Mt. Pisgah

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Mt.Pisgah Community by Mrs. W.C. Welch

Mt. Pisgah (originally called "Mount Pisgy" first settled by the John Magness family in 1819 is probably the 2nd oldest continuous settlement in White County and a creek bears thier name.

    One of the oldest routes into Arkansas was the Southwest Trail which came from St. Louis and continued southwesterly thorough Arkansas to Fulton on the Red River. In 1831 President Andrew Jackson signed an Act of Congress to improve the road. The old trail then became the Military Road and passed between the Mt. Pisgah,  and the Mt. Pisgah Methodist Church and directly across from the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church and is marked by a marker titled "OLD MILITARY ROAD" placed there by the White County Historical Society in 1991.
    Mt. Pisgah was a thriving village near the turn of the 19th century and had a post office from about 1880 to 1910. The town shifted a little to the southeast after the Missouri and North Arkansas (M&NA) railroad began providing service to Mt. Pisgah in 1906. There was no depot you had to flag the train down.

Mt. Pisgah Cemetery


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