Beebe, Arkansas

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Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Eastern Arkansas

T. B. Bobbitt, M. D., is one of the most worthy men engaged in the practice of medicine in White County, and is much esteemed and respected by all his medical brethren. He was born in Gibson County, Tenn., November 8, 1849, and while assisting his father on the farm, he attended school at every opportunity, and by applying himself closely to his books he, at the age of twenty years, had a much better education than the average farmer's boy. Not being satisfied with the education thus acquired, he entered the high school at Gibson, Tenn., and formed while there a desire to enter the medical profession. In 1872 he entered the Nashville Medical College, graduated in the class of 1873 and the following year engaged in selling drugs. He next farmed one year and in 1876 began the practice of medicine in Madison County, Tenn., continuing there until 1879, when he settled in White County, at Antioch Church, and in 1886 came to Beebe. Since his residence here he has practiced his profession, kept a drug store and has farmed, and in all these enterprises has been successful, being now the owner of 500 acres of good farming land, lying in several different farms, and has 200 acres under cultivation. In 1873 he was united in marriage to Miss Eddie James, a daughter of Edward James, a native of Tennessee. They have four children: Nora (born March 1, 1875), Pinkie (born in 1879), Lawson (born in 1881) and Edgar (born in 1886). The Doctor is a member of the A. F. & A. M. and was a member of the K. of L. He and his wife and eldest daughter are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. His parents, T. J. and Elizabeth (Wallace) Bobbitt, were born in South Carolina and Tennessee, respectively, and the former at the age of seven years was taken to Tennessee by his father, James Bobbitt, who had previously been an infinential planter of South Carolina. They were married in Gibson County, [p.133] Tenn., in 1835, and reared the following family: William H. (a lawyer of Humboldt, Tenn.), Caroline (wife of W. F. Lawson, at present mayor of Eureka Springs, Ark.), James (a carriage and wagon maker of Joplin, Mo.), Mattie (who died at the age of twenty at Eureka Springs, Ark.), Ellen (wife of H. M. Brimm, a druggist at Eureka Springs), Mollie (wife of William Boyd, an editor of Seneca, Mo.) and Lena (who died in infancy). Both parents are living in retirement at Eureka Springs and are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the former a Mason and a member of the Union Labor party. J. N. Wallace, the maternal grandfather of our subject, was a soldier in the War of 1812, was a farmer and one of the pioneers of Tennessee.

1-John Richard Bobbitt & Amy Alston
    2-William Bobbitt, Senior
      b: 1761 Warren Co., NC
      d: 1839 Chester Dist., Spartansburg, SC
    sp:Susannah "Sukie" James        James Family 
      b: 1765 Warren, NC m: 15 May 1784 Warren Co., NC
      d: 19 Nov 1844
	3-Temperance Bobbitt
	  b: 1785
	sp:____ Hargrove
	3-James Bobbitt
	  b: 1786
	3-Lemuel Bobbitt
	  b: 1787
	3-Susannah Bobbitt
	  b: 1789
	sp:_____ Patterson
	3-John Bobbitt Census of 1820 & 1850 York Co., SC
	  b: 1790 Warren Co., NC
	sp:Lavina Bobbitt Census of 1850 York Co., SC
	  b: 1800 NC
	3-Thomas Bobbitt
	  b: 1791 Spartanburg, SC
	sp:Ann ________
	  b: 1812 GA
	    4-Lucy Bobbitt
              b: 1833
	    4-Caroline Bobbitt
              b: 1835
	    4-Mary Bobbitt
              b: 1837
	    4-Sophrona Bobbitt
              b: 1840
	    4-William Bobbitt
              b: 1842
 		5-William Drury Bobbitt
                  b: 1867?
                sp:Corinithia Calloway
	    4-Jerome Bobbitt
               b: 1847
	    4-Marion Bobbitt
              b: 1849
	3-William Bobbitt
          b: 1794
	3-Sarah Bobbitt 
	 b: 1795
	3-James Bobbitt
          b:  1788 York Co., SC
	    4-Stephen J. Bobbitt
	    sp:Lucy Holt
              m: 16 Jan 1845 in Gibson Co., TN
	    4-T.J. Bobbitt   Planter in SC
              b:    S.C.
	    sp:Elizabeth Wallace     dau of J.N. Wallace, TN pioneer, War of 1812
              m: abt 1835 Gibson Co., TN, p. 133
              b: TN
		5-Thomas B. Bobbitt     M.D.    s/o Drury J. Bobbitt 
		  b: Nov. 8, 1847?9 Gibson, Co. TN
		  d:  Jan. 20, 1922 Beebe, AR    Beebe Cemtery Tombstones
		sp: Mary Eddie James    dau of Edwin James, TN
		  m: abt 1873 Madison Co., TN ?
		  b: 23 Dec 1857    TN
		  d: 16  May 1929
		    6-Lenora   "Nora" A. Bobbitt
		      b: 1 Mar 1875
		    sp:R.T. DeBerry
                      b: 1870-
                      m: abt 27 Aug 1901
		    6-Marion Pink "Pinkie" Bobbitt
                      b:   abt 1879
		    sp:WilliamT. Seawell (Sewell) Dr.
		      b: abt 1877
 		      m: 6 Nov 1902
		    6-Lawson E. Bobbitt
                      b: abt 1881
                    sp:Willie E.
		5-William H. Bobbitt      Lawyer in Humbolt, TN
		5-Caroline Bobbitt
          	sp:W.F. Lawson,      Mayor of Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., AR
		5-James Bobbitt      Carriage & Wagon maker, Joplin, MO
		5-Mattie Bobbitt
        	  d: age 20 Eureka Springs
		5-Ellen Bobbitt
        	sp:H.M. Brimm      Druggist Eureka Springs
		5-Mollie Bobbitt
        	sp:William Boyd      Editor of Seneca, MO
		5-Lena Bobbitt
        	  b: 1840
        	  d: 1840 in infancy


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