White County Training School
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History of the White County Training School

At first the Negro Baptist Church was the location used for schooling negro children. In 1886 it consisted of seven grades with an enrollment of 100-100 and one teacher. About 1889 the Searcy Female Academy building was acquired by the school board and another teacher added. It was a two-story building where the (Thompson) Pecan Factory was once located.

    In 1928 the black school's application for it's share of  The Julius Rosenwald Fund was approved and on October 26, 1929 the four-classroom brick structure was dedicated as the Sarah McKenley Junior High School. The name of the school was changed in 1930 to White County Training School, at which time the Negro citizens raised approximately $400.00 for additional seating. There were now four faculty members and principal J.W. Wilson.

    The tenth grade was added in September 1938, the eleventh grade in September 1947 and the twelfth grade in September 1949. 
From: Searcy, Arkansas Frontier Town Grows up with America by Dr. Raymond Muncy


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