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Oak Grove Cemetery, Searcy
T. Watkins 1860 Census Searcy TWP Pt. 1    1890  White Co. Tax Roll    Troy Watkins, Sr White Co.
Colonel Watkins, shot 1300+ pigeons on hunt in 1867
George Watkins, gave land to Methodist Episcopal Church, 1890s, Searcy
Mrs. Thomas Watkins, owned 1st telephone in Searcy, 1896
Watkins, initiated lawsuit for return of City Park, 1879, Searcy
W. M. Watkins, director Searcy Mutual Bldg. Assc., 1889
Dr. Wm. L. Watkins, dentist, 1860s, Searcy
William Watkins, director Peoples Bank Searcy, 1889, owner The Searcy Bank, 1904
Willie Watkins, Grand Tournament winner in 1868, Searcy

Thomas Watkins	Officer in Revolutionary War
  b: England			
sp: _________
    Samuel Watkins		1840 Census Haywood Co., TN pg 402
    sp: __________
	_______ Watkins
    Joel Watkins	War of 1812
	moved to TN in 1830	Silva & Joel M. Watkins 1820 Census Smith Co., TN
				1840 Census Haywood Co., TN pg 388
      b: 4 Mar 1784 VA
      d: 1863 TN ?
    sp: Fannie White	d/o Thomas White, VA Capt in Revolutionary War
      b: Old Dominion
	    Catharine Watkins
	    sp: William H. Watts
	    Fannie Watkins
	    sp: _____ Crossett
	    Thomas Watkins	1840 Census Haywood Co., TN pg 385 	1860 Census White Co., AR
	      b: 01 Jan 1820 Halifax Co., VA	Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Esatern Arkansas 
		went to Lebanon, Haywood Co.,TN & worked as a store clerk at age 14
		1853 moved to White Co., AR		at age 22 bought a farm in DeSoto Co., MS
	      d: 05 May 1896		bur Oak Grove Cem., Searcy 
	    sp: Miss Moore of TN 
	      m: 1838
	      d: 1843		? Mary J. Watkins (wife of Thomas Watkins)  03 Oct 1831  04 Dec 1857
		E. (dau) Watkins
		  b: abt 1839
		V. (son) Watkins
		  b: abt 1842
		Gregory W. Watkins ?
		  b: abt 1843 
	    sp: Amanda Dowdle of SC
	      m: 1848
	      d: 1854
		William Marion Watkins 	a merchant of Searcy
		  b: July 22, 1850
		  d: 03 Nov 1920  bur Oak Grove Cemetery, Searcy AR	Findagrave 
		sp: Florence E. Cypert	d/o J.N. & S.H. Cypert
		  m: 24 Sep 1879
		  b: 19 Jan 1856
		  d: 6 Aug 1896	bur Oak Grove Cemetery, Searcy	Findagrave 
		    Bessie Dean Watkins
		      b: 11-14 Nov 1881
		      d: 30 Sep 1888 	bur Oak Grove Cemetery, Searcy
		Allen D. Watkins	a farmer of White County
		  b: 15 Apr 1852
		  d: 18 Sep 1925   	bur Oak Grove Cemetery, Searcy
		sp: Dora Coody
		  b: abt 1861
		  m: 21 Jan 1881 White Co., BK E, p. 453
	    sp: Mary Walker of White Co., AR	d/o of James Walker
	      m: 14 Dec 1856	White Co., BK A. p. 154
	      d: 1857		White Co., AR
		daughter Watkins	
		  b: abt 1857 White Co., AR
		  d: bef 1860
	    sp: Margaret "Core" E. Stone  a widow,co,ar::watkins::3026.html 
	      m: 1863
	      b: 25 Jul 1834 Haywood County, TN
		Mary Kate Watkins
		sp: _______________
		Margaret ? "Maggie" C. Watkins
		sp: _______________
		Sally Watkins
		  b: 1866 White Co., AR
		  d: 1932
	        _______ Watkins	deceased 
		Jesse T. Watkins
                  b: March 11, 1864
		  d: 29 Jul 1878	bur Oak Grove Cemetery, Searcy
Col. Thomas Watkins
, known as a prominent early settler of White County, is a Virginian by birth,
son of Joel and Fannie (White) Watkins, whose birthplace is found in the Old Dominion. Mr. Joel Watkins was born March 4, 1784, and was married in Virginia, removing in 1830 to Tennessee. He served in the War of 1812, was a justice of the peace in Tennessee for several years, and a member of the Missionary Baptist Church, as was also his wife. He died in 1863.
He was a son of Thomas Watkins, of English descent, and an old time Virginian, who was an officer in the Revolutionary War; the latter was with Gen. Washington at the surrender at Yorktown, and represented his county in the State legislature a number of times.
Fannie White, the mother of our subject, was a daughter of Thomas White, also originally from Virginia, and a captain of a company in the American troops during the Revolutionary War.
To Mr. and Mrs. Watkins nine children were born, three of whom are still living:
Thomas Watkins, Catharine Watkins wife of William H. Watts and Fannie Watkins Crossett.

Thomas Watkins first saw the light of day in Halifax County, Va., in January, 1820. When fourteen years of age he went to Lebanon, Tenn., where he was employed as clerk in a store, remaining there until twenty-two years old, at which time he bought a farm in De Soto County, Miss.
In 1853, coming to Arkansas, he located in White County, on the farm which he still occupies, consisting of 218 acres, with 150 acres under cultivation. In 1838 he was married to Miss Moore, of Tennessee, who died in 1843, leaving three daughters, all deceased.
In 1848 Miss Amanda Dowdle, a native of South Carolina became his wife, surviving until her death, in 1854; she bore two children: William M. Watkins (a merchant of Searcy) and Allen D. Watkins (a farmer of White County).
Mr. Watkins' third wife was formerly Mary Walker, to whom he was united in 1856. A native of White County, she was a daughter of James Walker, and departed this life in 1857, leaving one daughter, who died when an infant.
In 1863 Mr. Watkins married his fourth and present companion, Mrs. Margaret E. Stone (nee Core), a widow, whose birth occurred in Haywood County, Tenn., July 25, 1834. They are the parents of two children, living, and two now deceased. Those surviving are: Mary Kate Watkins and Maggie C. Watkins, both at home.
Mr. Watkins is a member of the Masonic order, in which he has taken the Royal Arch degree, and belongs to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, as does his wife. He is an enterprising and highly respected man, enjoying universal esteem.

Watkins of Craighead Co. Arkansas

   White County, Arkansas