There are Bobbitt spelled in variations in Cambridgeshire, Cardiff, Dorset, Essex, Kent, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk, Salop or Shropshire, Somerset, Suffolk, Warwickshire, and Yorkshire but there is no Bobbitt family only a Bobith family buried in Wales in the 1500's to 1700's, but there are Bobbitts buried in Wales in the late 1800's and 1900's." - - Marsha Berry 

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Other Surnames

William Bobbett of Virginia supposedly had three sons
William Bobbitt, Junior
John Bobbitt of Chowan
James Bobbitt of Hanover

original research by Chird Bobbitt   on his immediate family only 
NOTICE - This is rough data, assembled using minimal human filtering. - Primary results are attempted from museums, historical societies, local history groups, libraries, university and government data, as well as online ancestral archives. - Secondary sources (if primary results are sparse) may include lower quality data from the same sources as the primary data, as well as general items from public search engine queries, targeted as much as possible for "family history" and "genealogy".

with help from Dan & James Denny and Robert Bailey on the descendents of George Washington Bobbitt,
Bill Couch, Carmen R. Baxter   & book History of Craighead County   Brian& Keith Bobbitt
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What a lovely home page! I'm related to William Bobbitt, who sailed from Swansea to Virginia in about 1790.
If anyone recognizes the name, I'd love to hear something about him -- and hear from my distant cousins. Thanks.

M.H. Bobbitt <>  Boston, MA USA - Wednesday, August 20, 1997 at 14:38:23 (EDT)

"There are Bobbitt/Bobbet variation spellings in Cambridgeshire, Cardiff, Dorset, Essex, Kent, 
Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk, Salop or Shropshire, Somerset, Suffolk, Warwickshire, and
Yorkshire, but there is no Bobbitt/Bobbet or variations family buried in Wales in the 1500's to 1700's, 
but there is a Bobith family buried in Wales in the late 1800's to 1900's." - - Marsha Berry
Robert Bobbitt                         Our Bobbitt Family Book by Allen Wade Mount, Srp.1
  b: abt 1300 England    

Sarah Bobett p. 10 Bobbitt Book
sp: Thomas Marks
  m: 1608 St. Mary Magdalen Parish, Taunton, Somerset England

Matthew Bobbitt               
  b: 1768 in Devonshire, England
sp: Mary   _______  
    William Bobbitt
    sp:  Charlotte Matthews
    sp:  Jane Hann

John Bobbett p. 9 Bobbitt Book
  bur: 5 Aug 1688 Somersetshire, England
sp: Elizal Woodland
  m: 20 Oct 1617
  b: 7 Apr 
Thomas Bobbett
  bur: 26 Sep 1619
John Bobbett
  bap: Jan 1621
James Bobbett
  bur: 14 Dec 1712
Jane Bobbett
  bap: Apr 1626
Arthur Bobbett
  bap: 7 Nov 1585

1-Dan Bobbitt 
  b:  abt 1578 Witnesham, Suffolk, England
sp: Cicely Chamberlin
  m: 27 Sep 1604 Witnesham, Suffolk, England
    2-John Bobbitt Genealogical List of Glamorgan, Wales
      b: abt 1620 near Bristol, Glamorganshire, Wales
	3-Ann Bobbitt        Ann Bobett arrived in Virginia in 1663?
	3-Roger Bobbitt
  	  b: abt 1646
    2-William Bobbett Somerset Co., England a Merchant p. 10 Bobbitt Book
      b: 1510 
    sp: Katheryn _______
	3-John Bobbitt
	  b: 20 Jan 1579
	sp: Margaret Edgare
	  b: 16 Mar 1577
	    4-William Bobbitt
	      b: 18 Oct 1610
	    sp: Francisse ________

			John Bobbitt, William Bobbit, Jos. Bobbitt,  Elizth Bobbitt  1767 VA

    2-William Bobbet 
      b: abt 	Woodbridge, Suffolk Co., England ?
      d: 24 Jun 1582 
Parish Register Transcripts, Film # 991934 Page 14 .   Wm. Bobbitt buryed the XXIIIJth of June Aop'd [1582]'
(Should be the 24th day of June 1582)" -- Bradley Marchant - from Marsha Berry 
    sp: Francisse __________
	3-William Bobbitt, Senior 
		arrived in January 1674 in Citty Point, Charles City Co., VA 
		sailing on the Dutch built fly boat or ship Martha departing 
		late Nov 1673 from  Felixstowe, Suffolk, England   From -- Marsha Berry
	Present day site of original 1673 Land Grant to William Bobbitt, Hopewell, VA
		First list of tithables of Pittsylvania Co., VA 1767 
  	  b:  12 Aug 1647 Saint Mary, Woodbridge  
		p. 9 Bobbitt Book) p. 11-13 The Bobbitt Family in America
  	  d: 1703 Bristol Parish, Charles City, VA
	sp: Elizabeth Whittington from The Bobbett/Bobbitt families in England by Marsha Berry 
	  m:				   p. 15 21 Bobbitt Book  sp: ? Joanna Sturdivant ?
  	  b: 1652 Isle of Wight, VA
		Whittington daughter of William's neighbor Francis Whittington
		Wife was born Abt. 1652 in Bristol Parish, Prince George, Virginia, USA
  	  d: 10 Jun 1702 & bef 12 May 1703 Prince George Co., VA 
		bur South Side Jones Hole Swamp, Prince George, VA
	    4-William Bobbitt, Junior p. 51, 647 The Bobbitt Family in America
              b: 1675 Charles City, Prince George Co., VA
              d: November 1736-38, Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Va
            sp:Mary Green sister of Sarah Green
              m: 1695 - sister of Sarah Green
              b: 14 FEB 1683 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, VA
              d: Warren County, NC
	    4-John Bobbitt of Chowan p. 50 The Bobbitt Family in America
              b: 1678 Bristol Parish, Charles City Co., VA
              d: 6 Nov 1736 Bertie Precinct, Chowan, NC
            sp:Sarah ______
              b: 1689 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., VA
              d: bef   6 Mov 1736
	    4-James Bobbitt of Hanover 	p. 51, 258 The Bobbitt Family in America
              b: 1680   VA	3rd son of William Bobbitt, Sr of Wales
              d: 1740 Hanover Co., VA 
	3-Roger Bobbitt
  	  b: abt 1646 near Bristol, Glamorganshire, Wales
	3-Ann Bobbitt
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