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Louisa Going's Family Tree    Thomas Earl Going of Jax., FL    Absalom Jefferson Goings, born 1805 GA
Rootsweb Message Board    Going from Ireland    Daniel Going
b: Abt. 1755 in Bedford Co., VA
Joshua Going, MS   Shadrack Gowin/Going Patrick Co., VA

Josiah Coleman Going
s/o Rayson Gibson Going & Lucy Grace Thompson b: 15 Apr 1928 Watson, OK
Sally Going dau Shadrack Going m: Edmund Boling 03 Jan 1824 Grainger Co., TN

Arkansas Findagrave GOING

John B. Going 1880 Salem TWP, Greene Co., AR  

0-John Calhoun Going	was a bootleger
  b: 1871 AL			father born NC?
  d: 20 Feb 1926		Killed by Leonard? because he was beating Bertie during a drunken rage	Findagrave 
sp: Birdie Dell Johnston 	Of Native American descent ? 
  m: 1906
  b: MO?
1-Leonard Going	was a drifter
  b: 	Helena, AR 	
sp: ______
    2-Leonard Going	
     b: 	Helena, AR 
    sp: _______
	3-_____ Going
1-Otto Straus Going 	of Seattle, WA
  b: 5 Sep 1909	Harrison, Boone Co., AR
  d: 2 Jun 1991	Memphis, Shelby Co., TN bur Maple Cem. Caruthersville, AR Findagrave 
sp: Hedy Williams		d/o _____ Williams
  m: abt 1934
  b: abt 197_
  d: 1965
    2-James Perry Going 
      b: 24 Apr 1935 Cottonwood Point, MO
      d: 17 Oct 2004 Caruthersville, MO	Obit	bur Little Prairie Cem.	Findagrave 
    sp:  Lois Ruth Wiegand         dau of Clifford & Grace Wiegand
      b: 25 Apr 1935 Caruthersville, MO
	3-James Perry Going, Jr.        Jim Going Photography Gallery
	  b: 29 Jan 1957 
        sp: Lisa Morris 
          m: Apr 1990
	    4-James Perry Going III
	      b: 26 Nov 1990
	    4-Grace Elizabeth Going
	      b: 17 Apr 1996
        3-Dale Clifford Going
          b: 28 Aug 1965
        sp: Ashley West 
          m: June 1990
	  b: 29 Sep 1965 
	    4-Dale Clifford Going, Jr.
	      m: 12 Jan 2002
	    4-Tyler Going 
	      b: abt 1992 
       3-Jacqueline Carole Going        g-grandmother (Going) was German ?
         b: 27 Mar 1967 Caruthersville, Pemiscot Co., Mo
       sp: Shain Bobbitt       
         m: 27 Jul 1990 Searcy, White Co., AR Bk 75, Pg 9 
         b: 18 Feb 1966 Tampa, Hillsboro Co., FL 
            4-Shaun Brayden Bobbitt
              b: 28 Mar 2002 Spring Lake, NC
	    4-Stephen Matthew Bobbitt
	      b: 3 Jul 2005 Spring Lake, NC
    sp: Margie Fraze 	2nd spouse of James Perry Going, Sr
      m: 18 Oct 1980 Pemiscot Co., MO
    2-Betty Going	of Niceville, FL
      b: 1937
    sp: Dempsey Teeter
      m: abt 1955
	3-Dempsey Allen Teeter, Jr,
	3-Lisa Teeter	(twin)
	3-Reesa Teeter	(twin)
    2- Linda Going	(twin)	lives in TN
      b: 1939
    sp: ______ Hanes
    sp: Gerald Griffin of Greenvelle, SC
    2-brother Going	(twin)
	  b: DOB
    2-Ann Going	lives in Caruthersville, MO
	  b: 1941
	    3-_____ unknown father
	    3-_____ unknown father
    sp: Delbert Foster Thompson
      b: 18 Oct 1855 
      d: 8 Nov 1911  Caruthersville, MO
    2-Peggy Going	lives near Prairieville, LA
      b: 1943
    sp: Tom Landers
	3-_____ Going	(twin)
	3-_____ Going	(twin)
    2-Otto Straus Going. Jr. lives in Oak Harbor, WA
      b: 1 Sep 1944 Oak Harbor, WA
      d: 17 May 2013  			Findagrave ? Otto H H Going
    sp: Yousko _________	Japanese
	3-_____ Going
    2-Cathy Going	(div)  lives in Clinton, KY
      b: 1947
    sp: Jackie Kilett
	3-____ Kilett
1-Fred H. Goings, Sr	
  b: 1901	MS 		1930 Census	Helena, Phillips Co., AR 
  d: 1958 	Sylmar, Los Angeles Co., CA Glen Haven Memorial Park Findagrave 
 sp: Leta C _________ 
  b: 1900 
  d: 1974 	Sylmar, Los Angeles Co., CA Glen Haven Memorial Park Findagrave 
    2-Fred "Arky" Going lived in Medford
    2-_______ Going 
    2-_______ Going 
1-Felix Lanier Goings	lived & worked in Heating & Air Conditioning
  b: 11 Mar 1913 MS 1930 Census	Helena, Phillips Co., AR	moved to San Fernando California about 1950 
  d:  1983 Helena, AR  served in Navy	Eternal Valley Memorial Findagrave Newhall, Los Angeles Co., CA
sp: Katie Lou Sparkman 
      b: 28 Jul 1900	worked at General Motors Plant, Van Nuys
      d: 24 Sep 1983   Eternal Valley Memorial Park Newhall, Los Angeles Co., CA Findagrave 
    2-Felix Going Jr 
      b: 1926 West Helena, Phillips Co., AR	1930 Census	West Helena, Phillips Co., AR
    2-Maxine Going 
    2-William "Bill" Lanier Going(s), Sr 	Oasis Air Conditioning, Heating & Sheet Metal
      b: abt 1926 		moved to San Fernando California about 1950 now in Fallon, NV
    sp: _____ 
	3-Jeff Goings 
	3-Robb A. Goings 
	3-Shari M. Goings 
	3-Stephanie R. Goings 
    2-Christine "Tiney" Gertie Going 
      b: 27 Feb 1938 	moved to San Fernando  California about 1950
      d: 21 Dec 2001 
    sp: Richard Valencia met at General Motors 
      m: 1955 	lived in Panorama City
	3-Donna Valencia 
	3-Tom "Bubba" Valencia 
	3-Jill Valencia 
	  b: 		moved to North Hills at age 12 
	sp: ______ Breed 
1-Dolly Going
  b: 	Helena, AR
  d: 	Helena, AR	OBIT 
sp: Gordon Kent Rose
  d: 		Findagrave   
    2-Katherine "Kay" Rose 
    sp: Will G. Shurgar III  
	3-Hallie Kent Shurgar
	  b: 12 Jun 1968 
	  d: 28 May 2002 bur Oak Grove, Conway, AR Findagrave Shell remembered 
	sp: Phillip Shell 
	    4-John Will Kent Shell 
	    4-Gordon Rees-Jones Shell 


More Old Families
in Lawrence Co., AR

Watts were pioneers, also about the Big Lick included Wilse, Bennett, Williams,Thomas, George, Mattie and Timmie.
The Thomas Watts family is around Opposition. A story of old Grandfather Watts
about skinning coons,  “It is just that way, when my persimmon
pond freezes over, the coons come and sit about eating the persimmons and freeze to the pond. I can prove by Mattie and the children, that I
would take my butcher knife and go along, hack them over the head and they would jump out of their hides.
” The Big Lick Jeff Honey lived at the Big Lick in the large log building with port holes in the upper story.
This establishes proof that it was built at a time when Indians were still in the country.
There was another such building on Osburn Creek in Sharp County.
These structures were used during the Civil War for storehouses.
Honey had several outbuildings which were burned during the early 80’s. I remember an investigation of it by my father’s
J.P. Court, but nothing came of it.
There should be several Honeys in Lawrence County. The Big Lick is a large, natural salty place, where Deer came.
Holders should be next with the
Goings and Halsteads. I think they came from Georgia.

Pleasant Going and Halstead were pioneer Methodist ministers.
Going was the father of my mother-in-law, Mrs. Emerine Going Helms.
He was a circuit rider for many years. Pleasant Going’s wife died in 1859 and his large family of children were cared for by the Holders,
until his death in the war.
Eunice Going, a sister of Pleasant Going, first married James Blackwell, father of Wm. Blackwell who had a store at Ravenden in 1900
and was a drummer for many years. Her second husband was Grandfather Bennett Holder. In her old age, my went on a cold
night to the home of her son-in-law, Frank Barker, to marry her to Uncle Charlie Parks. I think one of the Goings has several
grandchildren in Lawrence County. I am not sure, but believe that this Bennett Holder was the father of all I will name.
They all settled about Friendship, but later moved north to Wells Creek, southwest of Opposition.
Uncle Henry J. Holder, during the war, lived on the Helms place, south of Friendship. For many years, he was sheriff and deputy
in the county.
He had two sets of children. first came Berry, Babe and Dow. Berry moved to Boone County. Babe died near Portia years ago.
Dow died last year at Imboden. The second group were Frank, George, Whit, Nancy, Linn, Ball, and Toy. The last three are still living.
The old Wells place is now known as the Holder Place.

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