Wiley Perry Bobbitt

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 Pratt Co., KS Genealogy
	Illinois Census of 1850 p. 734 Bobbitt Book	1860 Morgan Co., IL
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1-Wiley Madison Bobbitt			   p. 683, 734 Bobbitt Book
	Wiley N. Bobbitt 1900 Census Grant Co., OK  p. 857 Bobbitt Book
  b: Jul 1809 Christian Co., KY   1860 Census Morgan Co., IL
sp:Sarah Pyle
  m: 12 Sep 1835 Schuyler Co., IL #293
  b: 1813-7 KY

    2-Wiley Perry Bobbitt 		p. 246, 838 Bobbitt Book
      b: Apr 1858 IL
    sp: Jepha Minor 
      m: 03 Dec 1896 Cullison, Pratt Co., KS 
      b: Jul 1864 MI
	3-Marie H. Bobbitt
	  b: Sep 1897 Pratt Co., KS
	3-Cecelia V. Bobbitt
	  b: Jan 1899 Pratt Co., KS
	3-Vina Bobbitt
	sp: Athel Chinn 
	    4-Dora Lea Chinn		http://keithbobbitt.com/World%20War%20II/wwii.htm 
	    sp: Thaine Plunk
	      m: 30 Nov l942

Alan Probst, born, 1922, in Conway Springs, Kansas, and his wife Geraldine R. Bobbit Probst, born in Decatur county, Kansas in 1927, 
both graduates of the University of Kansas and Pharmacists moved to Medicine Lodge from Libera, Kansas. 
They with Bert and Lora Probst, purchased the Carper Drug and renamed it Probst Pharmacy. Alan and Geraldine brought with them five sons: 
Evan Bobbitt, David L. Bobbitt, Stevan A. Bobbitt, Ronald L. Bobbitt, and Daniel J. Bobbitt, ranging in age from 1 year to 9 years of age. 
One other son died in infancy.

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