The History of Craighead County
Craighead County Genealogy
Created: 19 February 1859.
Parent Counties: Greene, Mississippi, Poinsett.
Arkansas County Information

Arkansas Territory was admitted to the Union in 1836

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HISTORY OF CRAIGHEAD COUNTY          p.    308                                            
by Harry Lee Williams - 1930                                                                      
Parke - Harper Co
      John Cook, farmer; Mary, wife;
      Elizabeth J., John H., Julia A.

      William T. Sims, farmer; Ludicia (Bobbitt?), wife;
      Hezekiah, John A., Martha E., William T., Aaron, Martha E. Barrow.
      John A. Sims, farm laborer.

      Moses L. Bobbitt, farmer; Rachael ______, wife;
     William H., Moses B., Mary J., James R., Bush T., Lodica, Caroline, Lewis C., Lodicia Bobbitt Sr

      Reuben Cochran, farmer; Harriett, wife; William S.
      John Stephens, farmer, Martha, Mary.
      John Cook (Little) farmer; Melvina, wife; Malinda J., John T. Lamb.

      Samuel Bobbitt, farmer; Nancy _______, wife;
      Mary, Elizabeth G., John J., George W., Emeline, Martha A., Eliza J.

      Hiram Cook, farmer; Mary, wife; Margaret C. Martin L.
      James Garner, farmer; Martha, James C., Amanda L., Levinson, Belza D., George Ridgeway, William Ridgeway,
      John Ingram, farm laborer.
      William Coldwell, farmer; Mary, wife.
      James Coldwell, farmer; Francis, wife; Amanda, infant daughter.
      Edward Holt, wood workman; Mary, wife; David, Elizabeth, Nancy E., John A. F., Octave C. A.

      R.J. Benton, farmer; Mary W., wife; Nancy L., Thomas H.

HISTORY OF CRAIGHEAD COUNTY                                  p.    557
by Harry Lee Williams - 1930
Parke - Harper Co........................
      After thw 1830 census of Carroll County, TN and before 1838 Lodicia _____ Bobbitt, a widow, left Carroll County, TN
(USGenWeb Census of TN) and sought a new home for her children in the wilds of Arkansas.
The last Indians had not been removed from this section when she located first at the new town of Bolivar (Greene CO)
formed 5 Nov 1833, then, 1838 Poinsett Co. formed), then removed to Crowley's (Greene Co.) and later
settled on the present J. H. Carney farm at New Hope in (Craighead Co., formed 19 Feb 1859), seven miles northwest of Jonesboro.
The Census of 1860 of Craighead Co. lists the Widow Bobbitt as 80 years old.

Her children follow:
Edward Bobbitt
married Miss Cardwell, and after her death married
Batsy Thompson, daughter of Laurence and Jane Mattix Thompson.
Their child, Ed Bobbitt, married Caroline Waldrum.
There was another child, James Bobbitt

Children of Edward and Caroline Bobbitt:
Dr. J. E. Bobbitt who married Jo Stringer,
Sallie Bobbitt married Dr. J. S. Estes.
    Thomas M. Estes, d. 06/03/1864     Estes/Eastes Family    John Wesley Estes, b,1824
    Abraham Estes, born 1647 at Nonington, Kent, England ??    Gallant Estes b: abt 1759 SC d: 1814 TN

Sam P. Bobbitt married Nancy Cardwell
Emmaline Bobbitt married Devaney Burr,
Martha Ann Bobbitt married Bill Cook of Shiloh,
Len Bobbitt,
Lively Bobbitt married Miss Moore,
Lodicia Bobbitt married Will F. Sims, who bought the entry of  Sam and Len Bobbitt to land on Big Creek in 1843.

His (Bill Cook & Martha Ann Bobbitt) children were:
Martha Ann, John, W. T. Dick, Edward Green, Joe, Lawson, Rans and Walker.
His brother Andrew (Cook) died of pneumonia after receiving a ducking in Big Creek on a cold winter day.