Peter Harder
New York

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Henry M., Jacob & James Harder 1835 Census Woodhull, Steuben Co., NY
John Harder b: 1802 NY
Harder Family Bible', from _The_Columbia_, Vol. 7, # 2, Page 66. Bible published by the New York Bible Society, 1848.

1-Peter Harder (Herder) 
sp: Elizabeth _______
    2-Johan Michael Harder 	Jim Harder,Nicholas,Harder::harder::139.html
      b: abt 1672
      d: abt 1716
    sp: Maria Cecilia Tullius
      m: 3 Aug 1738 
	3-Jacob Harder
          b: 7 Mar 1714 at Columbia Co., NY
          d: 24 Feb 1792 Ghent, Columbia Co., NY
        sp: Maria Van Hoesen	d/o Jan VAN HOUSEN
          m: 3 Aug 1738 
          b: 5 May 1717
          d: 21 APr 1775 
	    4-Maria Harder 
	      b: 1738
	    sp: Jores Decker	s/o Joris Decker & Lyntje Witbeck
	    4-John (Jan) Harder ???
	      b: Columbia Co., NY
	      d: Columbia Co., NY
	    sp: _________
		5-______ Harder
	    4-Nicolaas Harder
	      b: 26 Apr 1760 
	      d: 1839 
	    sp: Margaret Smith
		5-Carolina (Cathli) Harder
		5-Maria (Mary) Harder
		  b: 16 Aug 1784 Homer, NY
		  d: 24 Aug 1864 Wykoff, Filmore Co., MN
		sp: Michael (Mikel) Ham
		  m: 21 Apr 1805
		    6-Jacob Ham
		    6-William Ham
		    6-John Ham
		    6-Catherine Ham
		    6-Margaret Ham
		    6-Peter Ham
		    6-Henry Ham
		    6-Maria Ham
	    4-John Harder
	      b: Columbia Co., NY
	      d: Columbia Co., NY
	    sp: Lena Mole,Nicholas,Harder::harder::139.html 
	    	5-John Harder  2nd, aka Captain harder
		    6-John Harder	   3rd
		    sp: Elizabeth Dingman
		       7-Sandford Harder
			    8-John S. harder
			        9-Elbert Sanford Harder
				    10-Albert Daniel harder
				        11-Vince Harder 
				        11-brother __ Harder
				        11-brother __ Harder
				        11-sister __ Harder


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