Felipe Chanco Family
Urdaneta, Pangasinan
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Chinese-derived names with only two syllables.
According to Weedy Tan (from Manila), some Northern Chinese had two-syllable family names.
It is possible that a few of the names may not be uniquely Filipino but were also used in China.
The above quote from: http://www.bibingka.com/names/default.htm

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Ros M. Chanco, Manila, Philippines     The Chanco Family of Puerto Rico?
Pedro Chanco
, registrar of the UP College of Medicine and father of Mario P. Chanco, who rose to journalistic eminence for his newspaper columns.

Open to descendants, relatives and families of Paulina Benito and Felipe Chanco of Urdaneta, Pangasinan. Their children are Emma, Rebecca, Leticia, Ysmael and Josefina Chanco.

Emma Chanco was married to Jose David (deceased.) They resided in Monrovia, Liberia, and currently in Urdaneta, Pangasinan, and have 7 children:
Anna Marie (deceased), Joji, Pepoy, Liza, Olie (deceased), Thea and Mimi.
Rebecca Chanco (deceased) was married to Pedro R. Pena (deceased.) They resided in Palanan Makati, and have 7 children:
Adie, Louella, Edwin, Glenda, Dino (deceased), Pico and Reza.
Leticia Chanco was married to Jose Villanueva (deceased.) They lived in Washington DC, Cairo Egypt, Ermita Manila, and Rockville MD and have 4 children:
Gemma, Menguey, Kokoy and Jomai.
Ysmael Chanco is married to Aida Borja. They reside in Fremont CA and have 2 children:
Reza and Aileen.
Josefina Chanco lives in Rockville MD.

19 Grandchildren of Paulina and Felipe (descending order):
#1 Anna Marie "Annie" David-Villaroman (deceased); daughter Maya; grandson Cyril Joseph "CJ".
#2 Adriel Eriberto "Adie" Pena; based in Makati.
#3 Louella Bernette "Loily" Pena-Rosete; children, Teodora Feliza "Teza", Victoria Luisa "Becky", Fidel Jacinto.
#4 Gina Marie "Joji" David-Jara; based in Urdaneta, Pangasinan; children Pamela, Joni.
#5 Rene Marie "Pepoy" David; based in San Diego CA.
#6 Edwin Felipe Pena; married to Marissa Ona; based in Alexandria VA.
#7 Glenda Paulina Pena-Reyes; married to Ramon Reyes; based in Old Bridge NJ; children, Rebecca Angela engaged to Norm Nolasco, Raymond Christopher.
#8 Liza Marie David-Bascos; married to Leo Bascos; based in Hamilton Twp NJ; children Neil, Yeo, Lianne.
#9 Gemma Teresa "Dalinggoy" Villanueva-Slack; married to Jim Slack; based in Potomac MD; children Madeleine, Sam.
#10 Olga Marie "Olie" David (deceased); son Joshua.
#11 Dino Simplicio Pena (deceased); married to Digna Medenilla; based in Quezon City; children Dante, Denise, Danna.
#12 Thea Marie "Eya" David-Gurierrez; married to Gabby Gutierrez; based in Axton VA; daughter Gabrielle.
#13 Yasmin Anne "Menguey" Villanueva-Mattox; married to Tim Mattox; based in Bradenton FL; dog Bandit.
#14 Enrico "Kokoy" Villanueva; married to Cindy Pineda; based in MD; children Maika, Mark.
#15 Pedro Eugenio "Pico" Pena, Jr.; based in Palanan Makati; children Chablis, Pippin, Pao.
#16 Myra Marie "Mimi" David; based in Quezon City; son Sebastian Jose "AJ."
#17 Rebecca Feliza "Reza" Chanco-Foster; married to Chris Foster; based in Sacramento CA; childlren John, Katrina, Robbie.
#18 Josephine Maria "Jomai" Villanueva-Magnaye; married to Peter Magnaye; based in Rockville MD; children Carla, Brenzo, Miguel.
#19 Aileen Chanco-Everett; married to Bill Everett; based in Castro Valley CA.

Paulina Benito's sister, Cristina Benito (deceased) was married to Ramon Gonzales Sr. (deceased) and had four children. Ramon "Totti" Gonzales Jr. (deceased) was married to Carmelita Viray with 7 children: Patrick (deceased), Michelle, Jerome, Mylene, Michael, and Chito (Ramon III) and another girl. Cecilia is married to George G. Nolasco with three children: Jorge married to Kristie Clark, Cherie married to Steve Vicera, and Daric who is engaged to Kim Tan and they'll be married next year in the Philippines, tentatively in December 2009. Roxine has an adopted daughter, Rio Luinne. Noni, the youngest, is married to Estrella Mamaril.