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Philip Yancey Graves 
Steve James
515 Gerald Td
Memphis, TN 38122
July 18, 1982
Some info from Glenice Norton sgnorton@verizon.net
1-John Peace (Pease?) James	http://www.ronald-dupont.com/family/gp565.htm#head3 
  b: 17 Feb 1755 VA
  d: 07 Aug 1840 Rutherford Co., TN
sp: Elizabeth Lenoir  	
  m: 		VA?
    2-Robert L. James	farmer	g-g-g of Michael smith msmith40@kc.rr.com
      b: abt 1785 VA
	1834 Tax List Gibson Co., TN	1850 Census Gibson Co., TN
    sp: Joannah B. Robertson
      b: 1802 VA
      m: abt 1819 
	3-John William James
	  b: abt 1820 TN 
	sp: Lucinda McWherter
	  m: 6 Dec 1837 Gibson Co., TN
	  b: abt 1817 TN
	    4-Rebecca James
	      b: abt 1839 TN
	    4-George James
	      b: abt 1840 TN
	    4-William James
	      b: abt 1846 TN
	    4-Allen James
	      b: abt 1847 TN
	3-Elizabeth Susan James
	  b: 03 Apr 1921 TN 
	sp: O.P. Parker
	3-Edward "Edwin" Henry James	School Teacher
          b: 29 Nov 1823 TN
        sp: Martha ______	1850 Census Gibson Co., TN
          b: abt 1824 TN
	    4-Mary "Mollie" Eddie James
	      b: 23 Dec 1857 AL ? TN 
	      d: 16 May 1929 	bur Beebe Cem.
	    sp: Thomas B. Bobbitt	M.D. p. 284-5, 794 859 Bobbitt Book
		s/o Drury James "Doctor J" Bobbitt & Elizabeth A. Wallace 
	 	1834 Tax List Gibson Co., TN	1850 Census Gibson Co., TN
	      m: 1873 Gibson Co., TN Marriages   http://tn-roots.com/tngibson/Marriages/j-marriages.txt 
 	      b: Nov. 8, 1849 Gibson, Co. TN 1850 Census Gibson Co., TN 
	      d: Jan. 20, 1922 Beebe, AR 	bur Beebe Cemetery
 		1879 moved to Antioch, White Co., AR 1886 ArkFlagSM.gif (1200 bytes) 	1910 Census Union TWP, White Co., AR

		moved to Beebe Beebe News 	
		1890 Tax Roll White Co., AR	White County Census 
		5-Lenora "Nora" A. Bobbitt
	          b: 1 Mar 1875 White Co., AR
	        sp: R.T. DeBerry 1870- 
	          m: abt 27 Aug 1901 White Co., AR
	        5-Marion Pink(ie) Bobbitt
	          b: 15 Dec 1879 White Co., AR	Marian on 1930 Census Burlingame City, San Mateo Co., CA
		  d: 17 Nov 1967 Monterey, CA	CA Death Index
	        sp: William T. Seawell (Sewell?) Dr
	          m: abt 5 Nov 1902 White Co., AR
	          b: 17 Apr 1878 AR
		  d: 15 Dec 1967 Montrery, CA	CA Death Index
		    6-William T. Seawell, Jr 
		      b: 08 Oct 1903 AR
		      d: 05 Jan 1983 Monterey, CA 	CA Death Index
	        5-Lawson E. Bobbitt	 p. 829 Bobbitt Book	1900 Census Washington Co., AR
	          b: Oct 1882 White Co., AR
	        sp:Willie E. _______ 
	???????	    6-Tom B. Bobbitt	???????
			1910 Census Union TWP, White Co., AR
		      b: abt 1903
	        5-Edgar Vernell Bobbitt	(twin) dau
	          b: 7 Feb 1896 AR
	          d: 22 Aug 1896 	bur Beebe Cemetery
		5-M.E. Bobbitt		(twin)
		  b: 7 Feb 1896 AR
		  d: 22 Apr 1896	bur Beebe Cemetery
	3-Martha Mosley James
	  b: 15 Mar 1926 TN 
	sp: Robert David James		relative
	3-Emily Francis James
	  b: 21 May 1828   TN 
	sp: James Orgain
	3-George Thomas James
	  b: 16 July 1829 TN 
	  d: young
	sp: N/A
	3-Mary Peace James
	  b: 30 Oct 1830  TN 
	sp: Ashley Rozelle Wilson
	3-Robert Brooks James
	  b: 13 Jun 1833 TN 
	sp: Mary Catherine James	relative
	3-Benjamin Franklin James 
	  b: 20 Dec 1835  TN 
	sp: Sarah Ann Cathern Fopster
	3-Joseph Marion James
	  b: 10 Jul 1841  TN 
	sp: Never married
	3-R.D. James	1850 Census Gibson Co., TN
          b: 1829 TN
        sp: Frances James
         b: 1829 TN

    2-William James	1850 Census Gibson Co., TN
      b: abt 1799 NC
    sp: ________ 
	3-Willie James
	  b: abt 1820 NC
	sp: Sarah ________ 
	  b: abt 1824 NC
	    4-Franklin James
	      b: abt 1844 NC
	    4-Clarissa James
	      b: abt 1847
    2-John P. James	1850 Census Gibson Co., TN	
      b: abt 1800 VA
    sp: Edith ______
      b: abt 1806 NC 
	3-Francis James
	  b: abt 1828 TN
	3-Robert James
	  b: abt 1829 TN
	3-John James
	  b: abt 1931 TN
	3-Elizabeth James
	  b: abt 1933 TN
	3-Mary James
	  b: abt 1836 TN
	3-George James
	  b: abt 1842 TN
	3-Henry James
	  b: abt 1847 TN
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1-______ James
sp: _______
    2-Benjamin James
      b: abt 1765 VA?
      d: abt 1831 Loudoun Co., VA
    sp: Mary Spencer	d/o John Spencer
      b: abt 1774
      d: abt 1830	Witness to his will John James and Dean James, owned land in WV
	3-Nancy James
	  b: 23 Dec 1797 VA
	  d=22 Mar 1819
	sp: Benjamin Redmond 	some info from Gene Redmond 
	  m: 13 Dec 1813 Loudoun Co., VA,
	  d: abt 1849 CA 	s/o Andrew Redman (Redmond), Jr. & Ann Nancy Kelly
	    4-Andrew James "A.J." Redmond 
	      d: abt 1849 CA 
	    sp: Ala AMOS
	    4-Mary Ann Redmond
	      b: abt 1816 Loudoun-Co., Shellburne-Parish, VA
	      d: abt 1854 Wood Co., Waverly-District,Bull-Creek (now WV) (murdered by a slave)
	    ap: Lemuel Hiter James
	      d: abt 1854 	s/o Abel James
This Benjamin had a set of twin brothers (John & Israel). These siblings are thought 
to have Native American Indian ancestry (but I don't know how it entered the line).

About 1813 Benjamin Redmond moved his family from Loudoun Co., VA to a farm near 
Point-Pleasant Mason Co., VA (later West-Virginia) where he had a sadlery shop.
About 1839 Benjamin Redmond was living in Wood Co., WV

About 1849 following his son AJ's death, Benjamin Redmond took in his 2 grandchildren.

	3-Elizabeth James
	3-Mary James
	sp: Job Turner
	3-Susan James
	3-Abigail James
	sp: William Foley 
	3-Icy James
	sp: Bayliss Foley
	3-David James
	3-Aaron James

In 1787 These James families where neighbors in Loudoun Co., VA
Benjamin James, Jacob James, William James Jr, William James Sr

In 1810 they where neighbors Loudoun Co., VA
Ann James, William James, William James, Benjamin James

Living close in 1810 in Loudoun Co., VA
Thomas James, David James, Levi James, Jonathan James, David James.
Sondra Foley & Kathy Harper

Searching for information on my great grandfather Robert L. James. 
He married Laura T. Hooker on February 3, 1889 in McNairy County Tennessee. 
Please email any information that you may have to : sharlottehughes@hotmail.com 

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