John Nicholas Harder
N. Carolina

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Pleasant Harder b: abt 1822 TN    Harder Cem., on Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
John Rudolph Harder
, TN?    William Harder m: Margaret West 5 Sep 1844 Itawamba Co., MS Bk 1, p290
The Harder Family of White Co., AR

Unfortunately, the parents of John Nicholas Harder of North Carolina are unknown.
They certainly are not Jacob Herder and Maria Van Hoesen of Columbia County, NY.
Two of the basic reasons are: This couple never had a child by that name and the 2 surviving sons
John (or Jan) and Nicholas both were born, baptised, married, had children, lived and died in Columbia County, NY.
There's a lot of BS out there, folks, even at the LDS site! Jim Harder
1-John Harder   	Charles Harder 
John Harbert in NY 

______ Harder
1-John Nicholas Harder		Donald Harder 
  b: 18 Jun 1740 Orange Co., NC	Alan Harder 
  d: 1819 Williamson Co., TN	Casey Trent
sp: Mary Jane Peery/Perry		Cynthia Chandler Casey Trent
  m: m 
  b: abt 1740 Orange Co., NC
  d: aft Jan 1827  
    2-John Harder		Royleta Malone 
      b: 6 Mar 1765 Orange Co., NC
      d: bet 1825 & 1830 Big Swan Creek, Hickman Co., TN
    sp: Delilah Powell 
      b: 5 may 1770 NC
      d: bet 1820 & 1840 Hickman Co.,. TN
      m: 22 Jan 1793 Orange or Edgecomb Co., NC
	3-John Powell Harder 
	  b: 15 Dec 1792 NC
	  d: 19 Dec 1850 TN
	sp: Mary "Polly" Hicks (Hix?)
	  m: 18 Oct 1818
	sp: Polly Hix   d/o Robert Hix		1860 Census Hickmon Co., TN
	  m: 18 Oct 1825
	  b: 3 Apr 1806 NC	
	  d: 5 Aug 1869 TN
	    4-John Harder	
	      b: 20 Aug 1826 Hickman Co., TN
	      d: 1890
	    4-James Mastin Harder
		1860 Census Hickmon Co., TN	Hickman Co., TN Newspapers
	      b: 12 Nov 1827 Hickman Co., TN
	      d: 27 Jan 1891
	    sp: Harriet S. McLoogen
	    sp: Harriet S. Wade 
	      m: abt 1850 Hickman Co., TN
	      b: 28 Jan 1827 Hickman Co., TN
		5-Sophrona E. Harder 
	  	  b: abt 1851 Hickman Co., TN 		Hickman Co., TN Newspapers
		sp: James Vincent	s/o George Vincent, Jr
		5-John F. Harder		1860 Census Hickmon Co., TN
		  b: abt 1852 Hickman Co., TN 
		5-James M. Harder
			1860 Census Hickmon Co., TN		Hickman Co., TN Newspapers
		  b: abt 1855 Hickman Co., TN 
		5-Mira A. Harder		1860 Census Hickmon Co., TN
		  b: abt 1959 Hickman Co., TN 
	    4-Nancy Jane Harder		
	      b: 13 Feb 1829 Hickman Co., TN
	      d: Aug 1860 Hickman Co., TN
	    sp: William Andrew DePriest 
	      m: 17 May 1847 Hickman Co., TN 
	      b: 30 May 1825 Hickman Co., TN 
	      d: 16 May 1862 Hickman Co., TN 
		5-Mary Delila DePriest
		5-Pleasant Whitfield DePriest
		5-Jessie DePriest
		5-Sarah Elizabeth DePriest
		5-James Huston DePriest
		5-William Josiah DePriest
		5-Thomas Walker DePriest
	    4-Calvin B. Harder
	      b: 22 Jan 1831 Hickman Co., TN
	      d: 1901 
	    4-Delila Emiline Harder 
	      b: 18 Nov 1833 Swan Creek, Hickman Co., TN
	      d: 4 Apr 1917  DePriest Bend, Perry Co., TN
	    sp: William Harrison DePriest
	      m: 5 Apr 1849 
	      b: 29 May 1832 Cane Creek, Hickman Co., TN
	      d: 1 Mar 1917 DePriest Bend, Perry Co., TN
		5-Millington DeLafayette DePriest
		5-Pleasant Josiah DePriest
		5-Gustavus DePriest
		5-Octavus LeGrande DePriest
	    4-Myrum A. Harder
	      b: 30 Sep 1835 Hickman Co., TN
	      d: 1885 
	    4-Samuel Houston Harder	Salem Church of Christ
	      b: 30 Sep 1837 Hickman Co., TN
	      d: 5 Jul 1897 Lewis Co., TN	bur Harder Cem., Hohenwald, TN
	    sp: Elizabeth Holbrook
	      m: 20 Sep 1847 or 6 Dec 1857
	      b: 8 May 1830
	      d: 13 Mar 1910	 bur  Harder Cem., Hohenwald, TN
	    4-Pleasant B. Harder
	      b: 9 Mar 1840 Hickman Co., TN
	      d: 1860
	    4-William B. Harder			1860 Census Hickmon Co., TN
	      b: 9 Aug 1843 Hickman Co., TN
	      d: 1865
	    4-George W. Harder			1860 Census Hickmon Co., TN
	      b: 5 Apr 1846 Hickman Co., TN
	      d: 17 Dec 1926
	    4-Harriet Harder		1860 Census Hickmon Co., TN
	      b: abt 1850
	3-Peggy Harder
	  b: 10 Nov 1795 Edgecomb, NC
	3-William Harder, Sr	Hickman Co., TN Pg.324: 
		The lands where David M. Duncan and Jonathan Tolles now live were in 1835 the 
		property of ---- Carothers, an early settler. 
		William Harder, Sr., a brother of Jere Harder, was an early settler and lived
		where Thomas Duncan now lives.
	  b: 23 Apr 1797 Orange Co., NC
	  d: 1848
	sp: Mary Carothers
	  m: 1820 TN?
	    4-_______ Harder
	3-Josiah Powell Harder	possible so of John Harder 
	  b: 5 Dec 1779
	sp: _________
	  m: abt 18__
	    4-Calvin B. Harder
	      b: 22 Jan 1831
	    sp: Serena Emeline Tottey
	      m: 23 Jan 1850 Hickman Co., TN 
	      b: 1830 TN
	3-John Harder
	  b: 14 Feb 1801 Edgecomb, NC
	sp: Rhoda Ramsey
	  m: bet 1820 & 1822
	3-James Harder
	  b: 9 Feb 1804 Williamson Co., TN
	  d: 27 Oct 1816
	3-Rachael Harder 
	  b: 20-28 Feb 1806 Williamson Co., TN	
	  d: bet 1870 - 1879
	sp: John Lancaster	Primative Baptist Preacher  s/o Benjamin Marion Lancaster 
	  m: 1827
	  b: 13 Feb 1806, Edgecombe Co. NC
	  d: 19 Dec 1852, Perry Co. TN	bur Pineview(Horner) Cemetery
	    4-Deliah Catherine Lancaster
	    4-William Henry Lancaster 
	      b: 7 Feb 1829 Linden, Perry Co., TN
	      d: 17 Feb 1875 - Eros, Marion Co., AR 
	    sp: Mary Jane Horner
	      b: 28 Apr 1837 
	      d: 3 Oct 1905 
	    4-James David Lancaster
	    4-Sarah Harriet Lancaster
	    4-Pleasant Gabriel Lancaster
	    4-Joel Marion Lancaster
	    4-Mary Melinda ancaster
	    4-Louisa Melinda Lancaster
	    4-John Franklin Lancaster
	3-Joel Harder
	  b: 18 Apr 1808 Williamson Co., TN
	  d: aft 1860
	sp: Mary _______
	  m: 1829 TN?
    sp: Rebecca Ervans	2nd spouse of John Harder ??????    Alan Harder 
I have a family sheet listing a "Pleasant Harder", but not with the dates you show. 
I mention it only because the name is fairly unique, and perhaps indicates a collateral line. 
The date of birth and date of death are both shown as 19 May 1836. 
Parents are listed as Jeremiah Harder and Harriett Young. 
Jeremiah was born in Orange Co NC to John Harder and Rebecca Ervans. 
There are 13 children listed to Jeremiah and Harriett, all born in Hickman & Perry Co., TN 
I have both ancestor and descendent information if you think these would be valuable.
	3-Jerimiah Harder ?
	  b: 18 Sep 1810 Hickman Co., TN
	  d: 18 Mar 1872 Perry Co., TN  bur Harder Cem., on Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
	sp: Harriet Young
	  m: 12 Mar 1829 Hickman Co., TN
          b: 4 Apr 1819 TN
          d: 19 Nov 1893 Perry Co., TN  bur Harder Cem., on Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
	    4-William Henry Harder, Capt 23rd Inf   Confederate Pension Application 
	      b: 5 Feb 1830 Perry Co., TN
	      d: 6 Sep 1897 Perry Co., TN
		bur Harder Cem., on Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
	    sp: Sarah Atlantic Anderson
	      m: 5 Aug 1897 Perry Co., TN
	      b: 1848
	      d: 1922	bur Harder Cem., on Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
		5-Frank Willis Harder
	          b: 14 Jul 1872 Perry Co., TN
	          d: 9 Aug 1923 Perry Co., TN
	        sp: Mary Lee Bates
	          m: 1892 Perry Co., TN
	          b: 16 Mar 1875 
	          d: 1 May 1899 Perry Co., TN
		    6-John Henry Harder 
		      b: 1893 Perry Co., TN
		     d: 1969 Perry Co., TN 	
			bur Harder Cem., on Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
		    sp: Bertha Lee Lomax
		      m: 1912  Perry Co., TN
		      b: 3 Jan 1898 Perry Co., TN
		      d: 22 Mar 1988      bur Harder Cem., on Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
			7-Floyd Allen? Harder
		          b: 	Perry Co., TN
		        sp: Norma Jack Morris
		        7-Hollis Harder 
		        sp: Kathleen Pauline Broadaway
		          b: 1922
		        7-Mary Edith Harder
		        sp: John W. Hime
		        7-William Franklin Harder
		          b: 1925
		          d: 1985
		        sp: Velma Matilda Dunn
		        7-Sarah Helen Harder
		    6-Edmond Green Harder-
		      b: 1894
		      d: 1980
		    sp: Bonnie Brown Kirk
		      m: 3 Dec 1919 Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
		      b: 1901
		      d: 1979
		    6-Winnie Davis Harder
	        sp: Mourning Elizabeth Isabella Lomax	2nd spouse of Frank Willis Harder
		    6-Clora Leslie Harder
		    6-Nina Delphia Harder
		    6-Etta Brown Harder
		      b: 28 Mar 1099 Perry Co., TN
		      d: 4 Nov 1995 Linden, Perry Co., TN
		    sp: Eiley Elvin Richardson
		      b: 3 Nov 1905 Perry Co., TN
		      d: 3 Jun 1995 Perry Co., TN
		        7-Lovie Radine Richardson
		5-Harriet Elizabeth Harder
	          b: 12 Sep 1874 Perry Co., TN
	          d: 24 Jan 1930 Steel, Pemiscot Co., MO
	        sp: John Lee Depriest
	          m: 12 Aug 1891 Perry Co., TN
	        5-George Leslie Harder
	        5-Solomon Henry Harder
	          b: 1877 Perry Co., TN
	          d: 1907 Perry Co., TN
			bur Harder Cem., on Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
	        5-John Jerimiah Harder
	          b: 1878	Perry Co., TN
	          d: 1926 Perry Co., TN
	        5-Laura May Harder
	        5-Prince William Harder 
	          b: 24 Nov 1881 Perry CO, TN
	          d: 5 Jul 1945 Perry CO, TN
			bur Harder Cem., on Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
	        sp: Ollie Belle McGee
	          m: abt 1905 in Perry CO, TN
	          b: 8 Feb 1886 TN
	          d: 23 Oct 1975 Flatwoods, Lawrence Co., TN 
			bur Harder Cem., on Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
		    6-Elvis Earl Harder
		      b: 26 Jun 1909 Linden, Perry Co., TN
		      d: 9 Jun 2003 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN
			bur Lewis Co., Mem Gardens
		    sp: Mary Virginia Dunn
		      d: bef 2003
			7-Ronnie Lee Harder
			  b: 20 Sep 1947 Washington, Wayne Co., TN 
			  d: 14 Oct 2003 Linden, Perry Co., TN
				 bur Lewis Co., Mem Gardens
			sp: Karen ______
			    8-Rhonda Wayne Harder
			    sp: ______ Tucker
				9-Austin Tucker
			7-Jerry Wayne Harder
			  d: bef 2003
		    6-Elsi Carrie Harder
		      b:	Perry Co., TN 
		    sp: Albert Ellison
		        7-Ollie Mae Ellison
		        7-William Eddie Ellison 
		        sp: Martha Kathryn Anderson
	  	        7-Eula Bell Ellison
		        7-Albert Ellison
		    sp: Melvin Cidney Boyd	2nd spouse of Elsie Carrie Harder
		        7-Nancy Zora Boy
		    6-Kelsie Harder
		5-Earl Lamar Harder 
	          b: 18 Nov 1886 Perry Co., TN
	          d: 4 Dec 1937 Perry Co., TN
			bur Harder Cem., on Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
	        sp: Minnie Elizabeth Bunch
	          b: 13 Apr 1893 Warfield, Perry Co., TN
	          d: 23 Nov 1975 Perry Co., TN
			bur Harder Cem., on Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
	          m: 15 Aug 1909 in Perry Co., TN
		    6-Ocie Harder
		      b: 	Linden, Perry Co., TN
		    sp: Wesson Ledbetter Grinder
		      m: 	 Perry Co., TN
	 	        5-Nelson Grinder
		        5-Brenton Grinder
		        5-Lucretia Grinder
		        5-Randall Grinder
		    6-Nettie Harder
		      b: 9 Jul 1919 Perry CO, TN
		      d: Aug 1989
		    sp: Ary Osburn "Ob" Grinder 
		      b: 1 Mar 1914 Sinking Creek, Perry Co., TN
		        7-Grinder, Nolan Harder 
		        7-Grinder, Gailand Osburn
		        7-Grinder, John Wayne
		        7-Grinder, Terry Webb
		        7-Grinder, Sandra
	    4-John Willis Harder 
	      b: 15 Jan 1833 TN
	      d: 19 Jan 1891 TN	 bur Harder Cem., on Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
	    4-Pleasant Harder  
	      b: 19 May 1836 TN
	      d: 19 May 1836 TN 
	    4-Francis Marion Harder 
	      b: 22 Jun 1837
	      d: 8 Mar 1879  Perry Co.
		bur Harder Cem., on Cedar Creek, Perry Co., TN
	    sp: Rebecca Elizabeth Horner	d/o William Horner
	      b: 6 Dec 1843 Perry Co., TN
	      d: abt 1920 Obion, TN
		5-John W. Harder
		  b: 1862 Perry Co., TN 
		5-Martha Lou Harder
		  b: Dec 1865  Perry Co., TN
		sp: William Baxter Greene
		  m: 2 Jun 1881 Perry Co., TN
		5-Mary D. Harder
		  b: 1868 Perry Co., TN
		sp: Edward S. Smith
		  m: 15 Oct 1885 Perry Co., TN
		5-Thomas Jefferson Harder 
		  b: 12 Sep 1869  Perry Co., TN
		sp: Malissa Jane Lomax
		  m: 24 Jan 1889 Perry Co., TN
		5-Robert M. Harder
		  b: Dec 1874  Perry Co., TN
	    4-Louisa Harder
	      b: 1840 TN
	    4-Sarah Pfifer Harder
	      b: 11 Feb 1842    Perry Co.
	      d: Apr 1930 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO
	    sp: James Lee Horner
	      m: 26 Nov 1866 Perry Co.
	    4-Margaret Delilah Harder
	      b: 1844 TN
	    4-Edmond Harder
	      b: 1847 TN 
	    4-Harriet Lavina Harder
	      b: Feb 1850 TN 
	    4-William H. Harder
	      b: Feb 1852    Perry Co.
	    sp: Sareba W. ______
	    4-James F. Harder
	      b: 1852    Perry Co.
	    4-Permillia A. "Milia" Harder
	      b: 1855 TN
	    sp: A. Shipman
    2-Jacob Harder, (Sr.?) 
      b: 10 Oct 1772 Hillsboro, Orange Co., NC
    sp: Elizabeth Sarvor (Sarver/Server?)	Jack Harder 
      m: 10 Oct 1805 Orange Co., NC
      b: 4 Jun 1786
      d: Dec 1837 Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN
	3-Maria Harder
	  b: 29 Oct 1806 TN
	3-Henry Harder
	  b: 9 Feb 1809 TN
	3-Marinda Harder 
	  b: 3 Feb 1811 TN
	  d: 1859
	3-Elvis Harder
	  b:6 Aug 1813 
	3-Mary Harder
	  b:11 Feb 1816 
	3-George Madison Harder	 - machinist born TN?  The White County Heritage
			1862 enlisted with son James in CSA under Captain John Hicks,harder::harder::260.html  Alan Harder 
  	  b: 28 Oct 1819 near Nashville, TN
  	  d: 24 Jan 1865 Searcy, White Co., AR
		  1860 Census Gray Twp. White Co., AR 
	sp: Mildred J. Haskins (Hoskins?)
	  m: Oct 1842 Gibson Co., TN 
	  b: abt 1824 TN
	    4-James M. Harder - male	The White County Heritage
			James disappeared after battle of Rolling Praire in SW MO in 1864
	      b: abt 1846, m, TN
	    4-S. E. Harder
	      b: abt 1847, f, TN
	    4-Thomas Lafayette Harder		White County Heritage
	      b: 28 Feb 1849 TN
		1890 White Co. Tax List
		T.L. Harder, Gray Twp, Searcy Special School Dist. 103
		T.L. Harder, Searcy phone book, 1931
	      d: 26 Dec 1931	Oak Grove Cemetery Searcy
	    sp: Ida Petty
	      b: 26 Aug 1858 
	      d: 4 Nov 1940  	Oak Grove Cemetery
		5-Jesse Harder
		  b: 15 Oct 1890 White Co., AR
		  d: 24 Feb 1933 	Oak Grove Cemetery
	    4-John C. Harder	White County Heritage
	      b: 1852 White Co.,AR	
		1890 White Co. Tax List
		J.C. Harder, Gum Springs Twp, School Dist. 18
	      d: 1929	Oak Grove Cemetery
	    sp: Emma J. ________
	      b: 1866
	      d: 1950	Oak Grove Cemetery
	    4-R. C. Harder
	      b: abt 1856 White Co., AR 	
	3-Louise Harder
	  b: 16 Nov 1822
	3-Jacob Lafayette Harder    PDF File from Alan Harder
	Lafayette Harder, orderly sergeant, Bennett's Battalion, 12th TN Calvary, Gibson Co., TN 1863 ?
	  b: 3 Nov 1827	Middle Tennessee 
	  d: 18 Jul 1891 Humboldt TN	bur Zion Cem., Humboldt
	sp: Beedy Jane Umsted	?
	  m: 5 Oct 1858 Humboldt, Gibson Co., TN
	  b: 20 Feb 1833
	  d: 23 Sep 1872 White Co., AR 		bur Zion Cem., Humboldt
	    4-Mary Elizabeth Harder
	      b: 7 Apr 1860
	    4-Minnie Harder
	      b: 9 Apr 1863 Humboldt, TN
	      d: 19 Sep 1923 Forrest City, St Francis Co., AR
	    4-Mattie R. Harder
	      b: 7 Mar 1864
	      d: 5 Oct 1864
	    4-Elgin L. Harder
	sp: Lucretia Brinkley   2nd spouse of Jacob Lafayette Harder
	  m: 29 Mar 1875 Gibson Co., TN    d/o Nathan (Hiram?) Brinkley & Billie Arnold
	  b: 22 Oct 1840 NC
	  d: 20 Oct 1917 Humboldt, TN	bur Zion Cem., Humboldt
	    4-John Taylor Harder    PDF File from Alan Harder
	      b: 31 Jul 1879 Humboldt
	      d: 1 Jan 1922 Humboldt
	    sp: Lola Montez Hudson
	      m: 30 Nov 1910 Gibson Co., TN 
		5-Ralph Nesbit Harder
		  b: 19 Dec 1917 Humboldt
		  d: 25 Oct 1981 Maryville, TN
		sp: Phyllis Ruth Overton  d/o John Overton & Lena Prye
		    6-Alan Nisbet Harder 
		    6-Joseph Taylor Harder
    2-Joseph Harder
      b: 1774	
    sp: ? Elizabeth Sellers  ?,nc::harder::348.html 
      m: 18 Nov 1896 Orange Co., NC
    2-William P. Harder		Cynthia Chandler
      b: 1776  
      d: Oct 1826
    2-James H. Harder, Rev	5 g-father of Cynthia Chandler
      b: 21 Feb 1777 Hillsborough, Orange Co., NC 
	My GGreat-grandfather J.H.Harder and his wife Elizabeth J. Harder were living next door to 
	John N.P. Harder when the 1860 census was taken. Anne Petrous 
	Jenny Beasley  jbeasley@athletics.tamu.ed   Jack Harder,harder,orange::harder::30.html 
	Cynthia Chandler,harder::harder::10.html 
	James H. Harder ?	Robert Rea u 
      d: 12 Aug 1841 Itawamba Co., MS	1860 Census Itawamba Co., (Lee Co.) MS
    sp: Mary Elizabeth Pitt d/o Henry Pitt & _____ Coleman
	1850 census Itawamba Ms lists John N.P.Harder age 47 born in Tn as head of household. 
	Also living there was Elizabeth Harder age 70 born in N.C. Anne Petrous
      m: 13 May 1804 Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN
      b: 6 Jan 1781 Edgecombe Co., NC
      d: 4 Feb 1868  Lee Co., MS
?????????????????????????????		Cynthia Chandler
    2-John N.P. Harder ???		Royleta Malone 
					Robert Rea 
	1850, 1860 Census Itawamba Co., MS
      b: abt 1803 TN		1850 Census Itawamba Co., MS
    sp: Sally Lindsey
      m: 19 Feb 1824 Lauderdale Co., AL 
	3-Henrietta 'Eritty' Harder 	Robert Richardson 
          b: 8 Mar 1807 Williamson Co., TN
        sp: Josiah Lindsey			Cynthia Chandler
          m: 27 Oct 1823 Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL
          b: 5 Apr 1805 NC
          d: 19 Aug 1889 Kaufman Co., TX	Tombstone 
	    4-Winnie L. Lindsey		David Kinfred 
	      b: 24 Oct 1824 AL	d: 26 Feb 1890 College Mound, TX
	    4-James Monroe Lindsey
	      b: 23 Nov 1826	d: 21 Dec 1915 Belleview, TX
	    sp: ______ 
		5-John T. Lindsey 
		sp: ________
		    6-Willie Iola Lindsey 
		    sp: _______ Mackey 
			7-Goldie Mackey
			    8-David Kindred 
	    4-Elizabeth Ann Lindsey
	      b: 30 Jul 1828 TN
	    sp: Allen Beavers Robert Richardson
	3-John Harder	
	3-Joseph Harder
	3-James Harder
	3-Kate Harder
	  d: as baby
	3-Betsy Harder
	3-Polly Harder
	3-Mary Harder
	3-Zilphia (Zelpha?Zilphy) Harder	Amy Lee Crites 
	  b: abt 1815
	  d: 1880 on move to Kaufman Co., TX
	sp: _____ Mackey
	  m: abt 1828	Lauderdale Co., AL		she was only 13
	    4-James Tyre Mackey			Michael Mackey
	    sp: Martha Stovall 
	    4-Tabitha Catherine Mackey
	    sp: James Monroe Lindsey
	    4-Mary Elizabeth Mackey
	    sp: ______ Thigpen
	    sp: David J. Stovall, Jr 
	sp: Robert Rice		2nd spouse of Zilpha harder 
	    4-Joseph Rice
	    4-Mattie Rice
	    4-Emma Rice
	    4-Sally Rice
	    4-Hill Rice

	sp: ______ Rea
	    4-Robert Rea
	3-Elizabeth J. Harder
	  b: abt 1828 MS
    2-Nancy Ann Harder 
    sp: James? Barnhill
    2-Elizabeth Harder
    sp: George Campbell
    2-Mary Harder
    sp: James Coats
    sp: _____ Lee


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