James Sluder
Rowan Co., NC


see Johann Sluder   Mahaley on Ancestry.com   Marriages Ashe Co., NC
Hello, I am researching my husband's family tree and I believe that 
Isaac Marc Sluder's son John Sluder is a direct ancestor.  Do you have any info 
on him as to where he lived and died?  My info is that His full name was 
Jonathan James Sluder, born in 1785 in Rowan Co., NC and that he had a 
son named John Sluder also.  His son John was born in 1811. 
Isaac Marc's son  John's wife's name was Elizabeth Mahala.  

I have info that Henry Sluder was John's father and I have Johann Sluder as my John's grandfather.  
I must be skipping a whole generation--Isaac Marc????  Any info that would tie 
these facts together would be helpful.  Thanks, Reta Winebarger  WINEBARGER@fastransit.net

Avery Co., NC WWII Veterans   Henry Sluder b: 1830 NC, m: Caroline Gibson 1850 IN
Issac Mark Sluder  m: Mary Morefield 16 Oct 1789 Rowan Co., NC

1-Jonathan James Sluder		Chris Sluder Taylor  rftaylor@avana.net
sp:  Betsy "Harriett Elizabeth" Meheley   3rd child of William Michaley & Catherine Strecker  
  m: 18 Nov 1810 Rowan Co., NC
  b: 1789 Rowan Co, NC	http://www.angelfire.com/ab6/bwilson61/dat148.html#15 
    2-John Sluder	moved to Ashe Co about 1840-1850
      b: 		1870 Census Ashe Co., NC
    sp: Susannah "Anna' Mahala (Mahaley/Michaley/mchaley?)    d/o Noah Mahala & Abigail Roark
      m: 	http://www.angelfire.com/ab6/bwilson61/dat150.html 
      b: abt 1807
      d: abt 1870
	3-Elizabeth Sluder 
	  b: 1831	http://www.angelfire.com/ab6/bwilson61/dat149.html#17
	  d: 20 Feb 1918
	sp: David Fleming Cole
	  m 17 Jan 1857
	  b: 6 mar 1840
	  d: 24 Mar 1925
	    4-Nancy Lurena Cole
	    4-Matilda Catherine Cole
	      b: 14 Jul 1859
	    4-Mary Martisha Cole
	3-Malinda Lorana Sluder
	  b: abt 1837	http://www.angelfire.com/ab6/bwilson61/dat540.html#17 
	  d: bef Jun 1929
	sp: _________
	    4-Polly Cole
	    4-Martha Emaline Cole
	    4-George Washington Cole	http://www.angelfire.com/ab6/bwilson61/dat541.html#0 
	3-David Sluder
	  b: 1838
	3-Rebecca Sluder
	  b: abt 1843
	3-Anna Sluder
	3-John Wilborn "Web" Sluder
	  b: 15 Aug 1848	http://www.angelfire.com/ab6/bwilson61/dat74.html#15 
	sp: Rebecca Vanover
	sp: Anna Sluder		d/o William Sluder & Mariah Brewer	
	3-Campbell J. Sluder
	  b: abt 1852
	    4-______ Sluder  My husbands grandfather - 
	    sp: _____
    2-Catherine Sluder
      b: 10 Jun 1813 Rowan co., NC
    2-James Sluder	http://www.angelfire.com/ab6/bwilson61/dat10.html#7 
      b: abt 1822 Randolph Co., NC
    sp: Sarah Farlow
      m: 29 Sep 1841 Randolph Co., NC
      b: abt 1830
    2-Felix Sluder	http://www.angelfire.com/ab6/bwilson61/dat153.html#8 
      b: Jun 1824 N. Fork Twp, Ashe Co., NC
      d: Jan 1907
    sp: Celia Roark	d/o of Ephriam Roark and Millie Graybeal
      m: 1845
      b: 7 Aug 1829
      d: 18 Apr 1900	Roark-Price Cem., Rock Creek, Ashe Co., NC
	3-Harrison Sluder	http://www.angelfire.com/ab6/bwilson61/dat106.html#7 
	  b: Dec 1847 N. Fork Twp, Ashe Co., NC
	sp: Caroline Tucker 
	  m: 12 Feb 1842 N. Fork Twp, Ashe Co., NC
	    4-Millicent M. Sluder
	    4-Zilphia E. Sluder
	    4-James Melvin Sluder
	    4-Roby Milton Sluder
	    4-Amos Lilliard Sluder
	    4-Martha J. Sluder
	3-Melvin Sluder
	  b: 1850 Ashe Co., NC
	3-Isaac Elcana Sluder
	  b: Jan 1856 Ashe Co., NC 	http://www.angelfire.com/ab6/bwilson61/dat21.html#5
	sp: Virginia Vanover 
	  b: Oct 1851 Ashe Co., NC
	    4-Amanda Sluder
	    4-Polly E. Sluder
	      b: Sep 1877
	    4-Rilley W. Sluder
	3-Laura Sluder
	  b: 1862 Ashe Co., NC
	sp: Millender Roark
	    4-Ethel Roark
	    4-Vanie Roark
	    4-Lillie Roark
    2-David Sluder
      b: abt 1829
    sp: _____

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