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Watering your lawn late in the afternoon is
much better than watering during the hot
part of the day, as it will burn during th
hot part of the day easier.
You should fertilize your lawn in early
spring and early fall.
Take cuttings from your outdoor plants
before fall dormancy sets in. Remove 3"
to 5" tip  cuttings from parent plant,
making the cuts just below a leaf node
on healthy stems. Avoid soft immature,
or old branches.
Cut away leaves from part of the stem
that will go into rooting mixture.
Philodrendron are natural climbers and
will do much better if you train them on
a tote If you have a brown-thumb here
are plants that you should try to grow;
you usually can't go wrong with any of
these: Rubbertree, fig, dieffenbachia, schefflera, monstera, Norfolk pine,
Chinese evergreen,
cast iron plant, spider, peperomias,
maranta dizygotheca, sansieveria,
strawberry saxifrage, English ivy,
grape ivy, asparagus ferns,
philodendrons, jade plants, trileaf
wonder, screw pine, coleus and
podocarpus. Fast growing grass seed.
Brew a pot of strong tea.

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Put tea and grass seed into aplastic bag. Put in frig. for at least seven days.
Then plant and you will note your seed comes up much faster. Save the left over blades when using shallots.
Cut into inch bites, set 5 minutes in cold water, drain and then freeze. Leaf cuttings: African violets, gloxinias,
and a number of begonias bear leaves that are capable of producing roots. You can start these leaves in water.
Cover a jar of water with foil. pierce hole in foil and stick leaf stems in. When roots are well established. transfer to pot.
When training creeping or vining plant such as beans or passionfruits. use plastic clothes
pins to hold them in position. As plant grows,  """, pegs can be removed. '
Herbs can be grown indoors or out. Parsley:
New leaves form in center so harvest outer ranks first. Thyme: Allow to dry between waterings. slightly. Restart each summer from cuttings. Mint: An exception to the rule of full sun. it needs filtered light. Rosemary:
Likes extra lime in soil. and prefers to dry out between waterings. Oregano: Cut plant back often in order to bush. Replant every three years. Sage: Pinch back or it will get 2 ft high; divide in 3 years. Hang spices
up to dry and then store them in air tight containers. except for chives.
Good plants for terrariums: Adiantum. alter- nathera versicolor. begonias. dracaena. fittonia. maranta. philodrendron. pilea phylla. saint paulia and tradescantia.
Make a terrarium easily wi th any type of glass jar or bowl. Spoon gravel into place as a drainage layer, then thin layer of charcoal granules to sweeten, top with 3"      to 5" of good sterile soil. Gently lower plants into container, arrange around the perimeter first, working towards the center of the terrarium. Water sparingly, no ';It more than one tablespoon per plant.
How to Make a Scented Spice Necklace:      Decide which spices you want, cinnamon
stick, vanilla bean, mustard, frankincense, nutmeg, whole giner, clove, cardamon, and : all spice are good ones.
Soak spices in warm water to make pliable. Then thread fishing line on a small      needle. Heat needle and pierce each spice. End by knotting fishing line around a brass jewelry clasp.
Magical Sponge: Sow seeds in pores of sponge, mustard, watercress and bird seeds are good. Set the sponge in a dish of water and let the sponge drink its fill. Remove the sponge and set in a sunny win dow (or hang). It's best to wet sponge daily.
If you have a flower arrangement that is dropping its petals, spray with hair '" spray and wow!
No onion for stew? Crumble two onion stock cubes (one for each onion) and add to stew. Onion powder can be used instead of cubes, use teaspoon for each onion you would have normally used.
To remove any black skin and strong taste from the inside of fish, rub well inside with salt.
Cleaning Curtains: Fill laundry tub with cold water and a good biograde soap; soak
your curtains for five minutes, squeeze out excess water and hang on the clothes line.
Now rinse with the garden hose. The soap is great for your lawn.
When your dishwashing detergent container seems to be empty, don't throw it away. Remove cap
and put in some tap water. Shake bottle good and you'll find you have enough for a few more washings.
The same goes for shampoo.
To restore wilted green vegetables, wrap in a damp piece of paper and put in refrigerator.
Before storing onions from your garden, hold the roots ends over a flame, to stop them from sprouting.
Over-ripe bananas can be used in nut breads, shakes, or bake with a white sauce over chicken.
Left over cooked macaroni is a real addition when mixed with scrambled eggs.
When peeling apples cooking, save the t peels and boil first in a I quantity of   water. When soft, drain off water .II for cooking the apples. The flavor is better and so is the vitamin content.
To repair broken candles, simply melt a plain white candle in,a tin can. Then pour melted wax over break. It dries quickly and doesn't ruin your colored candle.
Left over meats usually go into salads, sandwiches, soups or casseroles. As a change, turn it into fritters.
Flat beer can go into batter for pancakes and fritters, even good added to stews and casseroles. Also a good hair rinse.
Clean Floor: I find the floors here show every little thing, so after talking with several ladies I found a recipe that I really like; it removes dirt, stains and black heel marks too:  cup Flash;  cup household bleach; 2 quarts hot water.
Christmas or Anytime -Make Decorations:
1 cup salt; 2 cups flour; 1 cup water. Mix salt and flour well., then add water a little at a time. Knead 7-10 minutes until dough is like putty and smooth. Roll dough about ~,' thick, then use cookie cutters or cut
with a knife your own design. You can make eyes, costumes etc., moisten dough and add
on your shapes. Poke hole at top for thread if to be hung. Then bake on cookie sheet at 325 til light brown. When cool, paint or varnish to protect from moisture.
Play Clay (Inexpensive and good for children to use): 1 cup flour; ~ cup salt; 3 tsp allum; 1 cup water; 1 tablespoon cornoil; food color if desired. Cook all ingredients over low heat until it gets thick and sticks together. Knead on wax paper (food color now if desired). Keep in air tight container when not using.
To make a good fish stock for your soups or sauces, boil the fish heads, bones and tail.
To remove pet urine stains from carpets, etc., also the odors, wet spot with a little bit of water and then sprinkle the spot with table salt or baking powders, let dry good and simply vacuum up. Works for beverages and
other stains too.
Cleaning wedding rings or other precious jewelry. Put 2 oz ammonia and 1 oz warm water in a cup. Leave rings in solution for one or two hours. Then brush very carefully with tooth brush.
Attach a magnet to the mop handle to pick up pins, tacks, etc., in inaccessible places.

To clean your sheep skins, sprinkle good with powdered borax, roll up for a least 24 hours (fur inside); can be left longer. Hang out on the clothes line to let wind blow clean. Make sure it is a cloudy, windy day you hang them out.
Old tooth brushes are very handy to use to clean hard to get at places, like the seams around tubs and sinks. Also good for hard spots in the frig.
Having trouble with your furniture drying out? Here is a secret I learnt from a friend in Europe. Use  old English furniture polish  and  baby oil, rub into your furniture good.
 It works beautifully, and doesn't leave films.

Should you need a cold compress in a hurry to stop a nose bleed, or smoothe an abra- sion. Take a can of frozen juice from your freezer and wrap in a sock, or cloth, and apply where needed.
Hard nut to crack? Make nut meats like walnuts less liable to break up by soaking them in the shell in warm water for several hours before opening.