Thomas Bobbitt
?? Son of William Bobbitt, Sr ???

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This info from Virginia (Bobbitt) Jeffery

1-________ Bobet 
    2-Edward Bobbett from Wales, England
    2-Robert Babbitt from Wales, England
    2-William Bobbitt, Sr. from Wales, England
will was probated and recorded in Sussex Co., VA Record Book "A", page 116, Jan 19, 1759 
    sp: Mary Hill 
	3-Thomas Bobbitt
	  b: Sussex Co., VA
	sp:Mary Hill?
	    4-John Bobbitt	moved to Pittsylvania Co.
	    sp: ________
	    4-Randolph Bobbitt	moved to Pittsylvania Coo.
	    sp: ________
	    4-William Bobbitt	moved to the western part of VA
	    sp: ________
It seems I am a descendant of William Bobbitt, Sr. from Wales, England, who took a land grant
in Virginia Colony. 
However, the information I received in the past and the lists I find here confuse me. 
My information states there were three brothers who came from Wales and took on the following names: 
Edward Bobbett,  Robert Babbitt, and William Bobbitt.
Edward Bobbett & Robert Babbitt stayed in the north.
William Bobbitt went south to Virginia.
William Bobbitt had one son named Thomas Bobbitt, will was probated and recorded in Sussex Co., VA
in Record Book "A", page 116, on January 19, 1859 and he was married to Mary Hill. 
Thomas had three sons: John, Randolph, and William; he may have had other children as well. 
These three sons served with distinction in the Revolutionary War. 
John and Randolph were to have moved to Pittsylvania County, and William moved to the 
western part of Virginia or what was known as the Valley of Virginia that included 
Rockbridge County and related areas. 
The only other names I have been given dated from 1875-1959 which doesn't seem to be 
included in your genealogy 
-- at least when I've read of it so far. 
I will have to see if the individual I received this from has found out anything more, 
but till then I thought I'd ask if any of the following names are familiar to you. 
William Terry Bobbitt 1875-1953 Nannie Catherine Towler 1875-1951 
Children: Lula Blanche Bobbitt, Ola Lee Bobbitt, Grady Haden Bobbitt, Willie Albert Bobbitt, 
Hullett Lloyd Bobbitt, 
Henry Allen Bobbitt, Jesse David Bobbitt, Vernie Odell Bobbitt, Melvin Arnold Bobbitt 
William Terry Bobbitt
  b: 1875
  d: 1953
sp: Nannie Catherine Towler
  b: 1875
  d: 1951 
    Lula Blanche Bobbitt
    Ola Lee Bobbitt
    Grady Haden Bobbitt
    Willie Albert Bobbitt
    Hullett Lloyd Bobbitt
    Henry Allen Bobbitt
    Jesse David Bobbitt
    Vernie Odell Bobbitt
    Melvin Arnold Bobbitt 

My grandfather's name was David Albert Bobbitt and my father's name was Obed Bobbitt (
born in Lynchburg, VA, I believe) 
Virginia (Bobbitt) Jeffery