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Lewis W. Bobbitt b: 1 Oct 1854 KY d: Saskatchewan CA

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Bobbitt's of Harrington Harbour, Quebec
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Family of Mike Bobbitt  
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, most of my family is in the Maritimes (Nova Scotia).
1-Matthew Bobbitt      fisherman of Pass Island, Burin district 1844
  b: abt 1798 Burgeo,                     Judi Petersen -
sp: Mary Kendall
  m: 1835 Round Harbour
    2-______ Bobbitt
    2-_____ Bobbitt
    2-______ Bobbitt
    2-William Bobbitt	
      b: abt 1818 Burgeo 1852
      d: 1875   bur Quebec, Harrington Harbour Cemetery
   sp: Charlotte Matthews   d/o John & Grace Matthews 
      m: 25 Dec 1845 Charlotte
        3-John Bobbitt   fisherman of Round Harbour 1850 & bay Despair 1852
		moved to Harrington Harbour in 1851
        sp: Elizabeth Kendall	
          m: 1849 Hermitage Bay
	  d: 1924    bur Quebec, Harrington Harbour Cemetery
	    4-Thomas Bobbett    fisherman of Rose Blanche 1860
            sp: Susannah Walters (Waters?)
	      m: abt 1843 Burgeo
	      d:	bur Quebec, Harrington Harbour Cemetery  
			Marilyn Firman 
		5-Mary Charlotte Bobbett
		  b: 17 Feb 1848 Rose Blanche, NF
		  d: 15 Jun 1922 Vancover, B.C. Aacada
		sp: Robert Vincient
		  m: 26 Sep 1869 Rose Blanche
		    6-________ Vincent
	??????  5-Daniel Bobbitt	????????
		  b: 12 Apr 1854 Rose Blanche, Newfoundland
		  d: 20 May Harrington Harbour
		sp: Frances Ellen Cox
		  m: 19 Jun 1876
        	5-Elizabeth Bobbett
                  b:   abt 1863 Rose Blanche, NF
                sp: John Thomas Wilton 
                  m: 15 Sep 1882 Woody Point, Bonnie Bay, NF
		  d: bef 1921
		    6-George Wilton
		    6-Gertrude Wilton
		    6-Alexander Wilton
		    6-Joseph Wilton
		      d: 1949
			7-Florence Elizabeth Wilton 
			sp: _______ Mcguire
	    sp:Berthinia Burridge	2nd spouse of John ?
		Real Doyle - 
	      m: abo 1867 Burgeo.
	    4-Robert Bobbett   Picture
	      b: 1858	Burgeo, Newfoundland	moved to Halifax between 1917-20
	      d: 1931
            sp: Sarah Cross of Pushthrough
              m:   1863
                5-Clara Lily Bobbett
                5-_____ Bobbett
		5-_______ Bobbitt
		5-_______ Bobbitt
		5-_______ Bobbitt
		5-_______ Bobbitt
		5-_______ Bobbitt
		5-_______ Bobbitt
		5-_______ Bobbitt
		5-_______ Bobbitt
		5-_______ Bobbitt
		5-_______ Bobbitt
		5-_______ Bobbitt
		5-_______ Bobbitt
		5-William Wallace Bobbitt   Picture
		  b: 1880
		  d: 1937
		sp: Jessie Roswell
		    6-Ivan Wallace Bobbitt   Picture
		      b: 19 Feb 1908 Harrington Harbour, Quebec 
		      d: 8 Mar 1989 Halifax
		    sp: Helen Doyle
			7-boy Bobbitt
			7-boy Bobbitt
			7-boy Bobbitt
			7-boy Bobbitt
			7-boy Bobbitt
			7-boy Bobbitt
			7-girl Bobbitt
			7-Joan Bobbitt
			sp: ______ Perry
            4-Matthew Bobbett
            sp: Elizabeth Percy
              m: 1865 at Pass Island
            4-William Bobbett
            sp: Sarah Bobbitt of Pass Island
              m: bef 1875
    sp: Jane Hann	2nd spouse of William Bobbitt s/o Matthew Bobbitt 
      m: 1852
      d: 	bur Quebec, Harrington Harbour Cemetery
	3-Charles "Charl" Bobbitt   Picture
	  b: 1861 Burgeo, Newfoundland
  	  d: 1937	bur Quebec, Harrington Harbour Cemetery
	sp: Alice "Jane" Chislett	d/o Charles Chislett & Frances Anderson
	  b: abt 1864
	  d: 30 Jul 1889	Harrington Harbour Cemetery
	    4-Annie Maude Bobbitt
	      b: 5 Jan 1917 Harrington Harbour
	    sp: David Reginald Anderson
	      m: 12 Dec 1943
	3-Mary Jane Bobbitt   Picture
	  b: 1865 Burgeo 
	  d: 19__
	sp: Samuel Paxman
	3-John Bobbitt   Picture 
  	  b: 1846 Burgeo, Newfoundland
	  sp: Grace Sarah Matthews	1st spouse
  	    b: 1853
  	    d: 1873
	    4-Mary Jane Bobbitt
	    sp: Edward James 
	      m: 3 Oct 1894 Mutton Bay, Saginaw, Quebec
	      b: 25 Jul 1865 Burgeo
    	    4-Charlotte Bobbitt      Picture
      	      b: 1870 Burgeo, Newfoundland
      	      d: 1950
    	    sp: John Jones	s/o Gilbert Jones & Louisa Butt
      	      b: 1862
      	      d: 1941
		3-Hiram Newton Jones
          	  d: 1918
    	    4-Amelia Bobbitt 
	sp: Isabella Michell	2nd spouse
  	  b: 1855
  	  d: 1913
	    4-Elizabeth "Lill" Jane Bobbitt   Picture
	      b: 1885
	      d: 1969
	    sp: Gilbert Jones	s.o Gilbert Jones	no children
	    sp: Joseph Jones	s/o Edward Jones & Josephine Fortier 
		no children
    	    4-Minnie Gleanor Bobbitt
    	    4-John Bobbitt
    	    4-Lucy "Luce" Florence Bobbitt   Picture
      	      b: 16 Aug 1888 Harrington Harbour, Quebec 
      	      d: 1968 Harrington Harbour, Quebec 
    	    sp: George Henry Chislett	s/o John Chislett & Isabella Cox
	3-William Bobbitt      Picture
	sp: Mary "Polly" Way(e)
 	  b: 	Flowers Cove, Newfoundland
  	  d: 1947
    	    4-Augustus Willis Bobbitt
              b: 4 Nov 1897 Harrington Harbour, Quebec 
      	      d: 28 Jan 1983 Harrington Harbour, Quebec 
   	    sp: Annabelle Louisa Jones	d/o Reuban Sanford Jones & Sarah Chislett
	      b: 27 Jan 1899 Wolf Bay, Quebec
	      d: 1988 Harrington Harbour, Quebec
		5-Masie Bobbitt
	          b: 29 Dec 1921 Harrington Harbour, Quebec 
		  d: 13 Jul 1994 Lourdes de Blanc Sablon, Quebec
		5-Edna Mary Bobbitt
	  	  b: 1 may 1926 Harrington Harbour, Quebec 
		5-Alfred Bobbitt
	  	  b: 15 Aug 1934 Harrington Harbour, Quebec 
	  	  d: 28 Apr 1992
    	    4-Daniel Bobbitt   
      	      b: 17 Oct 1903 Harrington Harbour, Quebec 
      	      d: Jan 1987 Harrington Harbour, Quebec 
    	    sp: Rosella Isabella Anderson
      	      m: 31 Aug 1926
	    4-________ Bobbitt
	    4-________ Bobbitt
	    4-________ Bobbitt
	    4-________ Bobbitt
	    4-________ Bobbitt
	    4-________ Bobbitt
	    4-________ Bobbitt
	    4-________ Bobbitt
	    4-________ Bobbitt
	    4-________ Bobbitt
	    4-________ Bobbitt

Judi Bobbitt 
I am looking for any information on Jane A Babbit b. 1825/1827 possibly in NY. 
She married Peter Perry b. 1824 in Canada.  Sara Claunch Burnett  
My g/grandfather was Richard Babbitt.    My grandfather was Thomas Tyler Babbitt.
My father was Harold Babbitt.    I am seeking any info. karen wilhite  
Need help with the family of Simeon Babbitt and Polly Savage. 
It is estimated that Simeon was born abt 1797 in Nova Scotia and Polly abt 1805 place unknown. 
They had Olive Ann, Jane, William, Charles, Samuel Clinton, and John Tracy. 
We think all of the kids were born in New York    
I'm looking for any Bobbitt, Bobbett located in Canada. Particularly in Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario
but the entire country. 
I have a William Bobbitt whose father was Matthew Bobbitt. I have much to share from William down.
The time period of William would be the 1800's. Judi Petersen    
Judi Bobbitt (Victor's daughter) in Ontario.   
Researcher :Real Doyle - 
Description :Seek the marriage of Thomas Bobbitt & Susan Waters about 1843 Burgeo. 
Marriage of John Bobbitt & Berthinia Burridge about 1867 Burgeo. 
Marriage of Annie Bobbitt & William Buffitt about 1869 Burgeo. 
Area of Research :Entire Province     Extent of researchLimited 
Researcher :Sharon Ransom - 
Address :8 baker St. St. John's NFLD A1A 5A7 
Description :Matthew Bobbitt had son William 1819. 
William, according to Small's Diary, "arrived in Burgeo as a single man".
Where did he come from? 
William married, (1)Charlotte Matthews, and they had John Bobbitt. 
Charlotte Matthews Bobbitt died shortly after and 
William married Jane Hann (John, Ann ?) in 1852. 
Jane came to Burgeo, according to Small's Diary with her stepfather John Payne/Pynne.
 Where were they coming from? Who were the parents of William Bobbitt? 
Area of Research :Southwest Coast         Extent of research Limited 
Researcher :Gloria Bobbitt -   
Address :P.O.Box 6 Chevery, Quebec G0G 1G0 
Description :All info on Matthew Bobbitt approx. dates 1798 or early 1800's. 
His son William born about 1818 in BURGEO we know about but Matthew we know nothing about. 
Matthew is the one we need to find. 
Area of Research :Entire Province     Extent of research Very Limited 
Researcher : Chuck Collier -   
Address : General Delivery Hopedale, Labrador, Canada AOP 1GO 
Description :Seeking information on the early Bobbett families of Pass Island and 
other areas of Fortune Bay. 
Earliest Info - 

By 1921, 60 people inhabited Morrisville, NF. 
The family names of these settlers included:
Bobbett, Cooper, Matchem, Mullins, Willcott, and Wells. 
In time, Kendell built a shipbuilding yard and a store. 
During the early years, the settlers supplemented their income by gardening, hunting, 
and trapping. Morrisville's principle link to the outside world was by coastal boat.

This page is for listings of the surname BOBBETT, and people with research interest. 
Bill Crant -  
Excerpt from Dr. Seary's, Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland, MUN 1977. 
BOBBETT, BOBBITT, surnames of England diminutives of the English nickname Bob, 
from the baptismal name Robert (See ROBERTS). (Bardsley). Bardsley traced Bobbett in Somerset.     
In Newfoundland: 
Family tradition: The Bobbetts of Milltown came from Cape Dorset to Great Jervis Harbour, 
Bay d'Espoir, Newfoundland whence they moved to Milltown in 1900 (MUN Hist.). 
Early instances: 
Matthew Bobbitt, fisherman of Pass Island (Burin district), 1844 (DPHW 102); 
William Bobbit, of Burgeo, 1852 (DPHW 101); 
John Bobbitt, fisherman of Round Harbour, 1850 (DPHW 104); 
John Bobbitt, fisherman of Bay Despair, 1852 (DPHW 104); 
Thomas, fisherman of Rose Blanche, 1860 (DPHW 99) . 
Modern status: 
Bobbett,at Gaultois and Channel; 
Bobbitt, in the Fortune Bay & Hermitage district (Electors 1955). 
Place names: Bobbett Cove 47-55 55-45, Bobbit Point 47-37 55-57. 
Early Instances in Burgeo - LaPoile:
William BOBBITT, Bachelor married Dec. 25, 1845 Charlotte MATTHEWS by Rev. Martin Blackmore
Witnesses: John Jorden and Leonard Covey Vol. 101 of Vital Statistics 
William Babbitt from CT, one share: township of Horton, Nova Scotia 

I'm looking for any Bobbitt, Bobbett located in Canada. 
Particularly in Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario but the entire country. 
I have a William Bobbitt whose father was Matthew Bobbitt. 
I have much to share from William down. - Judi Petersen 
The time period of William would be the 1800's
Robert Arthur Bobbett,  
I am interested in discussing your Bobbett family connection to Harbour Le Cou,
Rose Blanche Bobbetts. 
Please email me at this email address.  Thanks Sharon Chubbs-Ransom
Lucy Maude Bonner, 92, of Lorne St., North Sydney, died Sunday, Jan. 16, 2000, at the Northside 
General Hospital. Born in Ramea, Newfoundland, she was the daughter of the late William and 
Suzanna (Warren) Kendall. She was a member of St. John The Baptist Anglican Church, North Sydney. 
Surviving are five daughters, Thelma (Mrs. Gerald Bobbitt) of Fredericton, N.B., Frances Thompson 
of Belleville, Ont., Helen Nicholson of Toronto, Ont., Joan (Mrs. Al Putnam) of Truro, N.S., 
and Marion Delaney of North Sydney; two sons Leonard (Violet) of Sydney Mines and Cecil (Helen) 
of Sydney Mines; 46 grandchildren; 62 great-grandchildren and 15 great-great-grandchildren. 
She was predeceased by her husband Leonard; two sons Alphonse (Toddy) and Harrison; one daughter 
Edna Wall; four great-grandchildren; one grandchild; four brothers Austin, Emmanuel, Jack and 
William and four sisters Frances, Rita, Edna and Alice. Visitation will be held Tuesday Jan. 18, 
from 2-4, 7-9 p.m. in the W.J. Dooley Funeral Home, 107 Pleasant St., North Sydney with Archdeacon 
Reg MacDonald officiating. Burial to follow in Lakeside Cemetery, North Sydney. 
Memorial donations may be made to a charity of one's choice
Albert Bobbett. Born Feb 2, 1886 in Wookey, near Wells, England. 
Came to the United States around 1905. Lived in New York, Colorado, and California (San Diego). 
Had a large number of brothers and sisters - James Noel I know that my grandfather
had two Aunts living in New York at the time he came to the USA in 1905. 
He stayed with them for a while and then move to Colorado around 1910. 
He was the youngest of 14 children. His father was married twice.
Katherine Bobbitt Houseman; lived in St. Louis, Mo. but from Crawford Co.,Mo. 
Parents were Samuel and Elizabeth Bobbitt. Born about 1876
Sophie Bobbitt born 1867 in Ohio, moved to Crawford Co.,Mo. with parents circa 1870
Samuel Bobbitt and Elizabeth ______ circa about 1864. Elizabeth was from Kentucky but, 
first child was born in Ohio in 1866. I need Elizabeth's maiden name. 
They raised their family in Crawford Co., Mo.
John Sameul Bobbett b. Oct. 17,1852 and d. July 19,1918. 
He married Elizabeth, born June 9,1857 and died Sept.29,1923 
Robert Leslie McBride b. April 25,1880 and d. April 17,1954. 
I know Robert McBride came from KY - Melissa Chambliss
Elmer(?) Bobbett Melzena _____ married after 1913.
She died 1950. He died before her.
The Babbitt Family Association is in the process of compiling a book of the descendants of 
Edward Bobet (1626-1675) the progenitor of most of the Babbitt Families in the world today. 
Information is needed to make this book as accurate and complete as possible. 
Go to and click on "New" Babbitt Book link for details - 
Ronald Babbitt
David Babbit, born abt 1797, and his wife Polly Gates, born abt 1796. 
They married in Windham co, VT abt 1815 and were there in 1850 and 1860. 
Jacquelyn Glavinick -

Looking for marriage date and place (in Illinois) for Daniel I Morse born 1847 to 
Louesa M Babbitt born 1855 to Robert Emmett Babbitt and Mary E Page. Additional info: 
Dan and Louesa Babbitt had a son; George Francis Morse born 1872 Diane Walters 

Other Bobbitt's