Bloodworth Family
White County, Arkansas

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John Bloodworth
b: 1665 England    Timothy Bloodworth, England    Bloodworth Family Genforum    Find A Grave    White Co., AR Genealogy
White County Cemetery's    William Angus Bloodworth, AL    William Angus Bloodworth   John Doctor Bloodworth, Henry Co., GA
Bloodworth House    Linda Bloodworth-Thomason Popular Bluff, MO
  Linda Bloodworth-Thomason     Lilly Bloodworth, TN 1800's
William D. Bloodworth b:  1831, GA   Carol Bloodworth      Clay Co., AR 1913
James M. Bloodworth &   Timothy W. Bloodworth 2nd AR Union Cavalry     Elliot Bloodworth    Elliot Bloodworth
Saul Washington Bloodworth, Talapoosie, AL
1870 Census Pulaski Co., AR    1870 Census Scott Co., AR    1900 Census Jack Co., TX    1900 Young Co. Texas Federal Census
T.J.N Bloodworth Tallahatchie Co., MS    T.H. Bloodworth Tallahatchie Co., MS   1860 Census Tallahatchie Co., MS

1860 Census Monroe Co., GA
William Bloodworth, Sr b: 1741 VA or NC   William Bloodworth Edgecombe Co., NC
Thomas Bloodworth, Anson Co., NC & Thomas Bloodworth, Morgan Co., GA

Bloodworth Marriages in White County, AR

Susie Bloodworth Sam Carter Bk J, p408 1893
T.H. Bloodworth 24 Annie Duval 17 Bk K, p471 5 Feb 1896
B.C. Bloodworth 24 of West Point Myrtle Bradford 20 of West Point Bk M, p237 2 Jan 1900
Mary Bloodworth Bryan Walker  Bk V, p190 1918
Sallie Bloodworth Sam Sowell Bk W, p241 1920
Alberta Bloodworth Earl Sheffer Bk X, p579 1922
J.T. Bloodworth 22 of Center Hill Alice Burkhart 19 of Center Hill Bk Y, p351 17 Jun 1923
Wayne C. Bloodworth 20 of Center Hill Opal Lee Floyd 20 of Walker Bk 28, p172 6 Nov 1927
Leske Bloodworth Alex Matlock Bk 28, p460 1928
Arthur B. Bloodworth 22 of Judsonia Elizabeth J. Jackson 19 of Judsonia Bk 28, p625 16 Nov 1928
Fred Bloodworth 21 Odie West 21 of Searcy Bk 32, p170 30 Sep 1932
Florence Bloodworth Leonard Cole Bk 33, p271 1935
Mable Bloodworth Carl Durham Bk 33, p501 1935
Marilyn Bloodworth E. Morton Bk 45, p89 1951
Ramona Bloodworth Harold Lee Benton Bk 45, p330 1952
Robert J. Bloodworth 21 Beulah Wildmon 22 of Lonoke Bk 46, p460 30 Sep 1955
Terry Bloodworth 19 of Searcy Daryl Conner 21 of Clarendon Bk 53, p220 26 May 1968
Linda Bloodworth Thomas Brandon Bk 53, p324 1968
Deborah Bloodworth Richard Moser Bk 58, p538 1975
Deborah Bloodworth Robert Cargile Bk 66, p47 1982
Bloodworth, C. T. of Corning, Clay County, Ark.
Republican. Delegate to Republican National Convention from Arkansas, 1920. Burial location unknown.
Bloodworth, Timothy (1736-1814) Born in New Hanover County, N.C., 1736. Member of North Carolina state legislature, 1778-79;
Delegate to Continental Congress from North Carolina, 1786; member of North Carolina state senate, 1788-89;
U.S. Representative from North Carolina at-large, 1790-91; member of North Carolina state house of representatives, 1793-94;
U.S. Senator from North Carolina, 1795-1801. Died in Wilmington, New Hanover County, N.C., August 24, 1814. Burial location unknown.
See also: congressional biography.

Carline Harp Doyle
Mar 19 1997
Timothy Bloodworth
and wife Susan along with Martin Marion Harp and his new bride Sarah Ann Bloodworth
moved to Sugar Loaf Township, Crawford Co, Ark. in 1848. Several other children of Timothy and Susan Bloodworth came with them.
One of their daughters Mary B. Bloodworth and her husband Early Bales had moved here several years before.
Would like to find anyone doing research on these two family to share and exchange my 12 years of research with them. Thank you.