Stories of Christian Vietnam Veterans

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Compiled by Wes Keith

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    "But thanks be to God! He gives us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
                                                                            1 Corinthians 15:57

    People need the Lord! More than anything else in their lives, they need to have fellowship with God. This fellowship can only come as a result of becoming a believer in Jesus Christ. Then and only then, as a believer, they can study and understand the word of God as recorded in the Holy Bible.
    Only as man approaches the Scriptures with child-like faith does the Word of God make sense to him. As believers we are indewlt with the Spirit of God. He is with us to help lead and guide us as we travel our earthly journey. Our lives are filled with promises and victories.
    This book is about the journeys of nineteen different individuals. All but one of the individuals is a Vietnam Veteran. They come from varying backgrounds and military services. The common thread in each story is that these are Christian men. Some were converted prior to their service in Vietnam, while others were converted later. Life is full of struggles, but we can claim victory through Jesus Christ!


The Faithfulness of God by Rev. Donald R. Abernathy

The Meaning of Faith

by Nick Bacon
A Call to Hear by Mike Boggess
The Land of the Tall Gras & Little People by Larry Bourbonnais
A Great Grandmother's Prayer by Bjorn Dahlin
A Different Story by Roger Dieckhaus
One Warrior's Story by William Doubek
Getting Under Control by Larry Dubois
WomackDiscovering Christ by Jeff Fredrick
The Sufficiency of God's Grace by Guenther K. Fritsch
A Man Called "Fluff" by Rev. Wes Keith
Learning to Let Jesus Lead by Bill Kirschbaum
Restoring Love to My Life by Mike Lamendola
When No One Cared by John Moore
The Blessings of God by Nick J. Mott
Saved to Serve by Delbert L. Padgett
Life's a Battle by Larry Stanberry
Luke Two Spirit by Lucius A. Tower
Cold, Wet, and Wondering by Bruce Womack

        STANDING TALL A field manual for the Soldier-Servant of Christ
        Author Jeff Fredrick

Standing Tall was written as a field manual for the Vietnam Veterans so that they might hear          the truth of God's word from a viewpoint that most have never seen. The truths contained in           this booklet apply to all persons. Bitterness of the heart and soul keeps many veterans from the           saving knowledge of Christ. May this bitterness be turned to joy!