Light oven, get out bowl, spoons and ingredients. Grease pan, crack nuts.
Remove 18 blocks and 7 toys from kitchen table.
Measure 2 cups flour; remove Susie's hands from flour.
Wash flour off her.
Measure one more cup flour to replace flour on the floor.
Put flour, baking powder and salt in sifter.
Get dustpan and brush up pieces of bowl which Susie knocked on floor.
Get another bowl.
Answer door bell.
Return to kitchen.
Remove Susie's hands from bowl.
Wash Susie.
Get out egg.
Answer phone.
Take out greased pan. Remove 1/2 inch of salt from pan.
|ook for Susie.
Get another pan and grease it.
Answer the phone.
Return to kitchen and find Susie; remove her hands from bowl.
Wash shortening, etc off her.
Take up greased pan and find 1/4 inch nutshells in it.
Head for Susie who flees, knocking bowl off table.
Wash kitchen floor; wash walls; wash dishes.
Call the bakery.
Lie down.

                    Farmers' Almanac
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