The Historic The Black House

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Photos of  Black House

The Black House on the corner of East Race and Locust Street, built in 1866 by Captain (CSA) Benjamin Clayton Black was the 97th Arkansas residence to be included in the National Register and the first from White County. Mr.  Black was a prominent business man and served as mayor of Searcy, White County Postmaster and White County Sheriff.. In addition he served a six-year term on the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees. His wife was the former Miss Mary Rosamond Jones. There were eleven children, all of them living in this house until adulthood and several until their death.
One of the earlier examples of Victorian architecture remaining in Arkansas. The house was first built as a one-story, two-room structure with a common fireplace. In 1872 it underwent extensive modifications which resulted in the present day two-story, verandah form. The Black house  boasted the first three swinging oil lamps in Searcy, located in the hallway, parlor and upstairs bedroom, all suspended from the ceiling by chains.
The first Franklin stove in town was also installed in the guest bedroom. and the first upright piano purchased in St. Louis.