Higginson, Arkansas
Pop 378

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Higginson started March 29, 1875, when the Post Office was established and operated by
James A. Wright. The town was named after a stockholder in the Fulton & Cairo Railroad
Company. The First Bank of Higginson was chartered January 28, 1906, it is not know when
it was dissolved. Higginson was incorporated in 1906.

Mayor: Carthel Lee Phipps (I)                                                     Map
              140 Morrow Church Road, Higginson, AR 72068
Recorder/Treasurer: Lois Jones (I)
City Clerk: 501.742.3678

City Council:

1 J.H. Franks (I) 3 Kelly Cross (I) 5 Earl Bogan (I)
2 Mary A. Meredith (I) 4 Jackie Black (I)  

Fire Dept.     White County

Police Chief:
Fire Chief:
Higginson's Fire truck

Justice of the Peace: Layne "Boss" Vaughn        MAILBOX1.GIF (1605 bytes)  District #8