Mountain Top Volkswagen Club 
Heber Springs, AR

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Show April 26th     Pictures

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Chird Bobbitt, Searcy 79 Cabriolet
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2004 Show

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2008 Catagories and Trophies 2008 Schedule of Events 2008 Entry Form

The Mountain Top VW club is going to sponsor a VW only car show and swap meet.
It is the last weekend in April, the 25th and the 26th.  
The show itself is on the 26th. with a parade of cars if they want to be in the parade around 11 am.
Judging should start around noon and we hope you can attend.  The more the better.
Anything Volkswagen can be in the show and we are going to have the theme, flower power, so if you want to dress like in the fifties or 60's please do so.
Please let me know if you want to attend and I will get you a entrance form and it will be only 15 dollars to pre register and 20 if you wait until the show to enter.
We are going to have a blanket draw so bring something Volkswagen to throw on the blanket.
Anything you no longer want is fine. You get a ticket that lets you draw a number out of hat and number one picks first from the blanket and number two next and so on.
At the time of the show is going to be a craft show in the city park for the kids big and small.
We will have an area for trucks with trailers if someone wants to tow their cars.
We will be a judged show with trophies and hope to have it next year at the same time if we have a good turn out.

We plan to meet once a month in Jan., Feb.,and March to try and plan a nice show.

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