Shrimp Mold:

l 1/2 tbsps Knox gelatine (or plain gelatine)
2 small cans shrimps (prawns)
1 can tomato soup
3 small or 1 large Philadelphia cream cheese
3/4 c celery - chopped fine
3/4 c onions - chopped fine,
1 c mayonnaise
salt and pepper to taste
Dissolve gelatine in 1/4c water.
In double boiler bring soup to boiling point and completely dissolve cream cheese and gelatine in it.
Let cool. Add mayonnaise, celery, onions
.and seasonings. Let firm about 5 minutes in refrigerator.
Add shrimp which has been broken up slightly and put all in well greased ring mold (or any fancy mold you have).

Serve with crackers. (I grease mold with mayonnaise and use blender for onions and celery.)

                                                    M.L. Cutter


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