Steve Tidwell
Steve is a traditional Country singer/songwriter/recording artist, he writes about everyday life, songs that Veterans as well as the average person can relate to.

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Steve Retires from Arkansas National Guard
Local troops survive in Iraq
The Picture on the Mantle
by Reg Meffert, Australia The Cross Country Band  

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About Steve
'She's a little bit country...'

Steve Tidwell

The Other Side of Life
The Wall Has a Heart
A Yard Full of Stones
Run Away Girl

"Love From the Cross"

Blue Blue Christmas

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           CD's and Tapes of Steves songs are available at the following locations
 Bolding's, Hastings, Market Cafe, New Era Hair Salon, and Edna's Cafe
            Steve Tidwell, 401 Tidwell Drive, Judsonia, AR 72081          501-729-5810

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