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This brochure is designed to give you as much information as possible regarding your assignment to the 5th Defense Space Communications Squadron, Woomera, South Australia. Any questions not answered by this brochure should be addressed to your sponsor. All the information is current as of the date of the Commander's cover letter.

Your new mailing address is:

                 5th Defense Space Comm Sq
                APO San Francisco 96287

If you have a sponsor (i.e. have filled Qut an AF Form 60), he can take the AF Form 60 to the APO mailroom here about 30-45 days before your estimated arrival date and obtain your box number for you. This will save you from making two address changes with publishers, etc. Given
a box number, the address is shortened to:

                 5DSCS Box 45
                 APO San Francisco, CA 96287


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