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Joint Operations


Technical operations are conducted jointly by u.s. and Australian military and contractor personnel. All three branches of the Australian Armed Forces are represented. The official name of the joint operations is the Joint Defense Space Communication Squadron (JDSCS) and the USAF is represented by the 5th Defense Space Communications Squadron.

Holidays observed in South Australia and by the JDSCS are New Years Day, Australia Day (first Monday after 26 January), Good Friday, Easter
Monday, ANZAC Day (25 April), Queen's Birthday (a Monday in June), Labor Day (second Monday in October), Christmas, and Proclamation Day (28 December). In addition, the JDSCS celebrates the 4th of July.


Woomera can be reached by road, rail or air. The road to Port Augusta is 115 miles of a combination of two-laned paved (bitumen) and dirt road. The dirt portion (32 miles) is usually quite dusty and rough, however rain causes very slippery conditions and frequently forces closure due to washouts. The road from Port Augusta south to Adelaide is all paved. The trip from Woomera to Adelaide normally takes about six hours by automobile.

Air-conditioned railcars, called "Budd cars", make three round trips between Woomera and Adelaide weekly. The journey takes about nine hours one way. Round trip costs between $A17.Or and $A20.00, with children under 16 half fare.

Ansett Airlines is chartered by the Australian Department of Supply to provide Monday through Friday air service between Woomera and Adelaide. Official business takes priority, thereby making seats difficult to obtain at times. Woomera residents are given a Special Concession fare
of $A12.50, with children half fare.

There is a bus service five times weekly between Woomera and Adelaide.
Round trip fare is about $Al5.00 with children half fare. One way trip requires 81/2 hours.

The local travel bureau can provide further information regarding reservations and schedules.



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