Steve Tidwell

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Steve has performed for the past 7 years in his home county at the Memorial Day and Veterans
Day services.
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Steve and Wal-Mart Super Center in Searcy hooked up in 1999. Wal-Mart feeds the Veterans and their wives while Steve and his band performs a patriotic music show. Steve-WalMart.jpg (9612 bytes)
This November the 9th, 2002 will be the 4th year of their honoring our veterans.

After Steve wrote the song "The Wall Has A Heart" he sang it in front of a Colonel in the National Guard, a Vietnam veteran. SteveTheWall01.jpg (123104 bytes)
The Colonel arranged a military flight for him to Washington, DC so he could play in front of The Big Wall.

1991 - Steve wrote a song of tribute called "Let's Bring The Home" about Virtnam POW/MIA's. This song is a reminder to people that we still have soldiers and civilians that are unaccounted for.
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As Steve performed at VFW Posts around Arkansas he presented copies of the words of the song too them. They have placed them on thier wall to for all to see.

Oct 1996 - Steve was called upon to perform "Let's Bring Them Home" at the opening and closing ceremonies of "The Moving Wall" in Heber Springs, Arkansas. Steve-HeberSprings96.jpg (1221774 bytes)
Oct 1998 - He was asked to sing at "The Moving Wall" ceremony in Little Rock at Ft. Roots. At the opening he performed The Wall has a Heart and for the closing, Let's Bring Them home.

Since then he has performed for the Special Forces Chapter of Arkansas. Steve-andARKSpecialForces.jpg (92699 bytes)

He has performed 7 times at the Arkansas State Capitol for the Vietnam Veterans. He has also performed for the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club of America.


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