Mash Family History
by Berna Sue Mash

White Co., AR
From TN


original research by Chird Bobbitt on his immediate family only
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I will try to explain my lineage and correct if there is any way possible.
Tess [Mash] Hess, Leonard Jack Mash's granddaughter, was doing family research with my grandparents in the 60's & 70's..
They went to Tennessee Maury Co., Virginia, and the court house at Guildford Co..
Obediah Mash- Marsh and Gavener's were verified through land grants, Etc.
I had them under Mash until I found Obediah and Elizabeth Beeson married in 1801 in Randolph Co., N.C. under the Marsh name.
My Gavener's and kids started falling in place. Roy K. Mash-Marsh from Al. took the Marsh name before he moved to Ponc City. Ok.,
He traveled with will Rogers and the family has one of the largest Rodeo's in Ponc City.
I went back and reread Tess's papers and the Mash Marsh name came up over and over.

The land grant of 1787 was signed under the Mash name. John Mash , 1790 census of Maryland born late 1600's.
My tree on Ancestry.Com still needs alot of work done to it, but I will be more than happy to open it up to you if you like, let me know.  
G-Grandpaw Gaberial Mash's wife is Mary [Polly] Aldridge,1856, Maury Co., Tn. Check with Orion Co. Tn. records.
She died 1929,at Antioch, and is buried there
also, L.D. Mash had one daughter, Ruth Ellen (Mash) Abington [Little Doc, Citizen Bank] 
Butler Mash
was born 24th Dec.1890, ss# 487-03-4905, Last Residence was Vilonia, died 1980,
I think Daddy said he was buried in Little Rock. May be Antioch, I will recheck. SS card from Missouri, He hung around Honey Hill for a while, 
I have a story written on him somewhere regarding snow and people not getting to church until he showed up with horses and a wagon.
Uncle Butler Mash stayed drunk and in Little Rock a lot. If a family affair was going on or he wanted to come home awhile, he called Daddy.
Daddy would go get him and let him stay with Granny and Papa a lot.
Oh yeah, I have a Grandparent susan Susan Redden, Reden , That married Lewis Smith Scribner. Any relation to your grandmother, Emelia (Mellie) Reden?
William and Leonard stayed in North Carolina,
Leonard carried the Marsh name as Gravener,
Obediah Mash's brothers, Jehue Mash went to Alabama,
Obediah Mash went Muary Co.Tn. About 1750 is when the Mash name came alive as far as my straight lineage.
My brother is trying to prove me wrong on the Marsh name,
I have tried, I welcome it if you can.
Later Sue

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