcy
1965 Chevy PU, 1968 Chevy PU
Curtis, Pangburn
19__ Chevy 3600
Joe Howard, Swifton
1947 Chevy PU
S.C. Phillips, Searcy
19xx Chevy PU, 19xx Chevy PU
Curtis Williams, Kensett
1960 Chevy PU
Joe Lynch, Judsonia
1956 Chevu PU's
Sam Walton, Newport
1954 Chevy PU    OBIT
C.W. McDaniel, Searcy
1973 Chevy 10 Deluxe PU
Joe McBroom, Rose Bud
1982 Chevy El Camino
Sammy Smith, Searcy 
1954 GMC PU   #2   #3  Ford Tractor 
Dakota Faircloth, Beebe
1959 Apache 31
John Baxley, Bradford
1974 Chevy PU
Samuel Billingsley, Searcy
1953 Chevy 3100 PU, 1951 Chevy PU
Dan Adams, McRae
1966 Chevrolet 10 PU
John Blankenship, Judsonia
1976 Chevy
Searcy Auto Salvage  
1951 Chevy PU
Daniel Bontrager, Searcy
1965 Chevy PU   
John Brozack, Beebe
1957 Chevy PU
1977 Chevy 1-T
Dana Thompkins, Omaha, NE 
1954 Chevy PU   Grill
John Collins, Searcy
1956 Chevy PU   SOLD on ebay 
-Scott Elmore, Jessieville, AR
1955 Chevy PU 2nd  
Daniel Harper, Beebe 
1964 Chevy PU 
John Cox, Searcy
1968 Ford PU, 1968 Chevy PU 
Shane Easom, UK 
1955 Chevy PU 
Danny Defries, Mt Vernon 
1977 Chevy PU , 977 Chevy PU 
John Hite, Searcy
1957 Chevy PU 
Shane Robertson, Searcy 
1967 Chevy C10 
Danny Crisco, Searcy 
1983 Chevy 4x4 
John Johnson, Searcy
1976 Chevy PU
Knotley Stain, Beebe
196x Chevy PU
Danny Dyson, Ward
1950 Chevy 5-Window PU
John Kenney, Fairfield Bay
1963 Chevy PU, 1965 Chevy 10 PU
Stan Yingling, Judsonia
1952 Chevy 3600 PU    
Danny Privett, Bald Knob
1972 Chevy Blazer
John Pinkley, Searcy
1961 Chevy PU
1963 Chevy PU
Stanley Turley, Searcy
1957 Chevy PU 
Danny Rigsby, Searcy
1953 & 1965 Chevy PU

John Pruitt, Beebe
1965 Chevy PU
Steve Anglin, Judsonia 
1967 Chevy C10 
Darby Pearrow, Bald Knob
1966 Chevy PU 
John Vaughn, Quitman
40's Ford PU, 50's Ford PU's 
60's Ford PU, 1950's Chevy Bel Air 
1962 GMC PU , 2-Ton truck 
Steve Barger
1969 elCamino
Darrell Martin. Judsonia
located at Albion
GMC PU, Chevrolet PU

John Wyatt, Pangburn 
1965 GMC PU   SOLD
Steve Cantrell, McRae  
1955 Chevy PU 
Darrell Treat, Searcy
1982 El Camino
Johnny Doan, Hickory Grove, SC 
1969 Chevy PU
Steve Corum, El Paso
1969 Suburban
Darren Decker, McRae
1969 Chevy PU 
Steve Ghent, Searcy 
1962 Chevy C10 PU 
Darren Wilkinson, Rose Bud
1965 Chevy PU   
Johnny Kimbriel, Central
1952 Chevy PU 
Steve Jones, Searcy
1959 Apache
David Arrowsmith, Beebe
1980 ElCamino   Rear
Johnny Martin, Kensett
1948 Chevy PU
Steve Norman, Searcy
1942 Chevy 
David Brown, Searcy
1971 El Camino
Jonathan Rysanek, Searcy
1965 Chevy Custom 10 PU  SOLD
Steve Sears, Pangburn
1953 Chevy 3100 PU
David English, Searcy
1986 GMC Sierra 2500 PU
Jordan LaRue, Norman, OK
1958 Chevy Apache 31
Steve Sterling, Searcy
196__ Chevy PU
David Green, Roosevelt
Chevy 195_ PU
Josh Davis, McRae
1946 GMC 1-Ton
Steve Tacker, West Memphis, AR
1939 Chevy PU
David Moody, Searcy
1968 Chevy PU 
Josh Hannah, Searcy
197_  ElCamino
Steve Ward, Searcy 
1969 Chevy Custom C10   Front    Engine
David Pruitt, Beebe 
1965 Chevy c10  
Josh Mater, Searcy
1964 Chevy PU
Steve Yingling, Judsonia
1953 2-Ton, 1953 3100
David Staggs, Searcy
1948 Chevy PU 
Juan Valdez, Conway
1970 Custom 10 PU
Steven Evans, Beebe
1951 GMC PU 
David Young, Searcy
1953 Chevy PU , 1959 El Camino 
1965 El Camino 
1976 Chevy PU Crew Cab
1985 Chevy Fleetside C10
Judy Sword, Searcy
1041 Chevy PU
Steven Daniel, Providence
870.613.1831 1962 Chevy C10 PU
Davy Browning, Searcy
1979 GMC PU
Julius Williams, Kensett
1937 Chevy PU, 1954 Chevy PU
Steven Kirby, Romance 
1961 GMC PU
Dean Jackson, Searcy
1958 Chevy 3100   Rear   SOLD
Junior Brawley, Judsonia
Chevy PU 1952 
Steven Sullivan, Beebe 
19xx PU
Demetri Hampton, Floyd 
1952 Chevy PU 
Justin Gehring, Beebe
1961 GMC Apache 10 PU
Steves Auto Center, Conway, AR
1959 GMC PU 
Doc Scallion, Kensett
1957 Chevy 3100 PU
Kaleb Hager, Searcy 
1951 GMC Rat Rod 
Street Kuztomz, Kensett
19__ Chevy SS
Don Anglemyer, Searcy
196x Chevy PU, 1966 Chevy PU  
Karl Shafer, Searcy
1973 Chevy 2-T 
T.L. Merriman, Searcy
Don Carter, Copperas Springs
197x Chevy 10
Kathie Richardson, Beebe 
1964 Chevy PU 
Ted Krause, Searcy
1976 Chevy PU, 1978 GMC Van
Don Gay, McRae
1964 Chevy PU
Keith Rice, Searcy
1953 Chevy Rat Rod
Ted Moody, Cabot 
1962 GMC PU 
Don Martin, Bald Knob 
1965 Chevy PU
Keith Rhodes, Griffithville
1955 Chevy PU
Ted Thornton, Lake Village 
1954 3100 5-window PU
1955 1st Series Chevy PU  870.265.1047
Don Olivo, Searcy
1965 Chevy PU
Ken Nolan, Searcy 
1964 Chevy PU C10 
Terry Lindsey, Edgemont 
1948 Chevy PU  SOLD  1946 Chevy PU 
Don Williams, Kensett
1972 Chevy PU, 1984 Chevy PU
Ken Robinson, Lake Village
1954 Chevy PU 
Terry Robertson, Searcy
1962 Chevy C10   SOLD
Donald Draper, Searcy
1963 GMC PU 
Thomas White, Judsonia
1952 Chevy PU
Doug Anders, Beebe
1965 Chevy PU
Ken Wood, Searcy
1971 GMC PU 4x4 
Tim Duke, Searcy
1968 GMC 1500 PU
  Kenneth Adams, Beebe
1968 Chevy PU, 1972 Chevy K5, 1978 elCamino
Tim McAfee, Rose Bud  501.593.2844
1940 Pontiac   SOLD
1940 Rat Rod PU    #2    #3 
Doug Lendermon, Beebe, AR 
501.882.6289   CELL: 501.230.0194
1964 Chevy PU , 1965 Chevy PU 
1966 Chevy PU , 1966 Chevy PU 
  Tim Moreland, Graham, TX
1858 Chevy Apache31
  Kenneth Haney, Searcy
1981 El Camino SS 
Timothy Baker, Searcy
1977 Chevy PU
Douglas Kilman, Searcy
1971 Chevy PU 3100 Custom/10
Kenneth Horton, Bald Knob
1953 GMC PU
Timothy Clark, Beebe
1965 Chevy PU
Doyle Byrd, Bald Knob
1972 Chevy Cheyenne Super PU
Kenneth Shepherd, Searcy
1977 Chevy PU 
Tom Tierney, Judsonia
1953 Chevy PU
Doyle Thomas, Searcy
1965 Chevy 10 
Kenneth Wilson, Judsonia
1952 Chevy PU
Tom Woodruff, Searcy
195_ Chevy PU
Doyle & Mary Wheeler, Searcy
1967 GMC PU
 Kensett School, Kensett
1967 Chevy 10 Military PU
Tommy Garland, Austin
1948 GMC Custom PU  SOLD
Dragon Express, Hwy 5 Cabot
195x Chevy PU 
Keri Lewis, Searcy
193x Chey PU Cab
Tommy Whittington, Hwy 385
1951 Chevy PU
Dustin Williams, Pangburn
1967 Chevy PU
Kevin Neighbors, Searcy
1971 Chevy PU
Tony & Linda Chisum, El Paso
1953 Chevy "Paddy Wagon"
1951 Chevy PU, 1955 Chevy PU, 1977 Jeep CJ5
Dwayne Holleman, Searcy
1959 Apache 31    SOLD
Kevin Robertson, Searcy
1978 El Camino
Tony Dickson, Batesville
1953 GMC PU
Dwight Hall, 4-Mile Hill, 1972 Chevrolet Cheyenne 10
1979 El Camino Classic
Kevin Taylor, Judsonia
19xx Chevy 3600 PU, 19XX GMC 3100 PU
Tony Floyd, Pangburn
1970 Chevy CST 
Dwight Robinson, Bradford
1953 Chevy PU
Kyle Matthews, Bradford
1965 GMC Custom PU, 501.283.2228   
Tony Guthrie, Clay
1952 Chevy PU  
Eastside Truck Sales, Searcy
1939 Chevy PU   SOLD  1950 Chevy PU   
L.B. Tyson, Searcy
1985 El Camino
Tony Hickey, Searcy
1957 Apache 31 PU, 1963 Chevy PU
Edward Covington, Searcy
1963 Chevy 10 PU
L.C. Thomas, Judsonia
501.729.3975 1952 GMC Fire Truck
1978 Silverado   
T. S., AR 
1951 Chevy PU, 1953 Chevy PU 
Ed Mercer, Searcy 
1952 Chevy PU    Front   Rear 
Lance Ellenburg, Searcy 
1949 Chevy PU    #2
Trent & Reba Hays, Bradford
195_ Chevy PU, 1982 Chevy PU
Ed Strackbein, Mt Vernon
Ed's Hot Rod Shop, 1952 Chevy Sedan 
1952 Chevy PU    Rear 
Lance Sims, Beebe
1965 GMC PU 
Vernon Haven, Searcy
1967 Chevy 10 PU
Eddie Ross, Judsonia
Chevy Trucks


Larry Atchinson, Searcy
1971 Chevy PU 
Virgil Williams, Higginson 
1953 Chevy PU, 1923 Ford Model T
Larry Brooks, Bald Knob
195x Chevy PU
Wade Roetzel, Searcy
1953  Chevy PU
Eddie Boone, Searcy 
1957 Chevy PU   #1    #2 
Larry Cox, Beebe 
1960 Chevy PU 
Wade Ozbirn., Searcy
Vintage Cars & Trucks
Larry Haney, Beebe   
1948 GMC Panel. 1960 Chevy Apache 10 PU
Wayne Baker, Cabot
501.941.5594, 1958 Apache 31    
Eddy Pipkin, El Paso
1946 Chevy PU, 1948 Panel, 1950 Chevy PU
Larry Painter, Searcy
1968 Chevy PU Fleetside
Wayne Brooks, Bald Knob
1965 Chevy PU, 1978 Chevy PU
Eldon England, Searcy
1968 Chevu PU,  501.268.6753
Lawrence Shaffer, Hot Springs
1951 GMC PU
Wayne Dawson, Judsonia
1964 Chevy PU, 1965 Chevy 2T
Elgin Hamby, Bradford
1928 Chevy
Larry VanveKoven, Heber Springs 
1948 Chevy PU MOD
Wayne Sullivan, Beebe 
1946 Chevy Truck, 1935 Chevy Convertible
1941 Chevy Coupe, 1955 Chevy, 1957 Chevy Nomad
Elvis Sullivan, Judsonia
1961 Chevy Apache 10, 1971 Chevy C10 PU
LD Lenderman, Beebe
1965 Chevy PU 
Westy Maderes, Romance
1963 Chevy 10 PU
  Lee Holt, Searcy
1969 GMC PU 
White County Sheriff1
1971 Chevy C10 4x4
Enrique Colon, Judsonia
1957 Chevy PU
Leo Person, Searcy
1983 GMC Wideside C15
Wilkie Williams, Antioch
1946 Chevy PU, 1966 Chevy PU
Erwin Strayhorn, Judsonia
1958 GMC Stepside
Leon Clay, Joy
19__ Chevy PU

William Burton, Searcy 
1959 Chevy PU, 1978 GMC PU
Eugene Dugger, Beebe AR
1948 Chevy PU 
Leon Robinson, Searcy
1952 Chevy PU SOLD
William Dillon, Judsonia
1965 Chevy 10 PU
Everett Case, Russell
1979 Chevy PU
Leonard James, Batesville
1952 Chevy PU
William Leggett, Judsonia
1976 GMC 1 1/2T
Farah Bradley, Searcy
1984 Chevy PU
Leonard Wiggins, Searcy
1976 Chevy Flatbed Truck
William Norman, El Paso 
1972 Chevy PU 
Frank D. Pearson, Searcy
1979 Chevy PU
Leroy Ramsey, Beebe
1965 Chevy PU
William Poole, Searcy
1973 Chevy Custom 10 PU
Franklin Pressler, Bradford
1956 Chevy PU
Linda Johnson, Greers Ferry 
1955 Chevy PU 
William Rodden, Beebe
1959 Chevy Apache PU
Fred Raney, Searcy
1970 GMC PU
Linda Parsons, Higginson
196x Chevy PU
William Sisson, Searcy
1951 Chevy PU
Gary Grigsby, Bald Knob 
1958 Chevy PU 
Lloyd Gorree, Judsonia
1951 Chevy 3100 PU
Windle Henry, Searcy
1957 Chevy PU
    Winfred Louks, Judsonia
1972 Chevy Cheyenne Super PU