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Mash Family
White Co., AR
From TN

Other Surnames

original research by Chird Bobbitt on his immediate family only
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Other research and
Some Mash/Marsh History by Berna Sue Mash

Henry Marsh/Mash   
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John C. Mash father of John W. Mash d: bur Bell Buckle, TN sp: Eugenia Mullins 
and W.S. Mash Sp: Henrietta Mullins Bedford Co., TN	from Eddy Mashe 
Slyus (Sylus, Silas?) A. Mash b: 3 Nov 1813 TN   d: 23 Dec 1886 Brandon, Navarro Co., TX s/o John Mash ?
Obediah Mash b: abt 1825 1850 Census Hardeman Co., TN
Obediah Mash b: abt 1858 1910, 1920 Census Hickman Co., TN 2nd spouse Nettie Lovell
Algie Clifford Mash  b: 30 Nov 1896 Maury Co. TN s/o Obediah "Obe" Mash & 1st spouse Mary Crews Fred Carnal
Family Tree DNA Project Marcy Nash

Davis Family	
1-L.J. Mash (Leonard Jack?)	1860 Census Culleoka, Maury Co., TN
  b: abt 1823 
sp: Sarah B. ____ 
  b: abt 1830 
    2-William R. Mash 
    2-James B. Mash 
    2-John G. Mash 
      b: 	Culleoka, Maury Co., TN?
    2-Virginia T. Mash 
      b: 	Culleoka, Maury Co., TN?

    2-Gabriel Mash 
  b: abt 1855 	Culleoka, Maury Co., TN
  d: 		moved to AR
sp: Mary "Molly"  _______ 
  m: 	TN
  b: 	TN
    3-______ Mash
      b: abt 1880 
    sp: Thomas Jackson Nipper		Nipper Family
      b: 1880
    3-James "Jim" Garland Mash	s/o Gabe Brown Mash & Mary "Molly" Adline Aldridge
      b: 24 Dec 1895 Antioch, White Co., AR
      d: 22 Jun 1968 Pulaski Co., AR	bur Antioch Cemetery , Beebe, White Co., AR
    sp: Maggie Leona Bobbitt  	
      m: 17 Jan 1918 	 	White Co., AR BK , pg 
      b: 13 May 1896 in Pulaski, AR
      d: 1 Aug 1974 bur Antioch Cemetery ., Beebe, White Co., AR
	4-Vernic Elvin Mash
	  b: 29 Mar 1920 White Co., AR
	  d: 11 Feb 1932 White Co., AR	bur Antioch Cemetery, Beebe, White Co., AR
	4-Melma Leona Mash
	  b: 27 Feb 1922 White Co., AR
	sp: Joe B. Weir	 
	  m: 10 May 1941 White Co., AR	White Co., AR BK 37, pg 449
	  b: 21 Sep 1921 White Co., AR
	  d: 16 Jul 2001 Jacksonville, AR
	4-Maxine Odell Mash
	  b: 3 Feb 1925 White Co., AR
	sp: Lloyd O'Neal Fulks	 
	  m: 10 May 1943 White Co., AR	White Co., AR BK 39, pg 162
	4-James Rheuben Mash
	  b: 26 Sep 1926 White Co., AR
	  d: 27 Sep 1926 White Co., AR		bur Antioch Cemetery., Beebe, White Co., AR
	4-Bernard Loy Mash
	  b: 26 May 1928 White Co., AR
	sp: Wilma Dean Dove		 
	 m: 3 Aug 1946 AR	White Co., AR BK U 41, pg 410
    	    5-James Henry Mash
	    sp: Genevieve _____
		6-_______ Mash 
	    5-Freida Lugean Mash
	    5-Berna Sue Mash
	      b: 1954  White Co., AR
	4-Dave Mash		1920 Census Antioch Twp, White Co., AR
	  b: abt 1896 Antioch, AR
	sp: Florence Mayberry	d/o Lafayette Mayberry from TN  
	  m: 19 Sep 1916 	White Co., AR BK U, pg 219
	  b: 1899 Floyd, AR ?
	    5-L.D. Mash
	      b: abt 1916 Antioch Twp, White County, AR
	    sp: Aleen ________	
	      m: 13 Dec 1951   	White Co., AR BK 45, pg 110
	      b: abt 1906
	      m: 10 Feb 1961	 White Co., AR BK 49 , pg 46
	      b: abt 1920
		6-Ruth Ellen Mash
		sp: _____ Abington
	    5-Mary A. Mash
	      b: 1918 White Co., AR
    2-Obediah Mash 		1880 Census Dry Town, Izard Co., AR Father & Mother born TN
  b: abt 1857-8 Independence Co., AR	
sp: Mary A. ______
  m: abt 1876 
    2-Minnie D. Mash 
      b: abt 1876 AR
Henry Mash(Marsh)	b: abt 1809 from Ashe County NC s/o William Mash?
sp: Nancy (Patrick?) 
Their son Noah Mash b: 1850 Ashe Co., NC was my 2nd Great Grandfather	Thomas Marsh 
sp: Susanah "Susan" Bare 	m: 17 Aug 1871 in Ashe Co. d/o  Wilborn Bare a& Caroline Severt
Children were George Washington Mash, Neal Mash, Lee C. Mash, Amanda J. Mash, Noah Mash Jr.,
Mary Candis Mash 

My husband is related to this family through 
Harrison & Elizabeth Mash have two children, Henry & Asa born in IL, listed in the 1860 census in Shannon Co. MO

1-John? Henry Mash 
  b: abt 1844	1880 Crawford Co, MO census
sp: Lavina Asher 
    2-Joseph Andrew Mash
    2-W. Jackson Mash
    2-M.D. Elizabeth Mash
    2-A. Edward Mash
    2-M. Delette Mash
    2-C. Charles Mash
1-Acie (Asa?) Mash 
  b: abt 1845 Phelps Co., but settled in Jasper Co.
sp: ________
  d: 		bef 1880 Crawford Co, MO census
    2-John H. Mash
      b: abt 1874
    sp: ________ 
      m: abt 1879
	3-Catherine Mash
	  b: Jan 1880

Asa Mash & Emmaline Talbert had 7 Kids Roxie, Tom , Samuel , Emo , Bessie, Angie, Katie, . 
Tom married Lola Anderson on March 8 1911 they moved to Dallas Center Iowa 
and they had 14 childrn 1 died at birth 

1-_______ Mash 
	Candice Free has Mash genealogy back to 1525 in England 
sp: _________
    2-Wright Mash 
sp: _________
	3-William Mash
	3-Sally Mash
	3-David Mash
	3-Martin Mash
	3-Polly Mash
	3-Andrew Mash
	sp: _________
    	    4-Harrison Mash
	    4-Thomas Mash
	    4-John A. Mash
	    4-Sally Mash
	    4-Henry Mash
	    4-Asa (Acie?) Mash
	    sp: _________
	    4-Delilah "Sis" Mash
	3-boy Mash
	3-boy Mash
	3-Edward Harvey Mash

I am a GGG-Granddaughter of Wright Mash.	Candice Free
St. Paul Methodist Church Cem., Butler, AL
H. Mash b: 1827 TN 1850 Census Des Arc Twp, White Co., AR

Pearl Mash
sp: Preston Rorie 
Joanne Rorie
Charles Rorie
Cecil Rorie 

1-______ Mash	
    2-J. Mash
	1850 Census Marion Twp, White Co., AR
	1870 Census Clay Twp, White Co., AR
      b: abt 1825 TN
    sp: Sarah ______
      m: abt 1847
      b: abt 1826 NC
	3-Mary Mash
	  b: abt 1845 TN
	3-Roland M. Mash
	  b: abt 1847 TN
	sp: Shintha ______
	  b: 1847 AR
	3-Tilman Mash
	  b: abt 1848 TN 
	3-Thomas Mash
	  b: abt 1855 AR 
	3-Francis Mash
	  b: abt 1855 TN
	3-Martha Mash
	  b: abt 1857 AR 
	3-William H. Mash
	  b: abt 1859 AR 
	3-Martin Mash
	  b: abt 1860 AR  
	3-Notina Mash
	  b: abt 1860 AR 
	3-John Mash
	  b: abt 1864 AR
	3-Sarah R. Mash
	  b: abt 1861 AR
1-Butler Mash 
  b: 24 dec 1890 from Antioch
  d: abt 1980 Vilonia, AR
sp: Mattie Manning
  m: 11 Jul 1912	  	White Co., AR BK R, pg 575
  b: abt 1893	from Ward
Carlton Marsh
sp: Clemmie Cummins 
    Uvalde, TX
    Garvis Marsh
                    Uvalde, TX
                sp: Joan ______
                 1.Thad Marsh
                                   Borne, TX
                                 sp: Darla ______
                 2.Jack Marsh
                                Temple, TX
                                sp: Teri ________
                 3.Toni Marsh Hull
                                Uvalde, TX
                                sp: Stan Hull _______
                                        a.Allison Hull
		        b.Laura Hull
                            4.Matt Marsh
                                Abilene, TX
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