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The Bobbitt Family in America Book    p. 220,   p. 256,   p. 282    p. 390    p.601


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Lucius T. Outlaw, Jr 
is married to Freida D. Hopkins (DNSc, MSN, RN), and the father of three sons: Lucius T., III, Kofi Atiba Brooks-Bobbitt, and Chiké Hasani-Hopkins.

Slaves of Captain William Bobbitt    Alexander & wife Darcus p. 703,  Bobbitt Book  Bill, York & Nelson  p. 705,  Bobbitt Book 
Louisa, Jenny, Darkin, Hannah, Fanny &  Henry  
p. 706,  Bobbitt Book 

The most famous African-American in the colonies was Anthony Johnson   Patriot Minorities at the Battle of Cowpens Revolutionary War
Chowan Co., NC - Blacks    Marriages, Warren Co.,  NC
  1880 Census NC
Frank Alston Bobbitt b: Warren Co., NC married three times.
His first spouse was a black woman named Susan Adams

Chowan Co., NC, Afro-American Resources  James Bobbitt b: 1835 Pilot, Surry Co., NC
Will of Stephen Bobbitt dated 4 April 1823, NC, slaves Linsey (Girl) Jim (boy)
Clay Bobbit & Henry Bobbitt Slave narratives
Lemuel Haynes, the son of a white woman and an African.
Lemuel was the first black to preach to a white New England church, and he married Elizabeth Babbitt, a white woman.
   Daniel Bobbitt b: abt 1789 VA  Paula J. Bobbit    KY  Melungeon Informatiuon, KY   Divorces, KY
Orange Co.,  IN

Henderson Co., TN     Madisin Co., TN    Sumner Co., TN
Jim Bobbitt, Crockett Co., TN Madison Co., TN   Marriage Records Madison Co.,  TN     TN Confederates
Blacks in Tennessee    Blacks on the Union  Army of  TN  (1861-1866)    Black Civil War Soldiers of the Trans-Mississippi West
some info from Bernice Tate
Jim Bobbitt m: Lillie C. Shivers - Crocket Co., TN    (Ryna Bobbitt b: 1859 TN      Bobbittville)
  Black Confederates of TN
Wash Bobbitt 1880  Census Walnut Grove, Leake Co., MS  
   WWI Scott Co., MS
     Phillip & Thelma Bobbitt 1880 Census Prct 4, Grayson Co., TX
The Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc., Arkansas
AR Black Schools in Columbia Co., AR.    AR 1870 Census Sebastian Co., AR.       AR Black History in Sharp Co., 
AR Slave Census 1850 Green Co., AR
       1870 Black Population - Ft. Smith, AR   African American Ancestry in AR

Black Soldiers Union Army in AR   Felix Bobbitt 1880 Census Liberty, Lee Co., AR
 Dennis Bobbitt, Kansas City, MO 
William Bobbitt & Artenecey  Jones (W ) 1880 Census Mt. Vernon. Lawrence Co., MO
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