James Bobbitt of Hanover County, VA
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The Bobbitt Family in America p. 258
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Third Son of William Bobbitt, Senior of Glamorganshire, Wales

    James Bobbitt (1680-1740) was a son of William Bobbitt from Wales.
We have calculated his birth to have been in the year 1680.
The first record and virtually the only record of James Bobbitt was in the
vestry book of St. Paul's Parish of Hanover County, Virginia.

"Returns made to the Vestry of St. Pauls Parish March 14, 1708, from the surveyor of the 39 precincts, that the said Parish was divided into for the processing of lands by an order of the Parish Vestry held on September 24, 1708."

"The lands of Edward Garland, Renold Allen, and Mathew Anderson lying adjacent to each other, being made one precinct of which the said Edward Garland, and Mathew Anderson, were appointed Overseers, and who made this return, in obedience to an order of the Vestry. We processioned the lands of Mr. John Page, and the lines of the land of Edwrad Garland but the back line of Beever Quarter never was marked, only courses I and the said Edward Garland gave Renold Allen warning to meet us on Shrove Wednesday at James Bobbitt's but he came not, therefore we suppose that he mistook the day, and therefore we could not proceed in the processioning the said Allen's land.

Subscribed, Edward Garland and Mathew Anderson."

    Hanover County is abbey 45 miles from the place where William Bobbitt Senior from Wales, reared his family.
Other than the land grant of October 23, 1673, this record of 1708 is the next positive record of a Bobbitt living in
the vicinity of the land grant.

    James Bobbitt in 1708 was a mature man, living on his own land, known by members of the Vestry of the Parish of St. Paul's. He was married, reared his family, and died in Hanover County.

    On September 1, 1737, William Gooch, Governor of the Virginia Colony, granted to Randolph Bobbitt,
400 acres of land, in the County of Hanover, on both sides of Foster's Creek. The same area and Parish that
James Bobbitt lived in.

    We are unable to place Randolph Bobbitt as a son to any other Bobbitt, other than
James Bobbitt of Hanover.
We know from the land grant that Randolph Bobbitt in 1737 had to be born in
1720 or earlier in order to be of age to receive the land.

    James Bobbitt son of William Bobbitt Junior of Prince George County received a land grant in 1758.
James died in Pittsylvania County in 1761 and left a recorded will. The ages of his children place the birth
of James Bobbitt as 1707. If the James Bobbitt of Hanover County was the same James Bobbitt as
lived in Pittsylvania County
he would have had to be at least seventy years of age when he died.
From the ages of his children we know that it was not likely. The two were entirely separate and different.

    We also know of a William Bobbitt who went to Maryland in the early 1700's and we must conclude that he
was a son of James Bobbitt of Hanover.

    In Hanover County there was a strong Quaker influence. Many of these Quakers moved from Hanover County
to Bedford County and we find the early Bobbitt family in Bedford County located in the Quaker settlement area
and living with and near the families from Hanover County.

    The mysterious Lucy Bobbitt who made her will in Bedford County in 1788 in which she left property to two sons, William Bobbitt, and Randolph Bobbitt, must certainly have been the wife of William Bobbitt the son of Randolph Bobbitt of Hanover County.

   Lucy Bobbitt said in her will of 1788 that her son Randolph was not yet of legal age. Lucy could not have
been born earlier than 1732, so we do not believe that she was the wife of Randolph Bobbitt of Hanover County.

    We do know that the records show that the Bobbitt families of Bedford County were knowledgeable of
the Bobbitt families of nearby Pittsylvania County.

    The records that could prove or support the theory have been destroyed. We have only the location, the
dates from a very few records, and circumstantial evidence to make the family connections that seem most
likely in the case of the descendants of James Bobbitt of Hanover County. There are few male members
of the family that show up in later records that have not been positively placed, that would seem to descend
from James Bobbitt.

    Only Randolph Bobbitt of Bedford County, Virginia had males among his children.
His brother William Bobbitt had only daughters who lived to maturity. Randolph Bobbitt left Virginia in 1795
and moved to Campbell County, Kentucky. None of his descendants seem to have remained in Virginia.

    At the present time we have been unable to locate any male descendants of William Bobbitt who moved
to Baltimore County in Maryland and died there in 1785.

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