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Village Pass

Each individual over 16 years of age is required to possess a village pass which authorizes entering or leaving Woomera. A pass must be
obtained within the first two days of your arrival in Woomera. Personnel arriving by the MAC flight are issued temporary passes. It is advisable
to send the name, date of  birth, place of birth, and SSAN (if applicable) of all dependents if you plan to come concurrent. This information
should be included in your request for concurrent travel or travel of dependents.

Guests of residents are issued a visitors pass, however two weeks advance application is normally required. Since there are no hotels or motels in Woomera, all guests must stay with the people they are visiting.

Cameras, Binoculars and Tape Recorders

All cameras and accessory lenses, binoculars must be registered with the Australian Commonwealth Police. You will be given a form to fill out
when you pick up your temporary village pass. This form should be filled out and turned in when you obtain your permanent pass. There are no restrictions on the use of these items within the village but there are areas nearby where these items are prohibited. These areas are normally posted but it is a good idea to learn where the prohibited areas are soon after arrival. If you are caught in the prohibited areas with these items, even if you are not using them, they will be confiscated by the Commonwealth Police.


Australia has extremely stringent laws regarding firearms. Items such as B-B guns considered firearms and must be registered. Weapons
should be packed in a separate carton clearly marked so that they may be easily identified by customs officials. All weapons are impounded until
the owner has obtained appropriate club membership and license. Customs will hold weapons for a period up to four months. If appropriate
 licensing has not been accomplished the weapons are confiscated and destroyed. Hand guns are extremely difficult to get through customs.
To obtain a pistol license, the owner must be an active and financial member of the Pistol Club. All weapons without exposed hammers must
have external safeties. The safety must have a green "S" for safe and a red "F" for fire stamped into the metal of the gun. Unless you are
an active competitive shooter, it is strongly recommended that all firearms be left in the U.S. Both the Rifle and Pistol Clubs will
provide weapons for hunting and competitive shooting.






Normally drugs are not allowed to be shipped into Australia in your house- hold goods, hold baggage or U.S. mail. If special medication is required that is not available in Australia, arrangements may be made with the Australian Customs Official to have it sent in through the APO.
Prescription medicines may be brought with you in your personal baggage. Certain other common drugs such as aspirin, alka seIzer, decongestants,
etc. are allowed as part of your personal baggage.


Ham radio operation is limited to members of the Amateur Radio Club and it is advisable NOT to bring your own equipment. All operators use the
same call sign (VK5WC). Australia has a reciprocal licensing agreement with the United States which recognizes the U.S. General Class or higher license. MARS operations are not authorized from Australia.

Do NOT bring small two-way radios or transceivers (including children' toys) since they are strictly prohibited in Woomera and will be confiscated.


Do NOT bring your television with you. Australian television operates on a different frequency band and line scan than does television in the
United States, Europe, or Japan. Due to the difference in the frequency band, your television set will NOT work in Australia. There is color television in Australia. Television sets can normally be rented. There is only one channel available which is part of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) network.

The telephone system was modernized when a dial system was installed in Woomera in late 1972. Many people have decided not to install a telephone;
in their homes due to the high cost of installation. In some cases where a telephone is already installed in a house, an installation fee of $A30.00 may be paid to gain service. If no telephone instrument is installed in the house you are assigned or if service has been interrupted for more
than six weeks, an installation fee of $A80.00 is charged. Rental for six months is $A32.50 and each local call is metered at 6 cents per call.

U.S. Embassy Co-op Store

An extension of the U.S. Embassy Co-op Store has been established to provide low cost liquor, beer and cigarettes. This is open to U.S.
Military personnel and authorized dependents ONLY (authorized personnel include any dependents over 18 years of age). A reimbursable membership
fee is required for each adult member desiring to purchase items from the store. There is a monthly quota for liquor, beer, and cigarettes.


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