About the Bobbitt name

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Craighead, Green, White
other counties in Arkansas


Stoddard County, Missouri
by way of
Carroll County, Tennessee
who migrated from N. Carolina

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Researched by Chird Bobbitt   iWebTech:  bobbittville.com Copyright 1997-2xxx All Rights Reserved
with help from Dan & James Denny and Robert Bailey on the descendents of George Washington Bobbitt,
Bill Couch, Carmem R. Baxter   & book History of Craighead County

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Simpson Bobbitt		Top Laepple 
Simpson Bobbitt found in World Family Tree Volume 66, Tree 730
General location: Unknown   
Date: 1780-1789 1830 Census Maury Co., TN	
TNGewnWeb Maury Co., TN 
p. 357, 730-731, 759 Bobbitt Book 
Simpson in Moore Co., NC 1790	Simpson Name 	
b: 1788 Moore Co., NC from Max L. Bobbitt & Calvin Kyle Bobbitt 
d: abt 1837-38 On trip from TN ? 

sp: Lodicia Bobbitt    Ron Bobbitt  ronbobb@earthlink.net
Ludica, Sr. Bobbitt found in World Family Tree Volume 52, Tree 1838
General location: AL, ...   Date: 1780-1789

Lydia Bobbitt on 1840 Census Poinsett Co., AR  Arkansas Census
Ludica Bobbit, Sr. on 1860 Federal Census Big Creek TWP Craighead Co., AR
Lodica Bobbert     b: NC 1870 Big Creek TWP
m: 1814
b: 1790 AL
d: aft 1880      Craighead Co., AR Cemeteries

Traveling from Tennessee, the Bobbitt's probably lived in Maury Co., TN. before settling in Carroll Co., TN.
In the late 1830's Simpson apparently died or was killed as they traveled to Poinsett Co., Ar. with the Cooks,
Cardwells, and Burrows. Later in Greene, now Craighead Co., AR, first settling at Bolivar then Crowley's Ridge
and later to New Hope on what later became the J.H. Carney farm, 7 miles N-W of Jonesboro.
Lydia Bobbitt was on the 1840 Poinsett Co., Census, age 50 with 4 other females & 3 males.
On February 19, 1859 Craighead county was formed out of parts of Greene, Mississippi, and Poinsett counties &
the Poinsett
Co., Line was moved 6 miles south.     Old Arkansas Maps

    2-Edward G. (Green?) "Ned" BOBBITT
      b: 1818 ,, TN 1850 AR Census (Powell TWP Craighead then Green CO.
    sp:______ Cardwell
    sp-Elizabeth (Betsy) THOMPSON dau of Laurence & Jane Mattix Thompson
      b: 1828 Old Lawrence Co., AR

3-James M. BOBBITT
  b: 1848   Greene Co. AR
  sp-Unknown CARDWELL
3-Elizabeth E. BOBBITT
  b: 1836 ,, TN
3-Edward BOBBITT
  sp-Caroline WALDRUM
    4-J. E. BOBBITT [Dr.]
              sp-Jo STRINGER
            4-Sallie BOBBITT
              sp-J. S. ESTES [Dr.]
            4-Samuel P. BOBBITT
      b: 1827  ,, AR
              sp-Nancy CARLWELL (Caldwell ?)
      b: 1827 ,,  AR
  b: 1845 ,, AR
                5-Elizabeth G. BOBBITT
  b: 1847 ,, AR
                5-John J. BOBBITT
  b: 1850 ,, Arkansas
                5-George W. BOBBITT
  b: 1852,, AR
                5-Emeline BOBBITT
  b: 1854 ,, AR
                5-Martha A. BOBBITT
  b: 1856  Craighead Co. AR
                5-Eliza J. BOBBITT
  b: 1859  Craighead Co. AR
    4-Emmaline BOBBITT
              sp-Devaney BURR
            4-Martha Ann BOBBITT
              sp-Bill COOK of Shiloh
            4-Len BOBBITT
            4-Lively BOBBITT
              sp-Unknown MOORE
            4-Lodicia T. BOBBITT
      b: 1836 ,, Kentucky
              sp-William T.(F.?) SIMS
Bought land from Sam & Len Bobbitt on Big Creek in 1843
      b: 1834 ,, Kentucky
5-Hezekiah SIMS
  b: 1852 ,, Brookland,Craighead Co. AR
                5-John A. SIMS
  b: 1854 ,, Brookland,Craighead Co. AR
    6-Sarah E. SIMS
      b: 1890 Craighead Co. AR
                5-Martha E.(Ann?) SIMS
  b: 1856 ,, Craighead   Co. AR
                5-William T. SIMS
  b: 1859 ,, Craighead   Co. AR
                5-Aaron G. SIMS
  b: 1859 ,, Craighead   Co. AR
                5-Henry L.(Lawson?) SIMS
  b; 1861 ,, Craighead Co. AR
                5-Joseph C. SIMS
  b: 1863 ,, Craighead Co. AR
                5-Edward Green SIMS
  b: 1864 ,, Craighead   Co.AR
                5-Ransom (Rans) O. W. SIMS
  b: 1866 ,, Craighead Co. AR
                5-William W. SIMS
  b: 1868 ,, Craighead Co. AR
                5-Walter W.(Walker) SIMS
  b: 1873 ,, Craighead Co.AR
    2-Emaline B. BOBBIT
      b: 1820 ,, AL
    sp-Devaney BURROW
      b: 1810 ,, GA

3-James BURROW
  b: 1838 ,, TN
        3-William L. BURROW
  b: 1840 ,, AR
        3-Calvin M. BURROW
  b: 1845 ,, AR
          sp-Trissie T. IRVIN
  b: 1857 ,, AR
            4-James E. BURROW
      b: 1874 ,, Craighead Co. AR
            4-Nancy Emmaline BURROW
      b: 1875  Monette,Craighead Co,Ar
      d: 1961
            sp-James William SMITH
      b: 1875  Rochester,Butler Co,KY
      d: 1930
        5-Mary Paralee SMITH
  b: 1899  ,Craighead Co,AR
  d: 1932
                5-Bennie=20 SMITH
  b: 1899
                5-Bowen C SMITH
                5-Walter Elwood SMITH
  b: 1902
  d: 1938
                5-Wesley SMITH
  b: 1902
                5-Henry Vincent "Jack" SMITH
  b: 1904
                5-Lela Gould SMITH
  b: 1909 Paragould,Greene Co,Ark
                5-Hester Jewell SMITH
  b: 1906
d: 1947 ,,Arkansas
                  sp-Thomas Wm Arlie SPENCER
  b: 1905
  b: 1961  Lindsay,Lawrence Co,AR
                    6-Truman Lee SPENCER
      b: 1924
      d: 1992  Nashville,Davidson,TN
                      sp-Rose Marie POYNTER
      b: 1925
      d:   Pine Bluff,Jefferson,Ark
                  sp-Walter GRESHAM
                    6-Juanita GRESHAM
      b: 1926
      d:   Pine Bluff, Jefferson,AR
                      sp-Walter Cecil BRADSHAW
      b: 1924   ,,AR
                    6-Jackie GRESHAM
      b: 1928  Pine Bluff, Jefferson,AR
                  sp-J. R. PRICE
  b: 1931
                  sp-Alexander SPENCER
  b: 1886
  d:   ,,AR
                5-Lila Gould SMITH
  b: 1909
  d:   Paragould,Greene Co,Ark
                5-Ernest Ray SMITH
  b: 1912
  d: 1994
                  sp-John Chester SPENCER
  b: 1879
  d: 1961  Newport,Jackson Co,AR
            4-Mary E. BURROW
      b: 1879
      d:   Craighead Co. AR
3-Lodicia BURROW
  b: 1846  AR
        3-America L. BURROW
  b: 1864  AR
        3-Percella BURROW
  b: 1849  AR
        3-Joseph BURROW
  b: 1853  AR
  b: 1845  AR
        3-Polly BURROW
  b: 1854  Greene Co. AR
        3-Wyatt M. P. BURROW
  b: 1855  AR

    2-Moses L. Bobbitt AR 1850  1850 Census Powell TWP   1860 Census Big Creek TWP
      b: 1823 ,Carroll Co.?,, TN

      d: , Craighead Co., AR
      sp:Rachel _______
      m: ABT 1843 , Carroll Co.?, TN
      b: 1829 ,, TN
      d: , Craighead Co., AR

3-William H. BOBBIT
  b: 1844 ,, AR
  sp-Mary J.
  b: 1850 ,, AR
3-Moses Benjamin BOBBIT
  b: 1848 ,, AR
3-Mary J. BOBBIT
  b: 1850 ,, AR
3-James R. BOBBIT
  b: 1852 ,,,AR
  sp-Elvira UNKNOWN
  b: 1861 ,,,AR
1899 Birdseye Baptist Church by Elder James Bobbitt?
        4-Lewis BOBBIT
          b: 1876 ,,,AR
        4-Elizabeth BOBBITT
          b: 1878 Craighead Co.,AR
        4-Rachel BOBBITT
          b: 1880 Craighead Co.,AR
3-Bush T. BOBBIT
  b: 1853 Brookland,Craighead Co. AR
3-Lodica BOBBIT
  b: 1854 Brookland,Craighead Co. AR
3-Caroline BOBBIT
  b: 1857 Craighead Co. AR
3-Lewis C. BOBBIT
  b: 1859 Craighead Co. AR
3-Harriet Bobbit (twin to John Wesley ?) Census AR 1880
  b: 1861 Craighead Co., AR
3-John Wesley Bobbitt - a relative owned a hotel in MO, Bloomfield?
  b: 1861 Craighead Co., AR -
age 9 on AR 1870 Census & 19 on 1880
  d: Died abt 1897 in Eureka Springs, AR from Consumption (TB)
  m: abt 1889
    4-Lewis Bobbitt
1900 Census as Bobbett, (slave) age 10 Clay TWP White Co.,
AR on the farm of WilliamM & Caroline Magness.
Born in Craighead Co., AR by first marriage of John W.

          b: abt 1890 Craighead Co, AR
          d: 1911 buried Walnut Grove Cem., McJester, Cleburne Co., AR
  sp: Mary Kitchens - daughter of Emelia (Mellie) Reden 1900 Census Denmark TWP
  m: 22 Jun 1893 in Batesville, Independence Co., AR
White Co., Bk J, Pg 422 Other Marriage
    b: 1867 Ward, AR, Lonoke Co., AR or Newark in Independence Co.
    d: 1911 buried unmarked grave, Apple Hill Cem, Ward, AR
    4-Clora Bell Bobbitt
  b: 1894 Craighead Co., AR
          d: 1938 Kensett, AR
          sp:Henry Taylor
          m: Dec 14, 1914 White Co., Bk T, Pg 276
        He was 57 & from Judsonia, she 20 & from Step Rock
          sp: George Dudley Harder
  m: 27 Dec 1918 White Co., Bk V, Pg 432
        George lived in Gruggs, Jackson Co., & Clora in Judsonia
          b: 1 Jan 1884 Atkins, Pope Co., AR
          d: 6 Dec 1958 Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR buried at West Fork
5-Clarence G. Harder SSAN 431-14-7861 ?
  b: 24 Feb 1916 Judsonia, White Co., AR
  d: 11 Mar 1999 Beebe, White Co., AR
  sp:Bonnie Nadine Stewart
  b: 9 Aug 1921
         6-Richard Stewart Harder
           b: 6 Aug 1950
         6-Robert Clarence Harder
           b:16 Oct 1955
5-Carl Eugene Harder
  b: 1920 Judsonia, White Co., AR - Died 1940 WWII
  d: 1940 Booneville, Logan Co., AR buried at Kensett
5-Edith Alline Harder
  b: 1930-1935 , AR
    4-Flemon Benjamin Bobbitt  SSAN 431-38-6158 Orphans on the River
  b: 27 May 1896 in Craighead Co., AR Picture 1918
          d: 27 Feb 1987 buried in Providence Cem, Providence, White Co., AR
          sp: Mary Tenise Watkins
  m:18 Jul 1919 Judsonia, Bk V, Pg 635
          b: 8 Aug 1899 White Co., AR
          d: 19 Jun 1927 Kensettburied in Providence Cem, White Co., AR
5-Loyd Bobbitt
  b: 1920 Bald Knob, White County, AR ?
  d: 1920 Bald Knob
5-Earl Willard Bobbitt SSAN 364-22-9036
b: 26 Jan 1921 Bald Knob, White Co., AR ?
  d: 20 May 1993 South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
  sp:Christine Slaven dau of Ike Slaven
  m: Jamestown, TN
  b:22 Feb 1932 Jamestown, Fentress Co., TN
    6-Jo Ann Bobbitt
           b: South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
           sp:Richard Overton
7-Angela Overton
  b: 4 Jul 1983 South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
         6-Betty Sue Bobbitt
           b: 13 Jun 1955 South Bend, St. Joseph Co., Indiana
           sp:Robert "Bob" Francis Comeau son of  John M. Comeau & Alice Stockwell
           m: abt 1980 - divorced
           b:17 Oct 1954 Plattsburg, Franklin Co., NY
7- Sara Michell Comeau
  b:27 Jun 1979 St. Joseph Co., IN
7-Sotty Michael Comeau
  b: 17 Aug 1981 St. Joseph Co., IN
         6-Linda Fay Bobbitt
           b: 14 Jul 1959 South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
           sp:Randy Smith son of Robert Smith & Evelyn Lackey
           b: 19 Dec 1955 Mishawaka, St Joseph Co., IN
7-Josh Smith
  b: 11 May 1986 St. Joseph Co., IN
7- Justin Smith
  b: 28 Mar 1989 St. Joseph Co., IN
         4-Roger Bobbitt
           b: 22 Mar 1962 South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
      sp:Leila Inez Harbert- SSAN
429-08-0518 Other Marriage
First name spelled "Lela" on Marriage Certificate
Dau William Ulysess Harbert 1850 Census Hardin Co., TN
      m: 15 Oct 1940 White Co., AR Bk 37, Pg 197
      b: 5 Dec 1908 Morris Chapel, Hardin Co., TN
          d: Dec 1993 Judsonia, White Co., AR buried Providence Cem.
5-Chird Travis Bobbitt starblink.gif (1813 bytes)
  b: 4 Apr 1941 Providence, White Co., AR
  sp:Janis Dyann Benton

  m: 1 Jun 1965 Searcy, White Co., AR Bk
  b:1946 Searcy, White Co., AR
        6-Shain Bobbitt
          b: 18 Feb 1966 Tampa, Hillsboro Co., FL
          sp:Jacqueline Carole Going dau James Perry Going & Lois Ruth Wiegand
          m: 27 Jul 1990 Searcy, White County, AR Bk 75, Pg 9
          b: 27 Mar 1967 Hayti,, MO
        6-Kevin Bobbitt
          b: 20 Nov 1968 Searcy, White Co., AR
5-Robert Stanley Bobbitt
  b: 16 Sep 1941 Providence, White Co., AR
  sp:Karen Margaret Kuyath dau of Dan Kuyath & Eva M.
  m: 7 Dec 1963 ,, WA
  b: ,, WA
        6-James Peter Bobbitt
          b: 8 Oct 1964 Black River Falls, Jackson Co., Wi
7-Crystal Jean Bobbitt
  b: 23 Aug 1983 Oshkosh, WI
7-Joseph James Bobbitt
  b: 3 Mar 1986  Oshkosh, WI
7-Jean Bobbitt
  b: 25 Jul 1987 Oshkosh, WI
  sp:Helen Marie Slaven dau of Ike Slaven
  b: 26 Apr 1941 Jamestown, TN
            6-Robert Stanley Bobbitt, Jr.
              b: 20 Jul 1970 Germany
7-Jacob Bobbitt
  b: abt Dec 1992 Jamestown, Fentress Co., TN
    6-Tanya Marie Bobbitt
           b: 25 Feb 1974 Jamestown, Fentress Co., TN
    sp:Craig Houston Carter
7-Seth Houston Carter
  b:Aug 2000 Jamestown, TN
5-Edith Earlene Bobbitt
  b: 16 Nov 1943 Providence, White Co., AR
  sp: George Allen Good son of Henry F. Good & Elizabeth A. Hunter
  m: 27 Nov 1959 Kensett, White Co, AR SSAN 430-60-0042
  b: 17 Mar 1932 Georgetown, White Co., AR
  d: 20 May 1998 Gladewater, Gregg Co., TX buried Gladewater Mem. Park
          6-Timothy Wayne Good
          b: 1 Aug 1959 Searcy, White Co., AR
                  sp:Nanette Rebecca (Becky) Biggs
          d: 1995 ,, TX buried Kilgore,, TX
7-Rebecca Chrystal Marie Good
  b: 22 Apr 1980 Longview, Gregg Co., TX
           sp:Renee' Yvonne Parker
           b: 1954 San Antonio, Bear Co., TX
        6-George Bradley Good
          b: 1962 Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR
          d: 1983 Dallas,  TX MD Anderson Hosp.
        6-Evelyn Marie Good
          b: 01 Aug 1961 Beebe, White Co., AR
          sp:James Darrell Morrison
        b: 1968 Denton,, TX
        7-James Allen Morrison
  b: 1999 Longview, Gregg Co., TX
         6-Angelia Elizabeth Inez Good
           b: 3 Aug 1966 , White Co., AR
           sp:Micheal Dwain Hill
           b: 1957
        7-Richard Allen Ray Hill
          b: 7 Nov 1991 Longview, Gregg Co., TX
  sp:Bobby Wayne Frazier
  b: 1938 Longview, Gregg Co., TX
  div 1991 Longview, Gregg Co., TX
  sp:Jackie Ray Christie
  b: 1944 Port Arthur, Jefferson Co., TX
  d: 1996, buried gladewater Memorial Park, Upshur Co., TX
  sp:Richard Michael Smith
  b: 1966 Fort Benning, Chatthoochies Co., GA
5-Nelda Loretta Bobbitt
  b: 30 Jan 1946 Providence, White Co., AR
  d: 30 Jan 1946 DAB, Providence Cem., AR
2-Samuel P. BOBBIT
      b: 1827 ,, TN 1850 AR Census    1860 AR Census
      d: 1870
      B: 1826 ,,  TN
      m; abt 1843 ,, TN?

3-Mary Bobit
  b: 1844 , Green Co., AR
3-Edward G. Bobit
b: 1846 , Green Co., AR
3-John J. Bobit
  b: 1848 , Green Co., AR
3-Elizabeth G. Bobit
b: 1847 , Green Co., AR
3-George Washington Bobbitt (Bobbet on Marriage certificate)
  b: 7 Mar 1851 CVraighead Co., AR
(Bobit 1860 Census Big Creek TWP)
  d: abt 1934     Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO buried North Antioch Cem.
  sp:Nancy Rebecca Lewis - Wedding Picture from James Denny
dau David Lewis, 4th MO Cavalry. Co. C (Confederate) Oct 15, 1862
  m: 7 Feb 1876 Stoddard Co., Bk 1, Pg loomfield, Stoddard Co., MO250
  b: abt 1854    Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
  d: abt 1941    Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO buried North Antioch Cem

    4-Genora Ellen Bobbitt
b: 23 Nov 1876
    4-Nancy Nelsina Emma Elizabeth Bobbitt

          b: 15 Apr 1878 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
          d: abt 1980     Marshall, IL
          sp:Oscar George McNial Descendents of John T. McMail           m: 5 Mar 1899 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO Bk 6, Pg 325
5-Flo McNial
  b: Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
  d: Detroit, MI
5-Fay McNial
  b: Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
  d: Detroit, MI
5-George Oscar McNial, Jr
  b: Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
  d: Terre Haute, IN
5-Irene McNial
  b: Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
  d: Terre Haute, IN
5-Oscar McNial
  b: Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
  d: ,, FL
5-James McNial
  b: Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
  d: ,, FL
        4-Ida Caroline Bobbitt
          b: 3 Jul 1880     Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
          d: abt 1935      Bloomfield,Stoddard Co.,MO buried North Antioch Cem
          sp:Robert Jackson Denny son of John M. Denny & Nancy R. Reed
          m:25 Feb 1906      Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO Bk 9, Pg 138
5-Wayne Denny
  b: abt 1906 Essex, Stoddard Co., MO
  d: abt 1910 Bloomfield, MO buried North Antioch Cem
  5-James Donald Denny
  b: 27 Mar 1911 Idalia, Stoddard Co., MO
  sp:Bernice E. Wallin
  m: 17 Sep 1943 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
5-John Edison Denny son of John M. Denny & Nancy M. Reed
  b: 11 Feb 1917 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
  d: 10 Apr 1990 Kendallville, IN
  m: 14 Apr 1946 Washington,, IN
        6-Patrick Denny
        6-Michael Denny
    4-Mary Alice Bobbitt
          b: 8 Apr 1882     Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
          d: 10 June 1981 Dexter, Stoddard Co., MO
          sp:William J. Vaughn
          m: 22 Jan 1904 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO Bk 8, Pg 257
5-Ben Hubert Vaughn
  b: 25 Jul 1906 Dexter, Stoddard Co., MO
5-William Jackson Vaughn
  b: 1909 Dexter, Stoddard Co., MO
  d: 1969
5-Edward Ray Vaughn
  b: 18 Mar 1911 Dexter, Stoddard Co., MO
  d: 31 Jul 1998
5-Hazel Louise Vaughn
  b: 7 Dec  1913 Dexter, Stoddard Co., MO
5-Joe Victor Vaughn
  b: 21 Mar 1918 1920 Dexter, Stoddard Co., MO
  d: 1994 ,, CA
5-Clyde Adolph Vaughn libertyb@midwest.net
  b: 17 Jul 1921
  sp: Lois Lanius
5-George Lowell Vaughn
  b: 12 Oct 1924 Dexter, Stoddard Co., MO
  d:  3 Nov 1999 ,, CA
    4-James Edward Bobbitt    Other marriage
         b:  3 Mar 1884    Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
          sp:Cora E. Clark under 18
          m:13 Feb 1908 Bloomfield, Bk 10, Pg 16
5-Lois Bobbitt
  b: abt 1915 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
  sp:Clarence M. Dowdy
  m: 23 Jul 1934 Stoddard Co., MO Bk 17, Pg 91
      sp:Ola Fields
      m: 13 Jan 1912 Bk 11, Pg 251
    4-John Samuel David Bobbitt
    b:  1886
        4-Dora Ann Rebecca Jane Francis Bobbitt
          b: 18 Feb 1889 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
          sp:Everett G. Frank
         m: 14 Sep 1913      Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO Bk 12, Pg 54
6-Ruth Frank
  b: St Louis, MO
  d: St Louis, MO
    4-Mamie Edna Bobbitt
          b:  11 Nov 1891 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
          d: abt 1989     Seattle, WA buried Monroe or Sultan, WA
          sp:Odus Aslin son of J.Y. Aslin 1850 Census Gibson, Co., TN ?
          m: 4 Feb 1912      Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO Bk 11, Pg 260
5-Mildred Aslin
  b: abt 1916 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
  sp:Robert Reed
  m: abt 1947 Flint,, MI
5-Robert Clay Aslin
  b: abt 1920 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
  m: ,, CA
5-Jewel Aslin
  b: abt 1922 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
  sp:Jack Palmquist
  m: Flint,, MI
        4-Luna Hazel Bobbitt
          b: 4 Jan 1898 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
          sp:Asa F. Cope
          m: 14 Sep 1913      Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO Bk 12, Pg 53
          b: Stoddard Co., MO
6-Byron Cope
  b: ,, KS
6-Margaret Cope
  b: ,, KS
    3-Emeline Bobbit
  b: 1854 , Green Co., AR
3-Martha A.Bobbit
b: 1856 , Green Co., AR
3-Eliza Bobbit
  b: 1859 , Craighead Co., AR
3-Lively J. Bobbitt
  b: 1860 , Craighead Co., AR
3-Jiney C. Bobbit
  b: 1862 , Craighead Co., AR
    2-James BOBBITT
May be Andrew who died after a ducking in Big Creek
on a cold winter day?

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