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Wednesday, September 03, 2008 11:26 PM

Dear Martindale researchers

As some of you already know, I am working on the Martindale family history and have placed a number of e-mail addresses on the above address lines.  This is to keep you apprised of my research progress which I hope will eventually culminate in a printed book about this family in the U. S. A.  You help and active participation in this project is welcomed and also sincerely appreciated.  If you are not interested in being kept updated, just let me know and I will remove your name from the list.  You are encouraged to supply any Martindale family information that you feel will be on value. 
Cuz Jerry D. 
Following are some of my research notes of the past several days:
1930-Madison Co., TN-City of Jackson- 418 Burkett St.-5th District-
138/176-Martindale, J. A.(James Azzie)-Head-Owns-$3000 Home-28-Md 6 yrs.-TN-TN-TN-
                                  (occupation- Lumber Inspector
            Martindale, Frances-wife-keep house-age 28-md. 6 yrs.-                      TN-TN-TN-
            Martindale, James Kenneth-son-age 4 4/12-                                        TN-TN-TN-
            Martindale, Edward Leo-son-age 2 3/12-                                             TN-TN-TN-
This is the family of Winston "Wink" Martindale, the television personality.  Born after this census of 1930 were Frances Geraldine Martindale, Winston "Wink" Martindale,born 1934, and David Martindale.  James Kenneth obtained possession of the home place at 418 Burkett St. in Jackson and still lives there.  Edward Leo Martindale died in 2003, and David Martindale, the baby of the family was born in the early 1940's and died in the 1970's of a brain embolism rupture.  Sons of James K. and Edward Leo still live in Jackson and one is a doctor and another one is a lawyer.
In 1920, William "Willie B" Martindale, born in July 1872, in Lauderdale Co., Tennessee, was living in Jackson, Tennessee, Madison Co., at 209 Marie Ave. with his occupation listed in the census as a house carpenter.  James Azle "Azzie" Martindale, father of Wink Martindale, was still single when this census was completed, but was not living in the household of his parents.
263/290 Martindale, W.B., 47-Rents-Head-                            TN-  N C-  N C
            Martindale, Lula-45- Wife-                                        TN-  GA-  TN
            Martindale, Neelus=Son-13-                                     TN-  TN-   TN
            Martindale, Frank-10-Son-                                        TN- TN-   TN
            Martindale, Woodson-7-Son-                                    TN- TN-   TN
            Martindale, Willie-3 1/12-Dau.-                                 TN- TN-   TN-
            Martindale, Lula May-5- Dau.-                                  TN-  TN-  TN
The Willie B. Martindale family was supposed to have been living in Jackson, Tennessee in 1910, when another Federal census was taken, but they were evidently missed, as I have found no census report for them.  In 1900, they were enumerated in Madison Co, Jackson, Tennessee as living in Civil District 10, household 71.  They were renting a farm at the time and Willie B lists his occupation as sewing machine agent.  He and his wife Lula had been married for seven years, and Willie gave his age as 27.  Lula was the mother of two children Irene, age 5, and Lomay, age 1.  There was a black servant living in the home named Jim Price who was 40 years old. 
Back in Lauderdale Co., Tennessee, Willie B. Martindale's parents were reported on the 1900 census in District 3 for that county as follows:
202/213 Martindale, D. W.-60-May 1840-Md. 1863-Rents a Farm-      N C- N C- N C-
             Martindale, Susan-56-Nov. 1843- Md 37 yrs.-9 children06 live. N C-N C- N C-
            Martindale, Tommie-21-son- Nov. 1878-S- Day Laborer          T N- N C- N C-
            Martindale, Minnie-20-Jan.1880-S-Laborer-                           T N- N C- N C-
            Martindale, Leonard-son-10 March 1882-Single-                    T N- N C- N C-
            Martindale, Mary-dau.-16-Dec. 1883-Single-                         T N- N C- N C-
            Martindale, Walter-son-11-Nov. 1888- Single-                       T N- N C- N C-
Leonard Melton Martindale, son of Daniel W. and Susan Martindale and younger brother of Willie B. Martindale, remained in Lauderdale Co., Tennessee and was reported there in 1910 where he was married to Ida and worked as the manager of a cotton farm.  He served in WWI and his draft card described him as a man of medium build and height with dark hair, and blue eyes.  His younger brother Thomas Hasting Martindale moved into the nearby metropolitan area of Memphis, Tennessee where he worked as a laundry truck driver and lived at 550 S. Third St.  His draft card for WWI listed him as slender in build, medium in height with dark eyes and black hair.  He returned home after the war and was reported in the census of 1920 as living on Rosamond Ave. near Macon Rd. in the east part of Shelby Co. near Memphis.  Living in his household were his wife Savanna and son Erskine. 
After moving from Alamance Co., North Carolina to Lauderdale Co., Tennessee in the 1870's, Daniel W. Martindale, father of Willie B., grandfather of James Azzie, and great-grandfather of Wink Martindale, was reported on the 1880 for Lauderdale Co. as living in District 3, Household 93, with his wife Susan, age 28, and children Anna Inez, 10; Willie B, 7; Minnie L., a5; and Thomas H., age 2. 
In 1870, Daniel W. Martindale, 30, and wife Susan, 22, were making their home in Alamance Co., North Carolina in the town of Graham.  In this area of North Carolina, about two counties west of Raleigh, N. C., Daniel was self employed as a blacksmith.  Their only child at this time was a daughter Anna Inez, age 5 months. 
Daniel W. Martindale, who was single and about twenty years old in 1860, has not been found on the 1860 census for North Carolina, but it is known that he and his family were living somewhere in the Moore-Alamance-Chatham Counties area. 
Bryan Martindale, age 42 in 1850, was reported in the Federal census as living on a farm in the Upper Regiment of Chatham Co., North Carolina. He owned this real estate and evaluated it at $ 355.  He and his wife Cary, age 30, were the parents of Daniel W. Martindale who was 9 years old when this population count was taken.  His brothers and sisters were Spicy, 15; Bethaney (Bethenia), 13; Mary Elizabeth, 10; Bryan, 8; Julia, 6; and Sarah L, 3.  Living with this family was 16 year old Azile Martindale, brother of Bryan Martindale and son of William and Judah Manis (and other spellings) Martindale. 
Circumstantial evidence indicates that William Martindale and wife Judah Manis(Manus) Martindale were the parents of Bryan Martindale who was the father of Daniel W. Martindale.   A check of the census records for North Carolina indicates that the only Martindale reported in 1790, the first year the census was taken, was Henry who lived in Beaufort, N. C.  Ten years later, the 1800 census reveals that Moore Co., North Carolina had a Samuel Martindale living in that county with the address as Fayetteville.  The family was reported as 01101--12101--00.
This indicates an older family with several older sons and possibly one of them was William Martindale who married Judah Manis.  Near Samuel Martindale was the home of Thomas Martindale who was a young husband with a young wife and an infant son who was probably the son of Samuel Martindale and brother of William. 
The 1810 census lists on one Martindale family in Moore Co., N. C., and that was the family of Samuel Martindale whose family was counted as follows:  00001--01201--00.  By 1820, Samuel Martindale was no longer listed, but the two families listed were probably his sons.  William Martindale------120010----300100--10
James C. Martindale----110001----000110---10
In 1830, William Martindale was the only family reported.  In 1840, William Martindale's son Bryant (Bryan) was one of the families on the census list.  William was on the census in 1840, 1850 and 1860.  Another probable son of William and Judah Manis Martindale in the 1840 census was Jonathan J. Martindale who had one young daughter at the time.  Jonathan lived in proximity to William Martindale and also Azle Martindale.  Circumstantial evidence attests that Samuel Martindale who appears on the census record in 1800 in Moore Co., N. C. was the first member of his family to live in this county, and that he probably came from the Bucks Co., Martindales or possibly the branch who lived for a number of generations in Maryland.
Cuz Jerry D.
More to follow !
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Tuesday, September 09, 2008 5:55 PM

Dear Martindale Researchers;

Following is additional Martindale family information on one of the branches of the Martindale family tree, probably descended from the John Martindale of Bucks Co., Pennsylvania or his brother Samuel who lived in Maryland. 
In 1840, Thomas C. Martindale and his brother James Martindale were living next door to each other in Desoto Co., Mississippi.  There is another James Martindale living in the same county who is probably the father of Thomas and James, but the numbers seem to be erroneous on this census as the oldest person in the family, James Martindale, Sr., is shown to be about the same age as the sons Thomas and James.  Circumstantial evidence indicates that James Martindale, the father, was probably born in the 1770's.  Thomas was born ca. 1806, in Tennessee and his brother James was born ca. 1815, in Alabama.  There is a son listed in the James Martindale, Sr., household in the 1840 census who is the proper age to be another brother of Thomas and James.  This John Martindale, born ca. 1822-25, also in Alabama, was reported in the 1850 census of Desoto Co., M S as age 28  and living in the Wm G. Wynne, Jr., household where he was the farm overseer.  Thomas Martindale was missing from this census, and he was probably missed because he was on the move to Arkansas.  His brother James Martindale was counted on the census with wife Mary, age 30, and children Charles, 8, William, 6, and James, 1. 
The most likely Martindale family listed in the 1830 Federal census to be these three families in Desoto Co., MS is the James Martindale family unit of Fayette Co., Tennessee.  The James Martindale reported as the head of the household in this census was in the 50-60 years old range.  The enumeration shows six males from 15 years down to 1 yr. in age range and one male in the 20-30 age group.  Four females who are probably James' daughters are listed as well as an older female who is very likely the wife of James. 
Circumstantial evidence again points to the conclusion that James had moved from Limestone Co., Alabama just a year or two before the census of 1830, and located his family in Fayette Co., Tennessee which was one county west of Hardeman Co., and two counties west of McNairy Co. where it is believed that his brother and some of his nephews lived.  Family records tell us that this family was in Tennessee when the oldest son was born. 
 In the very earliest days of the 1800's and final days of the 1700's, the records are scarce and give very few details.  We know that Thomas (Moses ?) Martindale came from Union Co., South Carolina in the late 1700's to Kentucky and then to Lawrence Co., Tennessee in 1820.  One of his sons George (Washington ?)(Norman ?) Martindale states in his biography that he was born in Indiana.  The date of birth of George Martindale was about 1800-05.  There is a Thomas Martindale in Pulaski Co., Kentucky in 1810, and another Thomas Martindale in Rutherford Co., Tennessee during the same census.   By 1830, Thomas Martindale and several of his sons were residing in McNairy Co., Tennessee.  This Thomas who was the proven son of William Martindale of Bucks Co., Pennsylvania and the grandson of John Martindale of the same location was very probably the brother of our James Martindale who moved from Union Co., S. C. to Tennessee in the late 1700's and then into Limestone Co., by about 1813-4.  Martindales living in Tennessee during this time period were in Overton Co,, Williamson Co., Maury Co., Lawrence Co., Rutherford Co., and Wayne Co.  There could have been other counties in Tennessee where the earliest Martindales lived, but left no known records. 
In 1813-14, brothers Daniel and James Martindale purchased land from the government in Madison Co., Alabama made possible by the Cherokee and Chickasaw Cession of 1806-7.  When the Cherokee and Chickasaw Cession of 1816 made land available in the adjoining county of Limestone, James and Daniel also purchased land in that location from the government.  James and Daniel Martindale, probably brothers of Thomas Martindale of South Carolina, are also believed to have been born in Union Co., S. C. and were traveling down through Tennessee during the earliest part of the 1800's. 
All three families of Martindales moved to Arkansas in the early 1850's which was not long after the death of their father James.  Nancy Martindale Morgan also moved to Arkansas with her other Martindale siblings.  She had been reported in the Southern Division of Desoto Co., MS as living near her father and a widow of husband James Morgan who died prior to the census of 1850, with his wife shown as the head of the household and children were Wm., 18, James, 16, Decatur, 14, Mary, 12, Emily, 8, Caroline, 6, John, 4, and Sarah, age 2. 
All three families of Martindales were living in Bradley Co., Arkansas when the 1860 Federal enumeration was compiled, and their residences were adjoining farms.  The reports are as follows:
1860 Census-P. O. Lanark, Arkansas-Bradley Co.-Clay Twp-P.509-10 July-
401/401 Martindale, Thomas C.-54-Farmer-$600-$300- Born TN
                   "       , Jerusha-47-f-wife-Keeps House-       "    TN
                   "       , James-25-m-w-Farmer-$500-$200-   "    TN
                   "       , William-24-m-w-Teacher-$ 0-$300-   "    MS
                   "       , John-19-m-w-                                 "    MS
                   "       , Anthony-15-m-w-                            "    MS
                   "       , Samuel L.-12-m-w-                             "    MS
                   "       , Franklin-7-m-w-                              "    MS
                   "       , Sarah A.-5-f-w-                               "    MS
402/402 Martindale, James-m-w- 45-Farmer- $800-$600- "   Ala
                  "        , Mary A.-f-w-35-wife-                            LA
                  "        , Charles-m-w-19-                                 MS
                  "        , William-m-w-17-                                 MS
                  "        , James-m-w-12-                                  MS
                  "        , Caroline-f-w-7-                                    MS
                  "        , Margaret-f-w-5-                                  MS
                  "        , Elijah-m-w-3-                                     MS
403/403 Martindale, John-35-m-w-Farmer- $600-$600-                       Ala
                   "       , Margaret-f-w-wife-30-                                         N C
                   "       , Elmira-f-w-12-                                                   MS
                   "       , Frances-w-f-6-                                                  MS
                   "       , Henry-m-w-5-                                                    Ark
                   "       , Leroy-m-w-3-                                                    Ark
                   "       , Infant-m-w-1-                                                    Ark
I will now follow one of these children to a fairly recent descendancy.  The other will be detailed at a later time. 
Samuel L. Martindale, twelve year old son of Thomas C. Martindale and wife Jerusha Martindale, when the 1860 census of Bradley Co., was finalized, has not been found in the 1870 numerical valuation.  However, his widowed mother Jerusha Martindale had moved from Bradley Co. to Union Co., Arkansas and was reported in this next compilation.  Living with her was her son 25 year old son Anthony and his 18 year old wife Sarah.  Jerusha's son William W. Martindale was also enumerated in the 1870 evaluation with his home reported to be in Ward Twp., Yell Co., Arkansas and his post office address as Petit Jean.  He was living there with his wife Anne, age 27, and his only child, a daughter named Virginia, 2. 
By 1880, Samuel L. Martindale, age 30, had moved to Yell Co., which was in the same county as the former home of his brother William W. Martindale.  William was not reported in this census and does not appear to have been still living in the area.   Samuel and wife Catherine McCarty Martindale, age 18, were living on a farm in Lower Lafave Twp. on which he was earning a living.  Emma H., their first child was born in Nov. 1882, and Samuel, their second and last child was born on 6 Jan. 1885.  Samuel died the following month leaving a young wife with two small children to raise.  No details have yet been learned about the sudden death of Samuel Martindale at the age of ca. 35.  It is known that by 1900, Samuel and his sister Emma H. Martindale were living in Yell Co., with their widowed grandfather Jacob McCarty, born July 1825 in Ohio.  His residence was located in the Gilkey, Lamar, and Lower Lafave Twp.  No details have been uncovered concerning the death of Samuel and Emma's mother.  Also living in the home with the grandfather was Henry L. McCarty, age 18, who was helping work on the farm, as was Samuel. 
Samuel Martindale married ca. 1906, and when the census was compiled in 1910, he and his wife Mary Ada Martindale, age 21, were living on Rover Rd. in Yell Co., Lamar Twp., with their two children Governor, 2, and Adele, age 2 months.  By 1913, Samuel and Mary Ada had relocated to Crawford Co., Arkansas in the town of Mountainburg where on 15 February, their son Vernon Hase Martindale was born.  Samuel seems to have been on the move in 1920, and thus could have been missed by the census takers.  Samuel and wife Mary Ada were living in Covington, (a small town in the south east part of the county with a population of about 600)Oklahoma on "F" Street in 1930, which was in Garfield Co.  Samuel was following his profession of Doctor of Dentistry, but the secret of how he arrived at this vocation from his rather challenging start, has yet to be determined.  His practice was in the middle of the oil fields and one of his sons Gene, aged 22, was employed in construction by one of the local oil refineries.  Other children of Samuel and Ada still living at home were Charlon A., 20, Vernon Hase, 16, Reba J., 14, and Wenona L., 8.  Samuel Martindale died in either Pomona or Los Angeles, California on 29 Nov. 1949.  
Vernon Hase Martindale, one of the sons of Samuel Martindale, died in Enid, Oklahoma in September 1983.  He was the father of Terry Neil Martindale, born 17 October 1950, at Enid, Oklahoma.  He is presently living at Alva, Oklahoma where he is minister of the First United Methodist located at 626 College Ave.  Prior to that, Rev. Martindale was the Minister of the First United Methodist Church of Guthrie, Oklahoma.   
Caution is urged in accepting these genealogical connections as absolute, since many of these relationships have been based on purely circumstantial evidence. 
Jerry D.
More to follow  
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 10:18 AM
Subject: Re: Martindale Family History

Thank you Jerry for all this work you are doing.  I have a Martindale
grandfather and I cannot get past him.  This is what I have....

Howell Brewer Martindale  b: Bet. 1814 - 1819 in Moore County, North
Carolina.  Died: 1866 in  Nr. Waldron, Scott Co., AR.  He married [09
Aug 1838 Washington County, Missouri (Maybe Arkansas)]  Mary Elizabeth
Eaton (b: 1817 in Missouri and died 11 Jan 1873 in Big River Cemetery,
Washington Co., Missouri).

These are their children:
Bridges Bruce Martindale, b: Abt. 1838
William C. Martindale, b: Abt. 1839 in Missouri, d: in Civil War
(Conf.), Murfreesboro, TN
Lucinda J. Martindale, b: Abt. 1841 in MO
Ambrose Bryant Martindale, b: 26 May 1844 in MO, d: 29 Oct 1918 in
Houston, Harris Co., TX.  M: Zilla Melissa Robinson
Permelia Ann Martindale, b: 23 May 1846 in MO, d: 10 Feb 1888 in
Hopewell Cemetery, Washington Co, Missouri
Sarah V. Martindale, b: 25 Oct 1849 in MO, d: 10 Apr 1900 in Hopewell
Cemetery, Washington Co., MO
Howell B. Martindale, b: 31 Aug 1852 in MO, d: 12 Nov 1889 in Hopewell
Cemetery, Washington Co., MO
Missouri Elizabeth Martindale, b: Bet. 1853 - 1858 in MO
James Austin Martindale, b: 02 Jan 1856 in Austin, Travis Co, Tx
Randolph B. Martindale, b: Abt. 1859 in Arkansas

I have some downline info on Lucinda, Ambrose, Permelia, Sarah, Howell,
Missouri, and James.

Hope you or somebody on this email list can connect up with any of
hese people.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008 12:04 AM
Subject: Re: Martindale Family History

> Kimi
> I have done a little research on the Martindales of Moore Co., North
> Carolina and the father of you Howell Brewer Martindale seems to be
> William Martindale who was the only head of a family in 1830 in Moore Co.
> William also named one of his son Bryant or Bryan and this was the one who
> married Cary.  Your Howell Brewer Martindale also name one of his sons
> Bryant. Bryant and Cary are the grandparents of Wink Martindale a few
> greats back. In 1820 William was living in Moore Co. but there was a
> second head of a Martindale named James C. Martindale who was gone by the
> next census.  I will show you their census age groups and you can probably
> pick out the correct one of the possible  families.
> !820 Moore Co., N. C.-Page 26
> Martindale, William----------120010--300100--1
> Martindale, James C.---------110001--000110--1
> 1830 Moore Co., N. C.-Page 469
> Martindale, William---------001011000--111001
> 1810 Moore Co., N. C.
> Martindale, Samuel---------00001--012010
> 1800 Moore Co., N. C.
> Martindale, Samuel---------01101--12101--00
> Martindale, Thomas--------10100--00100--00
> 1790 Beaufort Co., N. C.--(only Martindale family in this state)
> Martindale, Henry---------20300--
> 1790 Laurens , S. C.
> Martindale, Joseph--------10100--
> 1790 Union, S. C.
> Martindale, Elisa----------12500--
> Martindale, John----------12402--
> Martindale, William-------25200--
> Martindale, William-------20100--
> Let me know if you have any questions.
> Jerry D.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008 7:43 AM
Subject: Re: Martindale Family History

>I have information from Moore County.  My ancestor is J. J. Martindale but
>we can not confirm his full name thus can go no further back.
> J. J. Martindale--born December 27, 1817, died, October 23, 1910 to Lucy
> M. Martindale--born January 24, 1820, died August 13, 1901
> Their Children
> B. John H. Martindale--born November 1844, died February 17, 1907
> B. James J. Martindale--born, September 21, 1845, died December 5, 1908
>>I have done a little research on the Martindales of Moore Co., North
>>Carolina and the father of you Howell Brewer Martindale seems to be
>>Martindale who was the only head of a family in 1830 in Moore Co.  William
>>also named one of his son Bryant or Bryan and this was the one who married
>>Cary.  Your Howell Brewer Martindale also name one of his sons Bryant.
>>Bryant and Cary are the grandparents of Wink Martindale a few greats back.
>>In 1820 William was living in Moore Co. but there was a second head of a
>>Martindale named James C. Martindale who was gone by the next census.  I
>>will show you their census age groups and you can probably pick out the
>>correct one of the possible  families.
>>!820 Moore Co., N. C.-Page 26
>>Martindale, William----------120010--300100--1
>>Martindale, James C.---------110001--000110--1
>>1830 Moore Co., N. C.-Page 469
>>Martindale, William---------001011000--111001
>>1810 Moore Co., N. C.
>>Martindale, Samuel---------00001--012010
>>1800 Moore Co., N. C.
>>Martindale, Samuel---------01101--12101--00
>>Martindale, Thomas--------10100--00100--00
>>1790 Beaufort Co., N. C.--(only Martindale family in this state)
>>Martindale, Henry---------20300--
>>1790 Laurens , S. C.
>>Martindale, Joseph--------10100--
>>1790 Union, S. C.
>>Martindale, Elisa----------12500--
>>Martindale, John----------12402--
>>Martindale, William-------25200--
>>Martindale, William-------20100--
>>Let me know if you have any questions.
>>Jerry D.
> Linda Martindale
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Monday, September 15, 2008 10:57 AM
Subject: Re: Martindale family history

Dear Martindale Researchers
There will be a cemetery clean-up and genealogical get-together for all Martindales, Martindale relatives, friends, and any other interested people on Saturday, Sept. 20, 20008, starting at !0: 00 A. M. and lasting into the middle of the afternoon.  If you are available on that day, please consider coming to this informal family  reunion and cemetery work day, and bring you lunch.  If you wish, bring you clean up tool of choice.  

This is the Old Martindale Cemetery located on the J. Y. Keith farm about two or three miles south west of Walnut, Mississippi.  It is on the old Riley Martindale Farm and is presently owned by Alice Keith, widow of J. Y. Keith.  Her home and the cemetery are near the Mt. Hebron Baptist Church.  To get there, just go south on Highway 15 off of Hwy 72 from Memphis through the town of Walnut, and turn right about a mile south of Walnut on to the road that leads to Mt. Hebron Baptist Church.  Alice Keith lived about two miles down this blacktop road.  The cemetery is across the road from the Keith house.

Cuz Jerry D.
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