Garner Pop 284

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Early Times   

Garner was first called Garner Station when it was formed alongside the Missouri Pacific station in 1872.? The first Cairo & Fulton train arrived. Joseph Garner "Garner Wood Yard" controlled the wood concession for the railroad. A depot was proposed at the  site of the wood yard, but Jim Pope Smith took a petition to Little Rock the location of the station was changed from mile post 342 to 343. The town of McRae developed from Smith's action. The first Post Office was born on July 22 that year and closed February 11, 1875. Reopened again January 17, 1877 and changed to Paxson, a little place out in the woods. Garner was born August 10, 1889.

Fire Dept.         Map

Mayor: William "Wig" Langston (I)
POB 26, Garner, AR 72052-0026
Recorder/Treasurer: Willie Mae Smith (I)


1 Arnold Sewell (I) 3 James E. Smith (I) 5 Larry L. Smith (D)
2 Jane Taylor (D) 4 Dorothy Turner (I)  

Police Chief:
Fire Chief: