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Medical - Dental - Optometrist


There are no Air Force medical services or facilities provided. Woomera has a 46-bed civilian hospital that provides all normal facilities,
including midwifery, mothers and babies clinic, X-ray, casualty, and outpatient care.

The staff are capable of handling most medical problems, however more complicated or serious cases are normally referred to specialists in Adelaide or Hickam AFB. If you have a special type of medical problem
in your family, you should discuss it with your doctor before you leave your unit and have him contact the Command Surgeon, Hq PACAF (SCAMP),
APO San Francisco, 96553, to determine whether or not your particular requirements can be provided by Australian medical facilities.

All medical services for the active duty military are paid by the Air Force. Dependent care is under the auspices of the Civilian Health
and Medical Program Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS). Standard fees are about $A4.00 per visit to see a doctor and $A27.00 a day for hospitalization.

The majority of prescription medicines are covered by the Australian National Health Service and are available at $Al.00 per prescription.
Special medication that is not available in Australia may be obtained  through the APO when arrangements are made with the Australian Customs Official. Recommend that you either check through your doctor or sponsor about the availability of special medication requirements.

Be sure you check with your doctor regarding requirements for immunizations. Many people have been misinformed and consequently required to take the  shots in Travis AFB prior to departure or be delayed in Sydney., Australia. MAC has different requirements for immunizations than some of the
commercial airlines. A smallpox immunization is required. Be sure your shot record is properly filled out and documented.

There is a full time civilian dentist in  Woomera.. All dental services or work for active duty military are paid by the Air Force. Dependent care
is a responsibility of the sponsor since CHAMPUS does not cover normal  dental services. An orthodontist visits Woomera approximately every six weeks or you may have the work done in Adelaide. CHAMPUS covers certain orthodontic services, however this must be determined on a case-by-case basis.


There is no full time optometrist in Woomera, however one does make periodical visits. Eye examinations and glasses are very expensive. It
is recommended that you have your eyes checked prior to leaving the U.S.
Many people bring an extra pair of glasses.





Australia will NOT allow any animals into the country from the United States. You will have to make arrangements regarding your pets prior to coming to Australia. Many people have acquired pets after they have arrived in Woomera. The most popular are dogs, cats, and budgies (parakeets). Veterinary services are available on the first Wednesday of each month.


At this printing there are three churches in Woomera representing several denominations. They are: St Barbara's Church of England, United
Protestant Church and St Michael's Roman Catholic Church. There are also denominational services held for Lutherans and the Church Of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints. The three churches have full time ministers, the Lutheran service is led by a visiting minister, and the LDS has a certified lay leader. Our squadron also has an Air Force chaplain assigned who works in cooperation with all the churches.









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