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1958 Complete 235-6 with 3 speed transmission and steering column w/gearbox. Also  working gauge cluster, Starter & Generator.


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L98 350 from an '87 Vette with 79K miles complete with accessories (alt/ac) and the TPI fuel injection. This engine is the 290 HP set up. The 87 L98 engine with a cast iron block is 240HP and 2nd version with big valves and aluminum vortec heads is 290HP and a factory roller cam. 1987 versions had 10 hp (7 kW) and 15 lbft (20 Nm) more thanks to 9.5:1 compression.  New custom stand alone wire harness w/ECM and hot chip and VATS disabled.

Newly rebuilt engine and new L98 wiring harness wiring completely ruined by C.A.R.S. of Searcy
Steering column installed was defective. Left rear shock broke away from frame after 25 miles.
Ball joints and tie rod ends all needed grease, some completely dry.

Purchased from
Michael Jerconovic
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1991 Suburban rolling frame from Cantrell's Auto Repair Service  
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