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Finance - Household Goods - Hold Baggage


Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) is paid to all E-4s (over 2 years) and above. Rates vary with grade and number of dependents. Your servicing Accounting and Finance Office can provide you with the current rates.

A Housing Allowance (ROLA) is paid to accompanied E-4s (over 2 years) and above for those families living in Government of Australia (GOA) housing. Families living in USAF controlled housing do not draw HOLA. HOLA rates vary with grade and type of housing occupied. Again, the rate can be obtained from your servicing Accounting and Finance Office.

BAS/subsistence allowance is paid to all officer and accompanied enlisted personnel. Unaccompanied enlisted personnel do not draw BAS/subsistence
since they are billeted at U.S. Government expense. The pay of unaccompanied officers is charged on a month by month basis.

BAQ/quarters allowance is paid to members with dependents located in the U.S. and not residing in Government housing as well as members with their families occupying Government of Australia housing. There is Air Force controlled housing in Woomera (see housing) and those families living
in these units forfeit their BAQ/quarters allowance.

Australian surrency is used for all local transactions, including the purchase or U.S. postage at the APO. The local Accounting and Finance
office can convert U.S. Currency to Australian, but cannot accept checks or travelers checks for conversion. Woomera has three Australian banks that serve local residents and Air Force personnel. They will accept and convert U.S. travelers checks, treasury checks or personal checks from
your U.S. Checking Account.

It is strongly recommended that you arrange to have your pay check sent to a Stateside checking account. This will permit your check to be mailed directly to the bank by the Air Force Accounting and Finance Center.
Checks written against the Stateside checking account can be cashed at local banks or deposited in an Australian checking account.


You will probably get many stories about how to ship your household goods and hold baggage and they will all be "righ t" .The following hints on what-to-do/what-not-to-do are merely our recommendations based on what has been experienced by Americans moving to Woomera.

All household goods and hold baggage are shipped to Woomera by MAC C-14l aircraft from Travis AFB, California. Experience has shown that household goods very often arrive before hold baggage.





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