Sent: Monday, August 30, 2010 4:17 PM
Subject: Reddick Redden/Reddon and children

Dear Chird,
My name is Carole Burris and I live in East TX.  I just happened on your website on your family and I am very interested in your Reddon line. 
In 1860 in Jackson Co. AR. my gg-grandparents, William Coleman and Sarah Leonard are living with their 1 year old daughter, Mary(my g-grandmother).  In their household is also a 6 year old girl named Margarett Redden.  Two doors down live James F. Smalley and family and three of Reddick and Louisa Reddon/Reddon children, Sarah, Issac and Harriet.
Also in Oil Trough living with the Holderby family is Mellis (Mellie) Redden. I believe Margarett was also a daughter of Reddick.
My g-grandmother was said to be Cherokee and had enough indian blood to have gotten land in OK. (her 1st husband burned her records).  We have also heard that Redden was a family name. Sarah Leonard was the daughter of Delia (Delilah Bullinger) and Ezra Helfer..
Their father was killed in the Civil War and their mother died between 1863 and 1867 in AR., possibly White or Jackson Co.  We have a record that says in 1863 Sarah went to White Co. ( we think to get away from the Civil War in Jacksonport). Between 1868 and 1870 Delia has moved with the girls to Grayson Co. TX.  We cannot find who they came to TX with, and being such a dangerous time, we know they would not have traveled alone.
I have been wondering if Louisa, Reddicks wife, could have been a sister of Delia.  Delia was b. 1824 MO.  Her father was said to be Solomon Bolllinger.  The people who had taken in the Redden children were interrelated through marriages, etc. (except I don't know about the Holderbys)
Could you give me any insight to this possibility?  I have a huge amount of information on the families I have mentioned and we would love to find out if the Reddens were related to our family.
Thanks in advance if you are willing to communicate with me and maybe we could help each other.
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Subject: Re: Reddick Redden/Reddon and children

Dear Chird,
Sorry I have been so long getting back to you.  With Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.  Then Jan 31, my son was in a near fatal car accident and I have been his caregiver.  He is still wearing a collar from a broken neck and 61/2 hrs surgery, and had multiple head injuries.
He is finally doing better and some of the Dr, visits and paperwork has slowed down and I am back to my genealogy.
When you sent this e-mail you said that all you had on the Reddon/Redden's was on your website.  I do know that your ancestor was Reddick Redden.  He was the son of Issac Redden b. abt. 1782-86 Franklin Co. GA.  His wife was Martha Jane McCracken.  He had many siblings.  His grandfather was John Redden who fought in the Revolutionery War and he married Sidney Sevier, sister to John Sevier, Gov of TN and Sevier Co TN was named after him.  I have found some interesting articles on your family.  There is a website about the murder of Chief Redbird (Cherokee) in Clay Co. KY that involves John Sevier, and even Daniel Boone.
Also in Independence Co. in 1850 were two brothers of Reddick, Wesley Hays and John Reddick.
The problem in researching the Reddon/Redden/Redding families is the variations in spelling.  But I have been at it for some time and have put a lot of it together.  Issac Redding (your ancestor) was living in Greene Co AR in 1841.  Two of his daughters married into the Roy family in 1841.  My 3rd G-GM, Delia Bullinger, also married in Greene Co. Ar in 1841.  I really believe Reddicks wife, Louisa, could have been her sister.
I guess I need to close, we are about to be in a severe thunderstorm here and it is getting near.  If you are interested I will send you more info.  We have not made a public tree on Ancestry as of yet.  My cousin has  a private tree, but we have not added the Reddens, because we have not proven that line.
Take Care,


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