Woomera 2003 Reunion

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G'day All,                     Feb 17 2003
We've reserved the park at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base, Colorado for the 2003 Woomera Reunion, for 2 August 2003.
To have approval for alcohol consumption in the park, I need to submit a \list of Designated Drivers.
If  you would like to volunteer or know of someone who would like to be a Designated Driver, please forward me your information.

Thanks much
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Plans are underway for a Woomera Reunion next year, approximately in   August, 2003.  Initial organizers are myself (paul.chester@northropgrumman.com),
Mitch Whonic (Stanley.Whonic@schriever.af.mil), and John Chodacki
(john.a.chodacki@boeing.com).  If you would like to be notified on the
progress and status of the reunion, send me a good email address for you.
Also, if you'd like to help, please give me a shout.  Please forward this
to other Woomera Alumni family and friends and update me with new email addresses, (a lot of the email addresses I collected for the 2000 reunion are no longer valid).




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